Godly Model Creator Chapter 104

Gmc Chapter 104

Chapter 0104    A terrifying opponent!

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A terrifying burst of energy erupted outward. It was similar to when Su Hao had used his fighting essence. An extremely unsettling force was released from Li Xins fist, striking the repeater in front.

A single blow had resulted in a fatal injury.

Li Xin kicked twice in excitement The repeater had died just like that.

Another repeater had died!

The repeater who had just arrived was stunned. It wasnt just him. Even Su Hao and company were shocked. Were they really lucky enough for it to have happened again?

Judging from the scale of the energy burst, Li Xins fist hadnt reached a x10 multiplier, but it shouldve been a x5 blow at the very minimum!

A critical hit at such a critical moment!

This is really

Hehe, this young master is destined to be the hero that saves the world! Li Xin excitedly walked towards his teammates. For the very first time, Su Hao and company didnt refute him.

Although they wanted to curse him for his narcissism, they had to admit

That critical hit just now had come at the perfect time!

Good one! Su Hao praised.

Bai Lingfeng also gave a thumbs up as a sign of approval.

Li Xin pointed at the repeater that had just arrived, proudly stating, Who is it Daring to challenge this young master I

Su Hao immediately covered his mouth and shut him down.


Although he knew that Li Xin was the type to get carried away, this was going overboard!

Although he had no idea as to who was in front of them, Su Hao was fairly certain that he had been the leader of the three. To be capable of suppressing the two they had just defeated, this persons strength

Not a bad combination.

The repeater casually stared at them. His yellow uniform appeared rather charming under the moonlight, But it is nothing more than that.

This repeater was incredibly arrogant.

Su Hao and company looked at him. Rather than inciting anger, his words had only managed to make them even more wary. As the foe opened his mouth, a large amount of pressure was expelled on Su Hao and friends, forcing them to retreat backwards one step.

Whore you?

Su Hao looked at the person in front of them. Just now, that casual toss of the branch by him had been a very strong and accurate deterrent.

What ability was it?

Me? The repeater coldly laughed, You will find out soon enough.

Che, stop acting coolIts 1v4! You think we would be afraid of you? Who do you think you are? Among the repeaters, besides their so called leader Fang Lin, which of you trash has the right to act strong? Li Xin mocked him disdainfully.

Fang Lin!

The first rank repeater!

He had an origin ability of 17.8 and a college entrance examination score of 1805!

There was a single person in the college entrance exam who had managed to destroy the martial arts master; his practical score was much higher than his origin ability! Compared to the previous years Zhangzheng College admission score requirement of 1810, he was a mere 5 points short! He definitely deserved to be ranked first amongst the repeaters. Although the freshmen might not know much about the repeaters, they had definitely all hear of the name Fang Lin.

After hearing what Li Xin had to say, the repeaters mouth revealed a trace of a smile.

Su Haos heart skipped a beat. He had the feeling something was wrong. After exchanging looks with Zhou Wang and Bai Lingfeng, they both appeared to have had the same thought as him.

It couldnt be such a coincidence!

Fang Lin!

No wonder the enemys strength was so formidable!

The person in front of them right now was none other than Fang Lin, the number one repeater.

What do we do now?

Su Hao felt helpless. He had reached his wits end.

Lets try?

Bai Lingfeng smiled, To lose this way, I wont have any regrets!

Zhou Wang blurted out a single word at this moment, Fight!

What do you guys mean? Li Xin felt strange.

Great, then we will make our move now!

Su Hao took a deep breath and looked at the calm figure in front of them, There is no shame in losing to the number one repeater. Make your move now!

What? Li Xin was nearly scared to death. Even if his thick skin face had been protecting him this entire time, he was still frightened, Damn, it cant be...

Fang Lin smiled indifferently and called out their names, Su Hao, Zhou Wang, Bai Lingfeng, Li Xin You all possess the qualifications to enter Zhanzheng College. Once this battle of honor ends, you will all suffer next time around!

Su Hao wasnt surprised that Fang Lin had managed to recognize them.

They must have done their homework concerning the top students among the freshmen. Every year, the top ten students would receive an abundant amount of attention.

Very well. Let us witness the strength of a student possessing the qualifications to enroll in Zhanzheng College!

Although Su Hao stated this calmly, he was incredibly nervous on the inside.

At this point, Fang Lin could basically be considered as a student of Zhanzheng College. After a month of struggling, Fang Lin would have surely reached the score threshold. This meant that as long as they were able to surpass Fang Lin, they would also posses the qualifications to enroll in Zhangzheng College!

Witnessing the level of required strength in advance wasnt such a bad idea.

Not to mention, with the four of them together Were they guaranteed to lose?


With that word coming from Su Hao, the battle began!


The dark forest was suddenly adorned by a dazzling white light. It originated from the lightning and thunder coming from Zhou Wang. Lightning as thick as an arm rained down from above. Above the lightning, traces of blue energy circulated. A fragment of blue lightning flashed by, making its way towards Fang Lin. It was so massive that it almost covered his entire body.


A strange breeze passed through the area. Blue wind blades danced like petals in the breeze. However, these petals were full of killing intent. As they rotated within the breeze, the murderous intent slowly intensified.


A shadow flashed. That was Li Xin!

Facing the strongest opponent they had ever met, he no longer dared to underestimate the enemy. Even Li Xin used his complete strength to attack. He stepped on the ground with a loud bang, no longer caring about making noise. His aim was currently to regain his spirit, allowing him to concentrate in controlling his origin ability energy and giving him a better chance of dealing burst damage.

Compared to the wild outbursts caused by the other three, Su Hao opted for a sealth attack. His physical fitness played its role once again. Without producing any sound, Su Hao appeared in front of Fang Lin. Compared to the others that had attacked with a large scale burst, Su Haos attack was more like an assault from the darkness.

The four of them bombarded Lang Xin with their strongest attacks. This happened in the blink of an eye, with Zhou Wangs lightning leading the charge. His attack was the first to land. Despite facing the attacks of several people, Fang Lin remained calm. He remained in the same spot and slowly raised his hand, uttering a single word, Congeal!.


Countless tree vines appeared from beneath the ground, instantly covering Fang Lins surroundings. From top to bottom, there were no exposed weaknesses.

Zhou Wangs lighting hit, leaving a black spot on the tree vines. A large piece of tree trunk was burnt black and then...there was nothing.

Bai Lingfengs whirlwind also tried cutting through. Numerous leaves from tree trunks were cut off, but only a single centimeter had been pierced.

Su Haos figure also dashed out. Leaping into the air, he dropped a fierce punch. A loud bang could be heard. Compared to previous two, Su Hao had a different approach. All of his strength was concentrated on a single point, with the entirety of his energy condensed on top of his fist.


The punch caused the tree trunk to appear broken. A two centimeter indent could be seen. However, when compared to the thickness of the tree vines, it was but a scratch.

Strangely enough, Li Xins attack was the strongest. Once again, he was able to hit a x3 critical hit, producing a very powerful force that carved a huge pit into the tree vines.

Unfortunately, their combined efforts still couldnt break the defense of Fang Lin.

Everyone glanced at each other. All of them had an overwhelmed expression. Thisthisfour people had attacked at once, yet not one was able to break his defenses? It was worth noting that Zhou Wang had already reached 14 points in origin ability and Li Xins had landed a 3x critical hit; that force was terrifying! Fang Lin, how could he hold strong?

Fang Lin!

Grade A talent, plant control.

Maybe he specializes in defense.

Everyone subconsciously compared him to the ice crystal foe they had just faced.

However, Su Haos mind became alert as he looked at Fang Lin. This was because he had thought of something terrifying. In Fang Lins small team, one had been proficient in defense, another in healing. That meant that Fang Lin