Godly Model Creator Chapter 106

Gmc Chapter 106

Chapter 0106    A generous reward

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Rank ten!

Su Hao was surprised. This result was out of his expectations.

At this time, he remembered that repeaters wouldnt necessarily be in the top ranks despite a good performance...because of the limited number of people! There were only one hundred freshmen in total!

Just Fang Lin alone had already eliminated 18 people!

This meant that at least 17 students would obtain zero points this time and place last. Not to mention second and third place had a combined twenty points. Yet another twenty students would obtain zero points. 

In contrast, the freshmen couldnt possibly kill all of the repeaters. Once you scored a kill, you would instantly rank higher!

Su Hao roughly went through the standings. For rank 50 and below, there were goose eggs next to their scores. The system ranked them based on their survivability. If they stayed alive longer in the dark forest, their rank would be higher.

Zhou Wang and Bai Lingfeng followed closely behind Su Hao. Even the two crits from Li Xin had snagged him two points, making him fairly high ranked. What made Su hao surprised was that Wang Lian had managed to obtain two points!


This guys origin ability talent was to create a huge pit!

The guys trapped by Wang Lian must have died unwilling deaths. To be killed in such a way.

However, there were still some surprises among the repeaters. For example, Zhao Feng!

Zhao Fengs ability was considered pretty weak among repeaters. However, nobody would have ever thought that this time around, Zhao Feng would be able to obtain the third rank! In reality, it wasnt really surprising. With Zhao Fengs ability, his attacks against freshmen with low origin ability in the dark forest was almost a guaranteed kill!

Su Hao sighed in sorrow. With a battle of such a large scale, strength wasnt the only important point. Ones control over their origin ability was equally as important. 

In dark forest map, Su Hao and Zhao Feng held an advantage due to their proficiency in close combat. However, the one who obtained the biggest advantage wasnt them, but Fang Lin!

Plant control!

If it was an indoor or something similar to ghost castle, Fang Lin would have had to plant seeds himself. In a forestFang Lin definitely deserved to be crowned king!

They lost honorably!

This single battle had allowed freshmen to gain experience facing completely unfamiliar abilities. This greatly challenged the freshmen. As for the side of repeaters, they had been quite familiar with the freshmen who had just managed to complete the mock exam. Thus, freshmen were at a huge disadvantage in terms of information in the first battle. 

However, by the time the next battle of honor came around, the information of various repeaters would have been widely distributed among the freshmen. 

The school revealed a total of three points of information: the result of the battle, some information as reminder, and the reward for task points.

Su Hao took a brief glance. He had a total of 391 points.

Among them, 100 were from the entry reward and another 100 points for breaking the record.

Also, there was the personal ranking reward. Su Hao was ranked tenth. According to the formula given, 201 minus 10, he had earned a total of 191 points. That was his task reward.

391 points The reward from the battle of honor is really too generous...

Su Hao sighed. In this battle, those students who went there just to be killed had obtained at least 200 points!

These people earned points without contributing!

Su Hao shook his head. The real aim of the battle of honor was to provide an environment for students to gain experience. In the battle of honor, you would face all kinds of strange origin abilities. You needed to learn how to deal with them! Learning how to escape in a group battle and create opportunities while hidden was paramount!

Battle, that was only a name for it.

Learning, that was the true purpose of battle of honor.

This was the true aim of the school. They would use task points to encourage students to participate in the battle.

391 task points. Adding my previous 3000 points, I already have 3391 points! Su Haos eyes lit up. This also meant that he could finally exchange for a body forging technique!

Obtaining body forging technique would mean that 100 points from body forging technique would be in his grasp. Although practicing body forging technique was a long process, he was confident of mastering it before the college entrance exam. 

Exchanging for body forging technique!

Su Hao walked out from martial arts building. He then happened to witness a classmate shouting proudly.

Hey, let me tell you all. The four of us were facing a crisis. If he was able to flee and Fang Lin reached us, we would definitely perish miserably. However, when I saw the foe was about to escape, I brimmed with anger. Trying to run away in front of this young master, isnt this a suicidal move? With honor to withhold, I felt some responsibility and burst out! At that time, the energy in this young masters body expanded. Just a punch and this guy was instantly killed!

Su Hao was speechless, ...

There was no need to ask!

Who was this amusing guy?

Besides Li Xin, who else could it be?

This kid appeared retarded, but he was actually smart. This story was definitely convincing. Additionally, Li Xin was among the top freshmen. With the two points he had obtained from the battle, he had convinced people to worship him.

Looking at the crowd, Su Hao instantly frowned.

He was shocked to notice Zhou Wang, hiding within the crowd and listening along...

After standing at the door for a few seconds, a fragrant wind made its way towards his nose. A few girls chattering among themselves suddenly noticed Su Hao as he raised his head. 

Yeah, its Su Hao! A little girl said in excitement, Youre in the top 10.

En, you must all work hard too.

Su Hao smiled and nodded. He watched the elegant girl beside the little girl. She nodded slightly before smiling and walking into the distance. 

Wa, Yiran. Did you see that? He is so cool!

The little girl looked at Su Hao like a crazed animal. This target of this statement was obviously Chen Yiran. She smiled, Lets go you love struck fool. Its time for our meal.

Alright, right. Coming.

The little girl quickly followed up.

Su Hao headed towards the task shop in the school. Along the way, his face couldnt help but smile Of course, he was happy to have met Chen Yiran just now.


Su Hao didnt believe. Su Hao had spent quite some time in the martial arts building. Many people had left. Even Li Xin was able to gather a huge crowd to boast. Yet, Chen Yiran hadnt left? After being together for two years, they obviously understood each other quite well. Su Hao knew her very well. If he was to translate her action

I havent seen you for a long time. I miss you

I also miss you. Su Hao said in his heart. Just now, he noticed that the little girl was looking at him like a hungry wolf.


Su Hao resumed his usual expression and briskly walked towards the school task store. As he entered, he was left shocked. There were so many people!

The interior of the shop was full of students. Repeaters, freshmen, almost every student had come here. The usually deserted shop was incredibly packed. 

What kind of situation was this?

After thinking back slightly, Su Hao had gotten the gist of the situation. Although the freshmen had only obtained 200 task points, the repeaters were different. Their reward included victory in the battle of honor. That mustve been quite a sum. Also, a lot of people had only rushed back on the last day. After being busy for whole month, this was their best chance to spend their accumulated task points. 

However, most people were looking at the screen or the self service platform to choose. Obviously, they still hadnt made their decisions yet for which items they wanted. But even so, the queue line was incredibly long. 

There were two ways to purchase items in the school task store.

You could directly exchange here in person, or do so on the internet before coming here to collect your items. This was for safety reasons. To prevent and hidden dangers, direct exchange via the internet was prohibited!

Opening his virtual screen, Su Hao selected the task shop, tapping on body forging technique and selecting the purchase option. After confirming his identity, three thousand task points were deducted from his total. Su Hao felt depressed looking at his remaining points Task point balance, 291 points!

Su Hao followed the group in front of him and joined the queue. 

However, he was soon noticed. With a total of 200 students in natural selection class, basically everyone would recognize the top student amongst the freshmen. 

Huh? Su Hao?

No, this time around, he was far too domineering! He placed rank ten with six points! To kill six repeaters, thats a performance worthy of praise! Later, I will request his residual brain powder!

Che, whats so special about that. He has a strong physical fitness. The dark forest scene was lucky enough to suit his ability. Another student sneered, Did you guys even look at the data? Even Zhou Wangs origin ability had already reached 14. Yet, Su Hao was still at 12 points! By trying to breakthrough with just his body, his future is limited.

This is not the case.

Another person entered the conversation, You have to remember that his origin ability is only grade E. There is no point in improving his origin ability. You realize that in the natural selection class, there is nobody with a grade C or D ability. The worst is grade B! Also, if he were to max out his physical fitness and fighting technique, theyd still only add up to 200 points! His strength is quickly approaching its limit 

Several students kept discussing the issue. 

The discussion concerning Su Hao reaching his limit had already been ongoing for some time. From the moment he had entered the natural selection class, he had attracted a wide array of attention from everyone. Under most circumstances, the world was a fair one. As the top student, he had obtained many benefits as well as disadvantages. 

The benefit was naturally the many task points he had obtained from Bai Xiaosheng.

The disadvantages naturally involved the wide range of criticism he received. 

A student who had been abandoned by his own origin ability, how far could he go?

The best estimation?

200 points in theoretical basis, 400 points of physical fitness, and 400 points in fighting techniques was the limit of the global assessment on humans. This was something one could obtain without a origin ability. Adding all of this up totalled 1,000 points which was equivalent to 10 points in origin ability!