Godly Model Creator Chapter 101

Gmc Chapter 101

Chapter 0101    Li Xins origin ability

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

How could youyou

Yang Baiming looked at Li Xin in disbelief. The moment he had made contact with Li Xin, he felt a surge of energy transfer to him. It was a terrifying power which he was powerless to defend against. A single hit had left his bones shattered. His right hand was now useless. The punch had then continued to his chest, crushing his internal organs. 

How much power was this?

How could a freshman possess such strength?

Yang Baiming pointed at Li Xin. He appeared as if he wanted to say something, but disappeared from the dark forest before able to do so. Another repeater had died!

The nearby repeater was also dumbfounded.

The f*ck What kind of situation was this?

An instant death!

This was clearly a one hit kill!

To be able to kill Yang Baiming who had an origin ability of 15 points in an instant, how much strength was required? Perhaps only the top student of the repeaters, who had 17 points, could compete with this!

This freshman, from the start till now, had he been pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger?

The repeater had a look at Li Xin with confusion on his face. He didnt look like such a person...

Li Xin was also shocked as he looked at his own hand. Obviously, he couldnt believe that such strength had come from his own hand, Damn, this young master is already so strong!

Brat, dont run. I am coming!

Li Xin rushed at the repeater with confidence. This alerted the repeater, who prepared to escape. 

However, as two were locked in an exchange, the repeater found out that Li Xins strengthwas incredibly weak!

Yes, it was too weak!

Just like before, it was pitifully weak. Compared to the previous instance when he had been running away from them, there wasnt much of a difference. That attack of his just now must have been a secret ability that required a long period of time to activate. It must be on cooldown! Yes, it surely had to be this. He needed to end this battle quickly. 

As the repeater was preparing to sprint forward and end the duel with Li Xin, he had a sudden thought.

Something wasnt right

If his skill had a cooldown, shouldnt he have fled? Why did he take the initiative to attack? Did he have something up his sleeve?

Thinking of this, the repeater had another dilemma on his hands.

A conspiracy?

No conspiracy?

The battle had surprisingly entered a stalemate. Li Xin was chasing the repeater, but hadnt managed to land any blows. The repeater avoided contact with Li Xin at all costs. However, he wasnt fleeing either. He was postured to counterattack at any second now. In the midst of this, a youths voice excitedly rang out, shouting phrases such as Huh, that didnt hit! and Hua, you dodged quickly. 

Dont care!

The repeater flew into a rage internally. He no longer cared about any tricks that Li Xin had prepared. At most, he would just die! Being toyed with like this was too depressing. 

The repeater concentrated energy into his hand. He was ready to attack, but a horrifyingly bright light suddenly illuminated the entire area before quickly disappearing. 

The scene in front of the repeater rapidly shifted between one of brightness and darkness, blinding the repeater temporarily. He cursed to himself, Damn it, he really does have something planned!



All kind of attacks landed on his body. As his vision returned, he was dismayed to discover that he had been cornered by four people!

Su Hao, Bai Lingfeng, Zhou Wang and Li Xin!

So this was his plan?

The repeater sadly recalled what had happened. Li Xin had delayed for time, planted doubts, and delayed for more time before the backup force had arrived? This was a terrifying effort by Li Xin!

As he thought about this, Li Xin excitedly asked, Su Hao, how did you guys get here?

The repeater was speechless.

It wasnt Li Xin who had called them? Was it a coincidence?

At this time, Su Hao casually replied, Of course we were led here by the loud shouting. I wondered which idiot could possibly be shouting so loudly. The dark forest is so quiet. Shouting here is nothing but an act of suicide.

Yes. Yes. Li Xin excitedly continued, It was the trash whom I just killed that shouted. Acting as if Id know him. Really, someone who doesnt have the common sense to keep quiet in the dark forest, he is not qualified to be in this young masters circle.


The repeater painfully closed his eyes, Yang Baiming, your death really is an injustice


His vision turned black. The repeaters life had been casually ended by Su Hao.

Strange, I felt that this guy didnt even struggle.

Su Hao looked at the repeater and said, Looking at his strength, he shouldnt be too weak.

After being cornered by four people, what sort of fighting spirit would remain? Bai Lingfeng said in a low tone, But back then, you actually killed a repeater?

Yeah, yeah. At first they both were surrounding me, but I managed to kill one. Li Xin happily told them what had just happened, You see those trees, they were all knocked down by the trash I killed.


Su Hao observed the scene. It was really the case. But did Li Xin have such capabilities?

A one hit kill?

Looking at the excited Li Xin who was recalling back how he had slain the repeater in a single hit, Bai Lingfeng frowned, He doesnt seem like hed be capable of killing a repeater in a single hit. Is he lying?

No, he wouldnt.

Su Hao shook his head , Although Li Xins likes to boast, his mind is even simpler than Zhou Wangs. He wouldnt do something like lying. It must have been his origin ability.

Zhou Wangs mouth slightly twitched. Within his heart, a fiery rage was brewing.

How is this related to me?!

How is this related to me?!

They can also use this to ridicule me?

Su Hao looked at the bad expression of Zhou Wang and suddenly laughed, I am not talking about you, but that brat Li Xin.

Zhou Wang remained sullen, choosing to remain mute


After finished his story, Li Xin excitedly ran over, Boss, how was it? I am domineering, right?

Su Hao laughed, It must have been your origin ability. Whats your ability?

My ability? Li Xin thought for a moment, Unstable burst.

Unstable burst?

Su Hao frowned. He had never come across such an ability. He looked at Bai Lingfeng and Zhou Wang. Both of them also shook their heads.

Yeah, yeah. It is a name I came up with. Li Xin excitedly said and then explained his ability to them.

After Su Hao and others listened to him, they had several moments of silence for the repeater who had been killed by Li Xin. 

This buddys luck was so bad!

Unstable burst!

It was a new kind of ability. Because Li Xin was the first to have it, he had the authority to name it. Thus, there was no point in discussing the ridiculous name.

Every year, various new abilities would appear.

There were all kinds of strange abilities, but abilities were rarely ranked grade B. This meant that they had the potential to be upgraded to a high talent ability. Li Xins unstable burst was one of these abilities. 

What is this so-called unstable burst?

To sum it up shortly, the best way to describe it according to Su Haos knowledge would be using the phrase critical hit!

While Li Xin used his ability, his attacks would accumulate energy. His attacks had a certain chance of releasing a terrifying power. Li Xin had went to the Origin Ability Association once for an assessment. Based on the results of their data, they had determined that he could potentially release a critical strike of more than ten times his strength!

However, according to Li Xins complaints, the probability for a critical hit was too small. The stronger the critical hit, the lower the probability. 

The most common burst was 1x. This resulted in an instant doubling of his strength. Unfortunately, the chances of this occurring were only ten percent. This meant that out of every ten attacks, only one would be a critical hit. For 2x, the probability was even lower, only five percent.

3x critical hit, two percent.

4x critical hit, one percent.


When reaching 10x, the probability was a fraction of one percent. In all of his years of practice, he had never been able to produce such a strike Yang Baiming had the unfortunate luck of being his first victim!

A domineering 10x burst!

A domineering one hit kill!

Such a poor baby

Su Hao and the others gave another three seconds of silence before turning to leave.

Wei, wei. Bring me along too. Li Xin quickly followed them.

Bai Lingfeng looked at him in dissatisfaction, You can come if you keep your mouth shut. From now on, till this dark forest battle ends, you have to maintain complete silence! And only take action according tour commands!


Can or cannot? Bai Lingfeng frowned.


If you dont agree, we will leave then Bai Lingfeng was speechless. Su Hao pulled him and then looked at Li Xin with a smile, Great. Continue to shut your mouth. Until we are out of this forest, youre not allowed to open your mouth.

Li Xin suddenly grinned.

Only then did Bai Lingfeng understand that he had already begun to shut his mouth But couldnt you just answer me before shutting your mouth?

Bai Lingfeng was speechless. 

A smile could be seen in Su Haos eyes.

There was once an ancient phrase. Never be serious with simple minded people. A fool would drag your intelligence down to his level, before defeating you with his vast experiences. 

Of course, such a phrase could be applied to Li Xin.

This hunting should be quite interesting, Su Hao thought.