Godly Model Creator Chapter 103

Gmc Chapter 103

Chapter 0103    The rapid six seconds!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Kill the guy in front! Li Xin, go and interfere with the other guy!


Li Xins eyes lit up. He immediately rushed towards the repeater who was busy healing. Stars were shining in his eyes, as if he had seen a stripped down, naked beauty. 

Healing type ability!

This was a terrifying ability!

There were a wide variety of healing type abilities. The self regeneration he had seen before was one of them. However, it was only ranked a grade B ability. As for true healing, that was a grade A ability! An example of this would be the person currently administering treatment right now. He was capable of allowing anyone to rapidly recover, similar to to being given a hormone injection. 

Su Hao never expected that such a person would be amongst the repeaters, yet here they were. 

In reality, this wasnt really that strange. After all, anyone who was capable of entering the natural selection class was a genius. Excluding the special case of Su Hao, the lowest origin ability would be grade B. Due to the fact that they were operating in the shadows, a lot of their victims had fallen before gaining the chance to showcase their abilities. 

However, if one was to often stay beside the river bank, whose shoes wouldnt be wet? This time around, their shoes were definitely wet and during such a critical moment too. 

Su Hao had already felt a burst of origin ability energy off into the distance. That repeater had already noticed the situation here, immediately sprinting towards their current location. 

The moment he arrived, it would turn into a 4 versus 3 situation. They would die miserably! Since the enemy had already noticed, there was no longer a need to hide!


Model analysis, start!

Life detection!


His origin ability spread. The model collapsed before it could finish building. Su Hao grumped, 210 meters!

Four seconds had elapsed!

Model analysis, start!


Su Hao sprayed out blood once again. He was no longer capable of proceeding, 180 meters! We have six seconds left to get rid of these two bastards!

In the short time in which he had managed to cast life detection twice, the foe had travelled thirty meters. Only a second had passed, meaning the foe was travelling at a speed of thirty meters per second despite being in a forest! After recovering from his shock, Su Hao had been able to quickly estimate the distance and time before the enemy arrived. 

They had six seconds to get rid of these two!

If they managed to do so, the last enemy would face the four of them upon his arrival. This would leave them with a fairly high chance of success. If they failed, however, theyd face a painful death. This battle would either leave them victorious or the victims of a tragedy. 

Five more seconds!

Use the same method as before!

Su Hao gave a frigid command. Zhou Wang and Bai Lingfeng nodded, immediately understanding. They would use the same method to kill the healer, a one hit kill!

The only difference was


Su Hao threw a heavy fist, dislodging several pieces of white crystal. His fist burned with pain This grandsons defense was far too strong!

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!

The model of the foe appeared within his mind. Su Hao didnt have the luxury of looking at anything but the gray ability card. 

Name: Ice crystal

Type: Defense

Grade: B

Usage: Reduce incoming damage. The rate of reduction depends on the strength of the ability. Maintenance of ice consumes origin ability energy.

So it is this type of defense.

Moving like electricity, Su Haos mind processed all these thoughts in less that a second. 

There were many types of defensive abilities. Luckily, his was not an A grade defense. Although his B grade defense was still powerful, there were many weaknesses they could exploit. Su Hao estimated him to be around 15 points of origin ability. Under their combined attacks, Su Hao was confident that they could quickly burst him down! 

Four seconds remained!

Su Hao quickly dashed forward, landing countless attacks on the foes body. However, his attacks were greatly weakened after piercing through the armor. 

Even Zhou Wangs electricity was only capable of causing superficial damage. 

What was even worse was that whenever they managed to cause an injury, a green light would flash. The foes injuries condition was slowly improving. In just a few seconds, most of the injuries had been completely healed. This made Su Hao and the others fall into despair. 

Maintaining the ice crystal consumes origin ability energy...

Su Hao laughed sinisterly. With their combined attacks, how long could he possibly maintain it?

The energy within Su Haos fist began to accumulate. Su Hao changed his violent assault to a series of rapid combos. The foe was incapable of doing anything but defending. 

Obviously, he understood that if he managed to withstand their assault, victory would be assured!

What they were fighting against was time!

Three seconds remained!

On the other side, Li Xins interference was not going well. 

If he didnt manage to land a critical hit, his blows were far too weak. Additionally, the repeaters origin ability was much greater than his own. If not for the foe paying attention to Su Haos side, Li Xin would have probably died long ago.

In reality, Su Hao hadnt placed too much hope on Li Xin. Even if he managed to occasionally interfere, the foe would be able to quickly heal any injuries whenever an opening arrived. This wasnt a problem because they were aiming to end things in one blow!




Su Hao continued to punch the ice crystal. The enemy gritted his teeth as the crystal reduced in size. Although his injuries were constantly being healed, the feeling of being injured than healed was suffered by him alone! Not to mention, there was also Zhou Wangs lightning and Bai Lingfengs wind blades assaulting him. 

Two more seconds!


Su Hao shouted. He could feel a figure in the distance rapidly travelling through the air like a phantom. 

Zhou Wang and Bai Lingfengs eyes lit up. They released the energy they had been accumulating within their hands. 

The raging lightning flashed towards the bits of crystal. Bai Lingfengs green wind blade had turned into countless little green lights, shooting towards the ice crystal. However, despite causing considerable damage, that ice crystal was still intact.


After seeing Bai Lingfeng and Zhou Wang finish their attack, the repeater burst out laughing.

Its too early for you to celebrate!

Su Haos mouth revealed a trace of smile, Fighting points, burst!


A terrifying energy erupted from Su Haos fist. Since the foe was completely focused on defense, Su Hao had been able to freely accumulate his fighting points. His energy had been condensing this entire time!

One strike!

Su Hao punched the white ice crystal.

The exterior quickly cracked. The cracks began to spread to the surrounding area, before the entire crystal shattered. Su Haos punch continued its path towards his chest. He was fiercely blown away, dying on the spot and disappearing into the dark forest. 

One second remained!



The three of them quickly turned around and marched forward. The repeater making his way over was still thirty meters from their current location! However, they were ten meters from Li Xins opponent!

They had a single opportunity to attack!

Hmmphh! Youre courting death!

A cold groan could be heard.  A thick branch was broken, halting the three of them. 

Su Hao was shocked. He had forgotten one crucial thing...

The distance between them and the enemy was thirty meters, buta burst of origin ability could be used from a much longer range. Additionally, his origin ability was much stronger, allowing the foe to stop them from a distance of thirty meters.


Su Hao punched at the branch. It was rock solid, incapable of moving. 

Damn it!

Everyone sighed. They never expected to reach this point yet still lose With the two of them joining forces, it was impossible to fight!

However...was he the only one with a ranged ability?

Zhou Wang was unwilling to concede and aimed his lightning towards Li Xins side. The biggest advantage of lightning was its speed!

Nobody was capable of reaching such speeds!


A dazzling white light flashed in front of them. The repeater that had been evading had a split moment of hesitation. His entire body stopped.

It happened that Li Xin was lucky enough to hit his body at this moment.

He didnt deal much damage, but this time