Godfather Of Champions Chapter 136 1

Chapter 136: This Is Eastwood! Part 1

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This was the day that Eastwood and George Wood first met on the training field. As the rest of the team all watched their new teammate's style at the gates, they did not appear to be that unfamiliar with Eastwood. Some jokers even cracked jokes to Eastwood about the horse. A very likeable smile remained hanging on the the Gypsy's face, and he did not seem to take the jokes to heart at all.

Only when he saw George Wood did the smile on his face disappear. He did not greet Wood, shake his hand, or make any other gestures to signify his goodwill. Wood did the same. But this did not mean that Wood bore a grudge like Eastwood did. That was simply the expression he usually wore when meeting strangers. He had long forgotten the name and face of the player whose leg he had once broken due to a reckless foul tackle.

Tang En witnessed the scene from the side. Out of "goodwill," he did not remind George that he had once broken his new teammate's leg. Personal grudges between player