Godly Model Creator Chapter 108

Gmc Chapter 108

Chapter 0108    Chen Yirans choice

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In the task store.

The burly student stared at Sun Yaotian with a sneer on his face, Grandson, you even dare to snatch this grandpas item? Youre tired of living, is it?

Sun Yaotian was brimming with anger. Since when he had received such humiliation?

For the most part, having to receive humiliation at the hands of Su Hao was already enough. A casual dog could now bully him? A repeater who couldnt even pass the college examination for Zhanzheng College dared to bully him?

Get lost. This is something I am fond of. Who the hell would know that you were planning on exchanging for it? Just wait a few days then.

This grandson is funny. You dare to mock me? That student raged.


This slap landed on Sun Yaotians face. Such a brazen action stunned Sun Yaotian, causing him to stare at the student in front in disbelief. This guyactually dared to hit him? He was a dignified son of Jianghe Citys Sun family.

F*ck your mum! You dare to hit me!

Sun Yaotian couldnt hold his anger anymore. His origin ability leaked from his body. His whole body appeared to become like iron. Covered in iron, he directed a punch at the repeater. Underneath the metallic luster, this punch was full of explosive power.

However the sad part


A hand casually blocked his punch. Sun Yaotians right hand had been captured with ease. Sun Yaotian was unable to move his hand no matter how hard he struggled. 

Brat, with such ability, you want to challenge me? That student laughed sinisterly.



With a scream, Sun Yaotian fell to the ground. He grasped his right hand with a pained expression on his face. The bones in his hand had been shattered, wasting his entire hand. 


Su Haos mind moved as he watched everything taking place. 

From the exchange of dialogue, he could easily tell what had happened between the two. If he wasnt mistaken, the repeater had come here to exchange for an item or manual. However, the task shop mustve been low on stock. Sun Yaotian had managed to buy the very last one from under his nose. 

Unfortunately for Sun Yaotian, the repeater must have been in a bad mood and had vented his anger out on Sun Yaotian. Coupled with the illness Sun Yaotian had since a long time ago, his cheap and sharp mouth would naturally add oil to the fire. 

Although this was only Su Haos analysis, he was pretty sure that it didnt deviate too much from the truth. 

As for why this repeater was in bad mood It was because this repeater was the guy killed by Su Hao in the dark forest. Despite being much higher ranked in terms of physical fitness and fighting technique, he was eliminated by the teamwork of Su Hao and Wang Lian. Su Hao had slain him by penetrating his chest with the sharp trunk. 

He would have obtained many points, yet due to the appearance of Su Hao and Wang Lian, he disappeared from the forest with nothing to his name. This was something unbearable for him. He would naturally be furious. 

Whoare you! Sun Yaotian endured the pain. By taking out a bottle of pain loss drugs, the pain in his hand was suppressed. Like a madman, he stared at the student in front of him. From the time he had been young till now, when had he ever received such humiliation?


The student sneered and cracked his neck. Loud cracking sounds could be heard. Daddy is called Guan Yuanzhong. My origin ability is 15 points. Brat, I want to see how you will take your revenge.

You will regret this. Sun Yaotian stared at him with a gloomy expression, filled with killing intent.


Guan Yuanzhong smiled, Did you know? In the natural selection class, as long as you dont kill anyone, nobody will control you. I know you, youre the Sun familys waste. The guy who wont achieve anything. You want the Sun family to seek revenge for you? Its too bad Im not someone from Jianghe City. If youre daring enough, come to our urban district. We will make sure the Sun family wont be able to return.

Surrounded in silence, the crowd was looking at Sun Yaotian as if they were looking at a retard.

This guy, besides the ability to speak ruthlessly, what else did he know? Shouting again that his father was Sun Batian? This is such a great tool! The Sun familys influence is indeed hugebut it is only limited to Jianghe City!

This was the era of origin ability!

Because of the wild berserk beasts outside, every city possessed several strong powerhouses. The Sun family were kings in Jianghe City, but elsewhere? They werent even worth a fart. This was the reason why people here were incapable of bothering with Sun Yaotian.

This was the natural selection class, the stage to enroll in Zhanzheng College.

Everyone came here as a stepping stone to enter Zhanzheng College. Sun Yaotian didnt suffer nor work hard and had unlimited resources, yet only knew how to play with girls. Such a person, what qualifications did he have to be friends with others?

Thus, from the moment he arrived in natural selection class, Sun Yaotian had been unable to get himself a single friend! He would usually have his lackeys around him, but not even a shadow could be seen here. At this point, despite being beaten to the ground, nobody was willing to help him! Not a single person stood up for him.

To offend someone with 15 points origin ability...for this waste, that was a bad call!

Isnt your Sun family rich? Guan Yuanzhong sneered, I heard that one of your eyes had been wasted and replaced with a biological eye? No wonder you still look like a dog. Why dont I remove the other one too, so you can have a pair of biological eyes?

Guan Yuanzhong smiled sinisterly. With one foot on Sun Yaotians body, he stared at the eye.

At this moment, in the faraway distance, a middle aged man coldly looked at the scene. A student beside him bitterly smiled, Teacher, despite the situation having progressed to this point, youre not going to intervene?

The middle aged man said in a low voice, No worries. As long as no deaths are involved, the school will not bother. Not to mention, a few people will die every year in natural selection class. This is nothing serious.

The student was covered in cold sweat Every year, a few will die

Looking at the scene inside, the student could only secretly pray. Quickly use your life and death command! Idiot, if you use a life and death command, the teacher will save you no matter the circumstances!

Unfortunately, this students prayer went unanswered.

The entirety of the freshmen class thought that life and death command could only be used during field exploration. They obviously didnt know that the so called life and death command could be used anywhere on campus too. Anywhere!


Sun Yaotian struggled to retreat due to shock, but Su Hao was stunned as he noticed that Chen Yiran didnt make her move!

He raised his head to look at Chen Yiran. Chen Yiran was also looking at him. As the two made eye contact, Su Hao understood the conviction given by Chen Yirans eyes. He instantly understood her choice.

This fool

Chen Yiran didnt make any moves because of him.

Chen Yiran, Su Hao, Sun Yaotian. Basically everyone knew of the relationship between these three. If Chen Yiran was to rescue Sun Yaotian at this moment, it would be akin to telling everyone that she had chosen Sun Yaotian over Su Hao. Su Hao would be placed in an embarrassing situation!

Thus, at this moment, Chen Yiran had decided to ignore what was going on.

No matter what the relationship between Sun group and Chen group, no matter how well the Sun madam treated her, she didnt want to take any actions which would betray Su Hao. Even if it was just someone elses misunderstanding!

In the relationship between them, it was always Su Hao who had to put forth effort. She wanted to go, but to avoid making any moves was her best choice in aiding Su Hao! Even if she was to walk in front of Su Hao and say a few words, such an act might bring trouble to Su Hao instead.

Most of the time, she could do nothing but look. Her heart was pained by her inability to take action. 

Thus, this time, even if the relation between both groups became bad or the Sun madam no longer treated her well, or even if she was going to lose many things, she had to admit, Su Hao, this is all I can do for you.



A white shadow flashed. Guan Yuanzhongs mind was alarmed and quickly took a defensive posture. Even so, he had to retreat two steps backward due to the foes force. However, it hadnt inflicted any damage. Raising his head, Guan Yuanzhong looked at the person in front of him, Its you, Su Hao? You want to meddle in my affairs?

Everyone looked up in shock.

Su Hao!

Nobody would have thought that at this time, the one who would make a move turned out to be Su Hao!

The freshmen were exceptionally clear on the relationship between Su Hao and Sun Yaotian. 

The conflicts between Su Hao and Sun Yaotian were much more ruthless than the current affair with Guan Yuanzhong. Despite this, Su hao had stood up for Sun Yaotian this time? 

What was happening?

Su Hao exchanged looks with Chen Yiran. Su Haos mouth revealed a trace of a smile. Chen Yirans choice had touched his heart. The girl of his dreams had chosen to ignore Sun Yaotian for his sake. However, he was unable to bear thinking of Chen Yiran facing the consequences of her choice by herself. 

As a man, he would never let his woman to be sink into any embarrassing dilemmas. 

This matter, he would handle it.