Godly Model Creator Chapter 11

Gmc Chapter 11

Chapter 0011 Overdrafting to the extreme

Since he had just started to familiarise with beginner police fighting techniques, Su Hao began to train diligently.

Whether it be at school, parks, at home, the figure of Su Hao could be seen practicing crazily. With just three days of hard core training, he was able to integrate everything in his mind.

Since his familys economic condition was not great, each martial art knowledge for him was very much appreciated and precious. Thus, once he learned something, he would make sure that he did not just have a basic understanding but to achieve perfect mastery. This was to make sure the skill he learnt would not be wasted.

Thinking of his own sister whom origin ability achieved more than 8 points but only has 4 skill cards, really made Su Hao feel sad. Just wait for him to reach the soaring sky; he would ensure his sister would not be so tight in spending and never let his family have any difficulties anymore.

Only by training diligently could he improve and earn money!

He would also enroll in the best university!

Su Hao had never thought that these two matters conflicted each other. Since he was now in such a situation, he needed to achieve both of these aims at the same time!

He had finally fully grasped beginner police fighting techniques. That evening, Su Hao went back home and had a look at his origin ability capacity. In just a short duration of half a month, his progress could be said to have increased by leaps and bounds.

Theoretical foundation, 180 points. For now, it was maintained as it is.

Combat methods, 150 points. This included basic fighting techniques 100 points and beginner police fighting techniques 50 points.

Ability index, 200 points. 100 points for his ability talent and another 100 from beginner cultivation.

Physical fitness, 150 points!

His origin ability had finally reached 6.8!

Compared to his original 3.8 points, he had increased a full 3 points!

Su Hao vaguely remembered that his physical fitness was originally only 120 points. Never did he expect that his struggles through this period, mastering advanced basic fighting technique, beginner police fighting technique and also the side effect from the berserk drug which needed 3 days for full recovery had eventually enhance his physical fitness by a full 30 points.

At this rate, in another 20 days which is when the mock exam occurs, there should be a place for me.

After Su Hao calmed down from his excitement, he lied down on his bed and slept.

Early next morning, when Su Hao woke up, he felt a burst of pain all over his body.

What happened?

Su Hao was shocked as he studied his bodys condition. His whole body was aching. His could not even curl his fingers into a fist, his also felt a strange sense of powerless.

Did I not rest enough? Su Hao pondered for a moment. He did not dare to continue lying down on his bed and quickly stood up to go for a walk at a nearby park.

The park during early mornings was as always filled with fresh air.

Su Hao was used to coming to this usual spot of his. With the trees waving, surrounded with bushes, beds of soft grass, accompanied with a clear lake; this was definitely a nice scenery to be enjoyed.

However, Su Hao unexpectedly felt an odd feeling in his heart when he realised something was missing. Chen Yiran was not there.

I have not seen her for days. I wonder how she is faring?

Su Hao shook his head hard; trying to get rid of these distracting thoughts. He then took a position in front of a tree before blasting a punch at it. (T/N: Tough life as a tree.)



Su Hao took a deep breath. He felt a sharp pain in his right fist. When he looked at his hand, blood stains could be seen!

He had no strength at all!

To withstand the pain felt by his body, Su Hao decided to sit at a seat nearby. He currently was filled with feelings of loss, What exactly happened? Is it really because I am too tired?

Su Hao was lost in confusion.

He had improved too fast!

In just half a month, he had increased his origin ability by 3 points. For others, doing so would require them at least a year. Some even need two to three years to achieve that feat. It might also be because of his lack of knowledge in proper training methods which is why he was now clueless about the current condition of his body.

Maybe I was really too exhausted.

Su Hao did not give up hope. Let me lay down for a while. Maybe after I wake up, I will be able to recover.

Su Hao lied down on the bench and gradually fell into the world of dreams.

In the middle of his dream, when his mind was still half conscious

He was somehow able to hear Chen Yirans voice, sweet and clear which then brought a bitter smile on his face. This is weird.even when I am dreaming, I can hear her voice. Have really fallen in love with her?

Once he finished his sentence, Chen Yirans voice instantly disappeared, followed by a sharp pain in Su Haos ear. This woke him up in a breath.

Opening his eyes, Su Hao saw a young girl dressed in white, with a smooth silky cheeks and some hints of a blush on her face, Chen Yiran who was pulling his ear. This act of her really pulled him up from the bench. Su Hao, you bastard! What nonsense did you say just now? (t/n: Tsundere to the max!)

Su Hao bitterly smiled. Since he was currently weak, he could only be helplessly pulled up by her.

When pulling Su Hao to the front of her, Chen Yiran fiercely poked his forehead and said in a bad mood. You, since when have you started to smooth talk? Did that useless brother of mine say anything to you?

Su Hao was about to say something but his body again felt the soreness throughout the body. With a sudden burst of weakness, his whole person slowly felt on Chen Yirans figure.



Chen Yiran was directly thrown to the ground from the sudden weight of Su Haos fall. His heavy body was directly on top of her own body. What made Chen Yiran embarassed was that perverts head was now resting on her twin peaks.

From being just friends for two years, their relationship had suddenly started to escalate. She was somehow a bit overwhelmed by the progress. Never did she think that she would just go outside and hear Su Hao drowsily confess his feelings and now she was being pressed down by him.

Su Hao, you bastard! Stand up! A blush could be seen on her face. Chen Yiran was no longer able to keep calm, We have not reached that step of our relationship yet. If you really like me, I will consider then.

Su Hao did not have any responses. He seemed to be enjoying the fragrance of Chen Yirans body.

Su hao, what are you doing? If you still do not stand up, I will really get mad at you! Although Chen Yirans face was full of redness, her gaze started to turn cold. Her right fist which was pressed down by his body was gripped tightly; at any moment the force of her fist could explode.

With her origin ability of 9, once she made her move, Su Hao definitely will not escape unscathed.

Noticing that Su Hao still did not react, Chen Yiran frowned. She gently pushed Su Haos body away and was shocked to see his whole body was pushed away just like that.

Chen Yiran looked at Su Hao and finally noticed that he had fainted.

What happened?

Chen Yiran was startled. Looking at Su Haos pale face, she then touched his face with her small hand. The moment their skin was in contact, she felt coldness.

After moving Su Hao back to the bench for him to lay down, Chen Yiran checked his conditions and pulse for a moment. She then finally understood his current situation. With a complex facial expression, she said, This is the side effect of overdrafting oneself..Su Hao you really..

She realized that she had misunderstood the situation just now and since Su Hao had fainted, this somehow restored her good impression on their relationship. She shook her head and took out a medicine from her pocket. After opening the bottle, she started to feed the medicine to Su Hao.

Sitting on the bench, Chen Yiran held up Su Haos head and placed it on her lap; massaging his temples.

Just like that, both of them got closer to each other. This scene was indeed beautiful.

After a long time, Su Hao finally woke up from his drowsiness. He felt that he was being touched by some soft fingers. When he opened his eyes, it turned out to be Chen Yiran, gently massaging his temple.

He was actually lying on Chen Yirans thigh?!

Su Hao was shocked and he wanted to get up. However, he was immediately stopped by Chen Yirans faint voice, Dont move!

Su Hao abruptly stopped his motion.

You have overdrafted your body. Your power consumption is too much. Wait for the medicine to fully take effect, only then can you get up. Chen Yiran said with her soft voice.

Su Hao then quickly understood the whole situation. Besides his own brain which still had a faint pain, his body had completely recovered. There was this warm feeling spreading all over his body. This must be the effect from the medicine which Chen Yiran gave.

Many thanks. Su Hao gratefully said.

No. Chen Yiran shook her head. You are just too desperate recently. I did not see you for a few days and yet now, your body passed the limit of overdraft. Even if you want to improve, you do not have to be that harsh to yourself.

Su Hao was silence. The mock exam is only 20 days away.

Chen Yirans hand motion paused for a moment. You want to enter the natural selection class?

En. Su Hao continued, Only by entering natural selection class, I will have the opportunity to enrol in Zhanzheng college.

Chen Yiran nodded. She did not laugh at Su Haos arrogance nor ridicule his dream. She only helped him get up and pretended that all her current actions were something normal. You can practice but it must be the right method. Your current method is not the best, it has too much energy consumption. By the time the mock exam arrives, your body would have already become wasted.


Su Hao stood up, his power had finally been restored, full and vigorous. It was even stronger than before!

It seems that I owe you a favor.

Su Hao started to move a bit with his body. However, he could still felt some pain in his ear. He felt weird by it, Strange, why my ear still feels a little pain? Did it not recover completely yet?

Chen Yirans indifferent expression instantly disappeared, with an angry tone she said, You want to return me a favor? You can do so now.


Su Hao nodded.

Just stand and do not move. Chen Yiran said while grinning. She then made her move without any sign and did a shoulder throw.


Su Haos whole figure was thrown hard onto the ground by Chen Yiran. He was mercilessly thrown; a cloud of dust exploded.

Hmmm, trying to take advantage of me.

Chen Yiran secretly said that in her heart. After clapping her hand, she then quickly sped off.

Obviously, she considered that was just an accident from the words of Su Hao just now. However, she did not know that Su Hao was actually sober for a few seconds when she pulled his ear.

Lying on the ground, Su Hao looked up at the blue sky. Traces of a smile could be seen. Chen Yiran, I really like you.