Godly Model Creator Chapter 100

Gmc Chapter 100

Chapter 0100 The trash who was called a dog

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One hit kill!

And it had been the most vulnerable location, the neck. It had been way too smooth. If it was their own necks...

Both of them looked at Su Hao and quickly shrunk their necks into their bodies.

Phew~ its settled!

Su Hao exhaled. Despite the advantages granted by a sneak attack, it had still been aimed towards a repeater. If he had been careless for a single second, the foe could have easily launched a counterattack. He had been extremely nervous while making his move. 

After adjusting his state of mind for a brief moment, he noticed the strange look he was being given by Zhou Wang and Bai Lingfeng, Is something wrong?

No...theres nothing. Bai Lingfeng coughed and attempted to change the topics, Why are you here?

Su Hao shrugged his shoulders, I heard some movement coming from this location and rushed over here. What about you guys?


Bai Lingfeng nodded and bitterly smiled, I also came here after noticing some movement. After I arrived, Zhou Wang was already being suppressed Therefore, I joined the battle. Never have I thought that...uh, with the both of us, we still couldnt gain the upper hand.

Zhou Wang rolled his eyes.

The repeaters are too strong. What do you think about teaming up? Su Hao carefully thought, With the three of us, we will take turns scoring points. The point just now will be considered as me taking my turn. Thus, the next ones would go to you two. How about it?

Great! But only under the condition that everyone must trust each other. Bai Lingfeng raised this issue, but it actually gave Su Hao a sense of relief. 

The issue of mistrust would pose a lot of problem. Su Hao and Wang Lian, as well as the first freshman he had encountered, had their problems stem from the inability to trust each other. Additionally, Su Hao wasnt close with Bai Lingfeng. He just knew that he was among the top students within their class. If not for Zhuo Wang, Su Hao wouldnt have even joined the fray earlier. 

Zhou Wang pondered for a moment, I trust you both.

I trust Zhou Wang. Bai Lingfeng thought for a second and answered seriously.

I also believe him. Su Hao nodded.

Great, Zhou Wang would be the pillar that linked these three. It seemed as if their temporary alliance would stand for now. 

Zhou Wang was obviously touched. Although he was strong, friends were what he lacked, You guys Why do you trust me?

Bai Lingfeng paused before stating, Because youre simple.


An awful expression could be seen from Zhou Wang. He was considered simple by others? With a sad face, he looked at Su Hao. Su Hao pondered for a moment, Youre not simple.

Zhou Wang was relieved. A hint of a smile was revealed.

Su Hao concluded, It should be simple minded instead.


Zhou Wangs facial expression turned stiff.

Bai Lingfengs eyes lit up and he suddenly offered to shake hand with Su Hao, I agree. To our cooperation.

To our cooperation!

Both of them smiled as they looked at each other. They were of the same mindset. As for Zhou Wang He obviously hadnt expected these two friends that he had recently made to turn out to be such terrible friends. His young and pure mind was deeply affected by this severe shock. He was so depressed that he remained by himself in the corner, drawing circles. 

In short, a temporary squad had been established.

The three of them didnt see any freshman for quite some time. It was as if they were the only remaining freshmen. Only three hours had passed since the start of the battle of honor!


This small team of three quietly advanced within the forest. With Su Haos ability to detect life, they were like fishes in the water and began to hunt repeaters on a larger scale. However, they were unaware that there was one more freshman struggling alongside them in the forest of darkness. 


In the forest, a figure was fleeing in a sorry state. Only after bolting for more than ten minutes did he stop. 

After quickly checking all four directions to ensure nobody was chasing him, he sighed in relief before swearing, You uncles are a bunch of jokers. Youve just lived a year longer than this young master. Give me six months and I will beat you all black and blue.

What a domineering mentality.

There was no need to doubt, this freshman was none other than Li Xin. Compared to Zhou Wang, this guy was even more simple minded. The moment he entered the dark forest, Li Xin had already gone ahead to confront repeaters. The result It went without saying.

He was miserably beaten.

The most surprising thing was that he had managed to escape with his life intact!

Unfortunately for him...he had met more repeaters. After being beaten badly once again, he had been able to escape. This cycle repeated itself several times, with Li Xin magically managing to survive through sheer force of will. 

Haix, dont tell me that Im the only freshman left. Li Xin sighed. His face was a bit pale, This time I am in some deep shit. Facing so many repeaters...

However, not even a second later, Li Xin proudly said, Haha, if I am the only freshman left, wont I be ranked first among freshmen? Even Su Hao has been trampled underneath me?

Li Xin became enthused, crazily smiling Lets go and find a repeater to calculate!

What was this phrase called again?

A silly world; it was something which ordinary people would not understand. Li Xins world was not a plane which ordinary people could touch. Although his mouth had stated a goal of finding repeaters, his feet had taken the path away from them Unfortunately, he ran into a repeater in under two minutes of travel. 

Repeater? Li Xin was shocked and turned his body to flee.


A silhouette flashed. Another repeater blocked his escape route. His path forward was blocked, This time, I want to see where you will run?!

How did you guys find me? Li Xin frowned.

How did we find you? The repeater laughed out loud, Next time, when youre cursing to yourself, try to lower your volume. With such a loud voice, we could hear you from over 100 meters away!

Owh, so it was this. Li xin frowned, Next time, it seems I need to get further away before swearing.


The repeaters were speechless.

Get further away




Under normal circumstances, wouldnt a person correct their behavior, no longer swearing in the future? Immediately cursing upon escaping from a pinch Wasnt this an act of seeking ones own death? In such a quiet and dark forest, anyone would be aware that cursing out loud was the same as presenting yourself for harvest. These repeaters were amused by Li Xins train of thought. 


A sneer came from behind. The other repeater voiced out, Brat, I already said that I was going to find you. Never would I have thought that Id really catch you here!

Huh? Li Xin turned around in a strange manner. Among the repeaters, there was someone who knew him?

You are? Dont tell me that my reputation had already spread among the repeaters too? Li Xin became a bit excited.

The repeaters face instantly turned sullen. Looking at the excited face of Li Xin, he suddenly shouted, You dont recognize me?! You dont know me? You really dont know?!

The roar echoed within the forest. The nearby repeaters quickly covered their ears.

Li Xin looked at him strangely, Am I supposed to know you?

The repeaters face were brimming in anger. Staring at Li Xin, he slowly enunciated each word, I! Am! Yang! Bai! Ming! When you were at the martial art building, werent you saying that you would teach me a lesson?


Li xin was puzzled for a moment before suddenly recalling something. His face turned excited again, Oh yeah. I remembered now. You are the trash whom I called a dog!


Trash who had been called a dog

Called a dog


Yang Baimings face became flustered. Since he had been young, he was known as a genius. After successfully gaining admission into the natural selection class, he was just a line away from stepping into Zhanzheng College. He just had to repeat a year and work hard to enroll in this college! He could be considered a future proud son of his family. When had he ever been insulted like this?

Dont run! If I dont kill you today, I am not a man!

Yang Baiming roared and immediately rushed towards Li Xin.


Li Xin coldly grumped, So its you I thought it was a top student within the repeaters. You are just someone who didnt dare to retaliate after I called you a dog. What reason do I have to be afraid of you?

After smiling in a mocking manner, Li Xin actually marched forward.

The nearby repeater sighed. He stood at the side to prevent Li Xin from escaping. Yang Baiming had 15 points in origin ability. Killing a freshman should be an easy task, right?


Yang Baimings and Li Xins attacks finally collided. A loud bang echoed throughout the area. A strong origin ability energy burst out. Yang Baimings fist became soft, allowing Li Xin to strike his chest. His entire body flew backward, striking three trees. An instant death!