Godly Model Creator Chapter 105

Gmc Chapter 105

Chapter 0105    Personal ranking

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Su Hao hastily threw a reminder at them. 

However, before anyone could react, an emerald green object burst out of tree vine. The originally defensive vines suddenly changed their stance. The dazzling green light spread to their surroundings, covering everyone up. It left everyone with a feeling of despair, as if it was capable of destroying the entire forest. 


Su Hao and friends tried to resist. However, their feet tightened and then...disappeared into the forest of darkness. 

One hit kill!

Fang Lin coldly smiled, This years freshmen, they are only so so...


A gray shadow passed by. Fang Lin dashed sideways, brushing with the gray shadow on his face which left a scratch.

He looked up and touched his face, feeling a sticky sensation. This is blood...

With surprise, Fang Lin looked at the few silhouettes which had disappeared. At the moment when they had vanished, a stone was suddenly shot out quickly, travelling through the gaps in the tree vines! That level of projection strength and speed Within the freshmen, only one had such capabilities Su Hao!

Su Hao was definitely the weakest among the group. This Su Hao Interesting.

Fang Lins voice echoed in the forest. The scene flashed and everyone was returned to martial art building.

Battle of honor, end!

In the martial arts building, Su Hao could only bitterly smile as he looked at the vast expanse of white within the room. 

One hit kill!

The four of them were very strong among freshmen, yet Fang Lin had been able to kill them in one move!

Exactly what had happened?

That horrifying tree vine attack had left them unable to resist. At that moment, Su Hao had quickly activated his model analysis, creating a terrain model of the surrounding ten meters. After analyzing the point of convergence of the tree vines, he shot out a stone towards the single gap he had discovered. Unfortunately, he had died before discovering the result of his attack.

Could a stone kill Fang Lin?

Of course it couldn't!

However, this clearly showed Su Haos nature. He would never lie still while awaiting his death. Even when facing someone with such domineering strength, he refused to give in!

Indeed worthy of being ranked first amongst the repeaters. With Fang Lins strength, he should have been able to easily evade it. Su Hao ridiculed his meagre attempt. He didnt know that during their death, Fang Lin had indeed let down his guard. 

That stone did hit him in the end.

The school control center.

Vice principal and everyone else stood up. This was because Su Hao and friends had managed to score two points in front of Fang Lin, increasing their score to 22 points! Chen Yifengs record had been broken!

This was undoubtedly exciting!

Although this didnt reflect how strong the current freshmen were, it proved that they had potential! Compared to Chen Yifeng, they werent far behind. In fact, they might be even stronger! 

However, when Fang Lin had appeared, they already knew that things were coming to an end...

Fang Lin was also their student. In a single years time, they had witnessed a student with 10 origin ability points increase his strength to that of 17.8 origin ability points. Although there was still a fine line separating him from Zhanzheng College, there was no doubt that he would enter Zhanzheng College later on.


A dazzling green light flashed. The screens on the control center all displayed this green light. When the green light disappeared, there was a single person standing there, Fang Lin!

What happened?

Fang Lin became more powerful?

Once again, they were unable to clearly see anything.

Without even waiting for the vice principal to open his mouth, the technical staff quickly opened the virtual scene and removed the dazzling green light by using a color stripping tool. A new scene was born.

This time, they could clearly see it.

The moment Su Hao and company finished attacking, Fang Lin began to make his move.

On the ground, countless of seemingly ordinary strands of grass under the effect of the green light soared upwards at an incredible speed, entangling their feet. Then, a thick rattan cut through their chests like a sharp weapon. 

There hadnt been the slightest delay.

One strike!

Killing four at once!

This was the strength of Fang Lin.

At this point, the final battle had finally ended. The battle of honor had officially finished. Countless screens in the control center flickered. The computer began the operation quickly, computing the final statistics. Simultaneously, everyone was allowed to leave the martial arts building and receive the result of the battle.


The instruments flashed. The soft white belt instantly loosened up. As Su Hao opened his eyes, he stretched his wrists. It had finally ended...


The communication device on his wrist vibrated. Su Hao activated the virtual screen. Several lines of information were displayed.

The battle of honor had ended. The repeaters obtained the victory, showing their domination. As for freshmen, they suffered defeat in a sorry fashion. Hope that in the next battle of honor, you will claim back your honor!

This was the first message.


Su Hao shook his head. This wasnt surprising. Losing was inevitable. He was more interested in his ranking...and continued scrolling down. 

The battle of honors final score is 100 to 22! Although the freshmen were not able to obtain victory, their score of 22 has broken the school record. Therefore, all freshmen will receive an additional 100 points!

Breaking the record?

Su Hao was also shocked. 22 points!

This time, the freshmen had been able to kill 22 repeaters! With the four of them added together, that was only 15 points in total. This meant that there were up to seven other individuals who had ignored the huge gap in strength and defeated repeaters!

Chen Yiran

Su Haos mind thought of this name first. He noticed that his mind was in a bit of a mess He hadnt seen her for quite some time. He wondered if she had a good day. 

This entire time, he had avoided thinking of such matters. If he recalled how close they had been the past two years, his heart would ache and hed have the urge to express his love. However, becoming friends was no longer possible. Families that matched in status This phrase was even more serious that what Su Hao could imagine. 

That was why Su Hao immersed himself in training. Only by doing this would he be able to ignore all those sweet memories they had made the past two years. 

Four years It wont be long! A cold light flashed within Su Haos eyes.

The Sun family was the stumbling block in front of him. However, he knew very well that the real problem was not Sun family, but himself! Because he was too weak, because the Su family was too weak!

Killing a Sun member... There were still countless of Sun members.

Thus, in order to ignore them, he had to be extremely powerful first.

Bitterly smiling while shaking his head, he tossed this idea to the back of his mind. Su Hao continued to look at the next message.


Personal ranking list.

First rank: Fang Lin, glory points: 18 points.

Second rank: Yi Tianqing, glory points: 12 points.

Third rank: Zhao Feng, glory points: 8 points.


Tenth rank: Su Hao, glory points: 6 points.


Everyone else was also looking at the results. 

After seeing the end result, the students were in shock!

The performance of repeaters wasn't surprising, but the freshmen's performance had left everyone shocked.

A new record!

The record had been broken!

In the eyes of everyone, only the top students within the freshmen were capable of killing repeaters. That included the luck required to stumble across lower ranked repeaters. When the figure of 22 was displayed, everyone was dumbfounded. Whether it was repeaters or freshmen, everyone had the same reaction to the results.


How did they get eliminated?

Everyone looked at the names higher up of the list. Su Hao, Zhou Wang, Bai Lingfeng Every glory point that had been obtained was read by the students.

Su Hao, with only 12 points in origin ability was still the king. With 6 points scored, he had even managed to enter the top ten!

Zhou Wang and Bai Lingfengs result wasnt surprising. There were also several with 1 or 2 points. They were quite famous themselves, butthat Li Xin? What was actually happening?

Li Xins strength wasnt bad. That thick face nature of his had caused everyone to look down on him the moment school began. He shouldve belonged to the list of people who had instantly been killed upon the moment the event had started. However, looking at the 2 beside his name This was unbelievable! 

The freshmen were excited.

Because the record had been broken, they were able to obtain 100 task points for free. They were naturally excited. Su Hao, Zhou Wang, and several others instantly became everyones idols.