Godly Model Creator Chapter 102

Gmc Chapter 102

Chapter 0102    Ice crystal defense

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The squad of four disappeared into the dark forest.

This time around, the battle of honor had already gone on for four hours. The last hour, the previous three members were waiting for rabbits and killed 5 repeaters. In addition to two repeaters just now, a total of 7 repeaters were eliminated.

Including those which they had individually hunted, the current score for the battle of honor was 96 to 20.


According to the schools years of experience, the freshmen would typically manage a score of around ten points in their first attempt. If the freshmen were particularly weak though, it would be in the single digits. However, if they were stronger than average, their point total would show significant improvement!

Chen Yifengs group, for example, had finished with a final score of 100 to 21. 

This had set a new record for freshmen!

However, this time around...the disadvantage in the earlier stages no longer existed. The current score was 96 to 20, which was comparable to that of the legendary class. From the looks of it, there was even a possibility that the record would be broken. 

The school control center.

The vice principal could no longer sit down calmly. He excitedly looked at the virtual screen.

The freshmen had obtained 20 points!

Did they have hope?

Several virtual screens were completely devoted to Su Hao and his team. As for the leftmost screen which was beneath the score screen, it displayed the points of each individual. 

Su Haos points: 5 points.

Zhou Wangs points: 4 points.

Bai Lingfengs points: 3 points.

Wang Lianrongs points: 2 points.

Chen Yirans points: 1 point.

Su Hao and others were completely clueless about this. At this time, every action of theirs was being displayed on the virtual screen. Becausethey were the last remaining freshmen.



A few people travelled within the darkness. Under the intense urging of Su Hao, even the beautiful, eye catching attire of Zhou Wang had been dyed dark green.  

Hold on.

Su Hao asked them to halt and then laid on the ground.

Model analysis, start!

Life detection!


His origin ability spread. Within his mind, models were rapidly constructed. However, after a second had passed, Su Hao let out a groan. The models collapsed, causing a trace of blood to leak out of the corner of his mouth. 

Whats wrong?

Several pairs of eyes were nervously focused on him.

Leave now!

Su Hao commanded everyone to leave with a sense of urgency in his voice. Without minding his injury, he led them away as quickly as he could. Everyone glanced at each other before leaving in his footsteps. 

Two minutes later, three repeaters arrived at the scene. 

The leading student looked down, They shouldnt have left long ago. Chase them!


The other two repeaters agreed and headed out in search of Su Haos group. 

At a distant location. 

After Su Hao and the others ran over a section of path, he thought of another route and had them hide in some underbrush. They all held their breath as they watched several repeaters pass by. 

Only after a large period of time had passed did Su Hao let out a sigh of relief. 

Whats going on? Bai Lingfeng whispered.

Su Haos detection abilities had helped him quite a lot, but it was his first time facing such a situation. 

Su Hao bitterly smiled, Just now, of those few people, the middle oneis incredibly terrifying. When my origin ability had barely detected him, he instantly noticed and issued an attack! Although I was able to detect his attack, he still discovered our location!


Im not sure. Su Hao shook his head, The foes ability is above what were capable of understanding. He is much more powerful than anyone weve met previously.

Su Hao was at a loss for what to do. 

Among all the features of model analysis, card modeling would cause his energy to fluctuate the most, with life detection costing the least. It shouldnt have been detected by their enemies. But this time...it had been too fast!

The only possibility was that the foes origin ability was way above his own! The huge gap in strength easily allowed the foe to detect Su Haos minute actions. When Su Hao used his ability, it would not only allow him to see the foe, but allow the foe to see him. 

What do we do now?

Everyone looked at each other. Su Haos radar-like ability could no longer be used, leaving them blinded. 

Moreover, their opponents seemed to have noticed that they were hiding in this area. That was why they kept searching through this area. To make things worse, a repeater was now using his infrared monitor to search for their hiding spot. They would eventually be exposed!

Four hours have passed since the start of the battle of honor. Since the foes have been concentrating on us, Im guessing that were the only remaining freshmen. We dont have much hope in winning this battle. Su Hao whispered.

We will act like we did just now. Well kill them one at a time! The three of them were divided into two teams. One of the teams has a single member while the other team has two. Im not certain, but my intuition tells me that the solo member is more dangerous. We will start with the group of two. After we get a kill, quickly leave the scene. Even if we cant kill anyone, dont need to be sad. With our current score, it should be enough for a higher rank!


Everyone nodded in agreement. 

After a few moments, the two repeaters passed by once again. One of them had a infrared detector turned on. It would be easy for him to find Su Hao and friends as long as he passed over them. The foe was being extremely thorough, making sure not to miss a single spot. 

After scanning for a moment, he finally directed his communication device at the hiding spot of Su Hao and the others. 

The moment this happened, four people instantly dashed out!

Normally, they would only make a move on repeaters who were by themselves. But this time, they were all attacking together. Although it was four versus two, they were all aiming towards a single person. Regardless, they needed to secure a kill before thinking about how to proceed. 



The sound of a strong force of origin ability echoed within the forest.

At a location hundreds of meters away, the singular repeaters eyes lit up, 6 oclock direction, 300 meters, four people!


The repeater immediately rushed towards the scene. 

At the school control center.

The vice principal was viewing the current scene alongside the teachers, Their chance to break the record is probably gone Hes making his way over there.

Not necessarily. If those two are slain in less than ten seconds... Su Wan analyzed in her heart. Was it possible to kill the two of them in under ten seconds?

The first second!


Thunder and lightning came crashing down along with green blades wind, both aimed at a single target. This was completely unexpected. Who wouldve thought that they would make their move at the very second which he had managed to detect them? And...it had been four people! Su Hao held nothing back, gifting him a fiery punch!

Four on one!

The advantage in origin ability could not save the repeater from defeat. The repeater was injured heavily on the spot and blasted ten meters away.

Su Hao and the others quickly rushed over. As long as they could land a blow, he would die!

The other repeaters eyes coldly flashed. He put his hand behind his back, causing a green light to flash, immediately covering the body of his ally who had been beaten by Su Hao and friends.

The faint green light pulsed.

As if he had been injected with hormones, the repeaters injuries quickly recovered. His wounds began to heal at a visible rate.


After his injuries had been relieved, the repeater had somehow managed to react in time, blocking the attack. His burly body became covered in a sheet of white crystals. Su Hao and friends attacks became useless. 

Damn it!

Su Hao and friends cursed!

At the critical moment...his ability had turned out to be a defensive type. This was such a shitty situation! Additionally, the other repeater had turned out to be a healer!

Healing, an ability which induced a mysterious factor into wounds to promote cell activity and significantly enhance the recovery rate of wounds. In current day hospitals, the majority of recovery drugs were derived from this type of ability. 

Su Hao never expected there to be someone with this ability within the repeaters,

No wonder these two had been daring enough to search within the darkness. It turned out they were the perfect combination. With a healing and defense ability, they were the perfect pair!

Three seconds!

They could no longer afford to retreat. Su Hao was pretty sure that if they changed targets, they would end up with nothing in the end! After all, the foes origin ability was above all of theirs. The only reason they had this opportunity was due to their sneak attack. 

The defensive type ability user in front of them was currently immobilised and couldnt get away. This was their best chance!

They must kill him!

A fifty percent chance! If they had picked correctly, theyd have already finished killing their target! However, there was no medicine for regret in this world. Su Hao quickly analyzed the situation and decisively gave an order.

Kill the guy in front! Li Xin, go and interfere with the other guy!