Godly Model Creator Chapter 107

Gmc Chapter 107

Chapter 0107    Preparing to cheat again

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

10 points of origin ability.

Based on everyones understanding, this was the maximum threshold for strength that Su hao could achieve. As for his origin ability? Su Haos 400 points were completely useless in combat. 

To consider his grade E model analysis as negligible would not be considered an exaggeration.

Thus, everyone completely ignored how strong Su Haos ability index was. When everyone searched for his data, they would only look at three parts: physical fitness 300 points, theoretical basis 190 points, and fighting technique 310 points.

In the eyes of others, Su Haos true origin ability might only be 9 points.

Close combat was extremely useful in earlier stages, especially as a student. That was the period in time where many abilities had yet to fully develop. 

That was the reason why Su Hao was able to reverse the results of combat.

At least, that was what everyone had assumed had taken place during his battle with Zhao Feng. 

Strangely enough though, Su Hao kept rising. He appeared victorious time and time again, gaining the attention of nearly everyone. His achievements in field exploration, the battle with Zhao Feng, and his high score in the battle of honor had left everyone in disbelief. With only 9 points of origin ability and a waste of an ability, how was he able to repeatedly rise up above the masses?

They found out why shortly after. Su Hao had dedicated everything to taking advantage of his physical strength. This left him as the target of various jeers and ridicule once again. 

Su Hao was indifferent towards all of this.

He would allow others to do whatever they wanted. At most, they could only verbally attack him. As for Su Hao? He had obtained generous rewards from the deal with Bai Xiaosheng. If such benefits were to appear again in the future, he wouldnt hesitate to participate. 

As for what they discussed, it was not related to him whatsoever. 

What item do you think Su Hao will exchange for? A student whispered.

I think the highest possibility would be military fighting technique. Based on Su Haos path, he should be attempting to improve his fighting technique to the maximum. You should know that it was his biggest crutch. Based on his previous battles, you should have noticed that Su Hao has already mastered fighting essence. Although Im not sure how he managed to do so, his fighting techniques would reach the pinnacle if he also mastered military fighting technique as well! A self-proclaimed expert student analyzed the situation.

After everyone listened, they nodded in agreement. 

A short student said with dissatisfaction, Why not physical fitness? Su Haos physical fitness is also 300 points. As long as he obtains the last 100 points, he could still obtain max points. In my opinion, for Su Hao to have such capabilities, it must be closely related to his physical fitness. Others scored only 150 points in comparison to his 300! That was an act of complete domination. If he was to achieve 400 points, he would be even more terrifying.

This is also true. The other students were unconvinced.

The so called expert student despicably looked at him, Little brat, all theories need to be realistic. Do you know how to obtain the last 100 points in physical fitness? Body forging technique! Do you know how much it costs from the task shop? 3000 points! Do you still believe he is doing so?

33000 points? A student was shocked by the figure put forth. Looking at his pitiful 300 points, he then nodded in deep thought, It seems that Su Hao will probably pick military fighting technique.

The short student was also shocked when he heard the sum of 3000 points However, looking at the prideful expression of the so called expert student, he unwillingly said, How do you know that Su Hao doesnt have 3000 points?

Oh my lord. The expert student showed an expression of exasperation, Do you know how many points are awarded for one task? Do you know how many points students collect from an entire year of completing tasks? 3000 points! Do you think were playing house? Brat, let me be clear. If Su Hao really has 3000 points, I will eat this communication device!


Su Hao looked at them from far away. A few students who saw Su Hao quickly turned around and looked down.

Su Hao helplessly shook his head. After his physical fitness was enhanced, his senses had also improved. His hearing, vision, and other physical aspects had experienced a substantial increase in strength. 

They were right. Physical fitness was a part of what Su Hao relied on!

However, what had that student said just now? He would eat his communication device?

A few people in front of Su Hao purchased their items and quickly left. Soon, it was Su Haos turn.

The young girl on the other side of the window smiled sweetly, Hello, student Su Hao. What can I help you with?

Body forging technique.

Su Hao casually continued, I already purchased it via my communication device. I am here to pick it up.

Body forging technique... 

The young girl was extremely surprised. The information showed that Su Hao was still a freshmen. Body forging technique cost a total of 3000 task points! He had managed to obtain 3000 task points in a single month? This was unimaginable. 

Hold on for a moment. Let me confirm the transaction.

The young girl was in a hurry. Su Hao faintly nodded.

In the store, an uproar occurred!

Everyone looked around in disbelief! They had all been stunned by Su Haos 3000 points. 

On the right side, the few students that had been discussing Su Hao were completely dumbfounded! 3000 points! Body forging technique! Su Hao was actually going to exchange for body forging technique! 

The short student revealed look of worship. 

As for the so called expert student, numerous beads of sweat could be seen on his forehead. After quickly wiping off his sweat, he looked at his communication device, Impossible It cant be true.

A few moments later, the young girl confirmed the information.

After docking Su Haos device on the system, the information about body forging technique was transferred to Su Haos communication device.

This was how data was transmitted!

Body forging technique is not something a book could properly explain. It consisted of several gigabytes of data, containing countless videos of practice and information from predecessors. Every step was documented in extreme detail. This was enough for Su Hao to train for a long time.

Soon, the data transmission was completed.

Su Hao left the scene. The task shop turned silent. 

It had turned out to be true!

3000 task points!

This was probably the largest transaction conducted since the school had reopened as well as the largest transaction the freshmen had ever seen. It was far too unbelievable! What task had he completed to have been able to obtain 3000 task points? They were unaware that a large portion of these task points had been from themselves. 

Su Hao ignored the crowd. He walked towards the self service platform, updating the list of task and store contents in his communication device.

By updating from time to time, he would be able to gain access to information about the schools new merchandise.

When he was updating his device, Su Hao was still looking at that student. I thought you were going to eat your communication device. Why are you still not eating?


The store became lively once again. The crowd continued their discussion. However, the few students who had criticized Su Hao just now were quiet as they looked at the so called expert student.

He was sweating profusely. His eyes shifted between himself, the surrounding students, and his communication device. 

To eat or not to eat?

As if he had noticed the mocking expressions of other students, the student gritted his teeth and removed his communication device. He placed it near his mouth and prepared to bite down. 

Su Hao had never expected that this guy was willing to eat it to preserve his face. 

Good courage!

However, as he was about to eat, the whole shop burst into a dispute. A loud and mocking voice could be heard. Everyone looked up. Something happening in the store!

At the door, Chen Yiran walked in with her best friend. Everyone looked at the student who had fallen on the ground and frowned. Sun Yaotian

The one who was being bullied turned out to be Sun Yaotian?

Everyone remained silent was they watched the scene in the store hall. In front of a self service platform, a burly student coldly stared at Sun Yaotian, Kneel down and apologize. Your father will let you off this time!

Su Hao frowned.

What kind of situation was this?

He naturally loved seeing Sun Yaotian being bullied. However, Chen Yiran was here too. With the relationship between both families, Chen Yiran probably couldnt help but keep an eye on the situation. The madam of the Sun family was a childhood friend of Chen Yirans mother. She treated Chen Yiran like her own daughter.

Thus, it could be said that both families had quite a close relationship.

Although Chen Yiran wouldnt normally bother with Sun Yaotian, for the sake of the Sun familys madam, she would probably intervene. 


Su Hao looked at this scene. He seemed to have thought of something and laughed. He squinted his eyes. 

If the blue dream butterfly was here, she would know Su Hao was ready to cheat again!