Godly Model Creator Chapter 109

Gmc Chapter 109

Chapter 0109    Su Haos aim

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Within the school task store, the atmosphere was very tense.

Su Haos sudden appearance had shocked the entire crowd. The majority of them wouldnt care no matter who was being attacked. Only Su Hao was the exception Su Hao moving to save Sun Yaotian... Had the world gone mad?

Su Hao casually turned his body. He wasnt someone who acted without thinking about the consequences. 

If something really did happen to this retard Sun Yaotian while Chen Yiran was nearby, the good relationship between both groups would instantly collapse. History showed that old man Sun Batian might even unleash his anger on Chen Yiran. If that happened, Jianghe City would encounter a disaster. 

Not to mentionhis mind had already decided long ago on this matter.

It wasnt known what Sun Batian had told his son. These days, Sun Yaotian even had the courage to resist the shadow left by Su Hao on his heart. He even dared to challenge Su Hao, knowing hed be beaten into a bloody mess. If he was able to get rid of the shadow, then wouldnt all of Su Haos efforts go down the drain?

This was why Su Hao didnt mind adding oil to the flame this time around. .

He turned around,looking at the burly figure of Guan Yuanzhong. Su Hao then said in a low tone, Dont go overboard. No matter what you want, you can just wait two days. I believe the task store would have it by then.

Hmph, a busybody!

Guan Yuanzhong sneered, Ask that grandson to give it to me. Then, kneel down for an apology. Grandpa will let him off after that.

Su Hao looked down and faintly smiled at Sun Yaotian. Sun Yaotian raised his head and noticed Su Haos expression and those ridiculing eyes. If others helped him, he mightve had the ability to feel grateful, but Su Hao...would only leave him humiliated. This was even more embarrassing than being bullied by Guan Yuanzhong. Had he been reduced to needing help from his rival?

Su Hao, get lost! You dont have to get involved in my business. You want to waste my eyes, right? Do it then. I want to see how brave you are. Lets see if you can leave Jianghe City alive after doing so.


All the students in the crowd had the same thought after hearing him.

Su Hao had already helped you, yet you asked him to get lost and took the initiative to provoke Guan Yuanzhong? Did he think himself to be Ultraman? The atmosphere had almost been diffused, but it had become boiling once again.

Great, grandpa will kill you first! Guan Yuanzhong sneered.

Such a pig-like teammate... Su Hao murmured, slowly stretching out his right leg. 


A sharp and accurate kick hit Sun Yaotians head. He immediately fainted. 

The crowd was completely dumbfounded.


What was going on? Hadnt Su Hao stepped forward to help him?

Guan Yuzhong watched Su Hao in shock, Youre not here to help him?

Of course I am. Su Hao said in low tone, But his mouth is too sharp. I cant help but shut him up myself.


Ill repeat myself again. Im giving you face for being the top student among the freshmen. Get lost! I will consider it as if this never happened.

Guan Yuanzhong coldly said, Otherwise, I dont mind beating you up too.


Su Hao raised a smile on his mouth, It seems that you dont recognize me.


Guan Yuanzhong sneered, What? You, Su Hao, still have another identity?

Su Hao smiled and then replied, Within my 6 glory points, one of them is contributed by you. Have you already forgotten?


The students eyes lit up. 

If Su Hao had killed Guan Yuanzhong in dark forest, why couldnt Guan Yuanzhong recognize him?

Guan Yuanzhong was obviously stunned. With both eyes wide open, he stared at Su Hao before revealing his anger, It was you!

In dark forest, the lighting wasnt very good. Additionally, Su Hao had applied the dark green camouflage on his uniform. When Su Hao had made his move, Guan Yuanzhong was incapable of clearly seeing who it was! From a rational standpoint, it made sense. Besides the top student amongst the freshmen, Su Hao, who else would have such strength? Who else had such physical fitness?

Great, I will repay the favor from the battle of honor as well.

After learning that Su Hao was the one who killed him, his anger was brimming to maximum. He could tolerate failure, but not like this. 


His origin ability overflowed. The muscles in Guan Yuanzhongs body toughened up. His originally burly body became even larger. He grinned for a second before punching towards Su Hao.

Are you trying to start a war between the freshmen and repeaters? Su Hao looked at him coldly.

Guan Yuanzhongs eyelids jumped. His fist stopped in front of Su Hao, What do you mean by that?

Su Hao continued, In the battle of honor, the repeaters worse a yellow uniform. Whereas we freshmen wore a white uniform. It was easy to distinguish between the two. But do you know why our uniform is the same on campus?


Many students in the crowd were obviously surprised for a moment.

Because the battle of honor is a battlefield! Thus, there is the need to distinguish between friend and foe. But on campus, everyone wears the same uniform. We are all schoolmates, not enemies! This is the purpose of school. As for you, you failed in battle of honor, yet you want vent out your anger here? What are you repeaters planning? En? Are you trying to eliminate us freshmen to prevent us from surpassing you in future? Come then!

The more Su Hao said, the more excited he became, Do you want revenge that badly? Come then! I already killed you in this times battle of honor. I can definitely do so next time around as well. Or you can simply kill me now! Are you guys, the 22 students who failed, planning on seeking revenge? Do we have to face the revenge of every fallen repeater in the future as well?

Su Hao confronted Guan Yuanzhong with a roar.

As the top student within freshmen, Su Hao naturally needed to defend any bullied freshmen, even if it happened to beSun Yaotian. That was the image he was giving off right now in front of everyone. The surrounding freshmen became excited after listening to Su Haos speech.

The atmosphere in the store became even more tense.

However, nobody noticed that as Su Hao stared at Guang Yuanzhong, a light flashed.

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


The scene Su Hao saw became illusionary. In such a tense atmosphere, he had actually activated his model analysis and even built a character model! At this moment, a character model of Guan Yuanzhong appeared within his mind. Cards began to float around the model.

Su Hao immediately selected one of the cardsbeginner military fighting technique!

The battle of honor wasnt just a battlefield for Su Hao.

Although it was a virtual battle and Su Hao couldnt read the card, building a character model wasnt a problem. That was how he had been able to clearly analyze every foe he met and obtain the results he desired. For examplethis guy in front. Even if there hadnt been an incident with Sun Yaotian, he would still have needed to duel with this guy.

This was an opportunity sent by heaven. 

Card selection completebeginner military fighting techniquemodel analyzingmodel established...card model establishment completed

A gray card appeared successfully within Su Haos mind.


Name: Beginner military fighting technique

Grade: 1 star

Description: This is an advanced fighting technique course. Once beginner military fighting technique is mastered, there will be a substantial increase in destructive power! This is an advanced course for university.


Destructive power!

Su Haos heart skipped a beat. No wonder he felt it was difficult to fight anyone who had mastered military fighting technique.

Basic fighting techniques purpose was to form a basic foundation. Police fighting technique emphasized on locking down your target and military fighting technique concentrated on killing. That was a true fighting technique with destructive power!

Although he had learned fighting essence, it depended heavily on the strength of his combo. With only basic fighting technique and police fighting technique, he was incapable of displaying fighting essences full potential. However, if he was to master military fighting technique, the effect would rise to an entirely different tier. 


The surrounding scene changed again. Once again, it turned back to normal.

Nobody noticed that in such a short amount of time, Su Hao had used his ability to learn beginner military fighting technique.

In the eyes of others, they only witnessed Su Hao giving Guan Yuanzhong a fierce look!