Godly Model Creator Chapter 110

Gmc Chapter 110

Chapter 0110    Killing three birds with a stone

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The surrounding atmosphere was getting more tense.

A feeling of remorse made its way into Guan Yuanzhongs heart. As he looked around the task store, he noticed that many freshmen were looking at him with disdain. Although he was someone who was easily provoked, he wasnt an idiot. Su Hao was the real culprit behind attempting to provoke the freshmen and repeaters into war, Im not

Youre not what!

Su Hao immediately interrupted him. Looking around, he excitedly continued, Fellow freshmen, are you willing to accept such a result? Killing them in the battle of honor results in having to receive their revenge? Whats the point in completing the task? Repeaters, I am not willing to be bullied like this. If you want to fight or kill, I will accompany you!

Count me in!

Chen Yirans cold voice rang through the room. She indifferently stood beside Su Hao with her sweet smile, I also killed a repeater. Do you want to seek revenge from me too?

Both glanced at each other for a second. As they both smiled, any thoughts of missing each other begun to vanish. 

Count me in as well. Damn, you dare bully our leader? You are courting death! I also killed two repeaters. You want to kill me then? It was not known when Li Xin had arrived on the scene. He stood forward and stared at Guan Yuanzhong with contempt.

Count me in!

Zhou Wang casually walked forward as well. 

Me too!

Bai Lingfeng also entered the store from outside.

Su Hao and company had not only obtained victory, but also broken the previous record. Thus, everyone was able to obtain quite a number of points. They were currently at the pinnacle of popularity within the school. Thus, after all of them had stood up, the surrounding students began to get excited and boiled in anger. The few leaders they had within the freshmen class had already stood up. They were the idols of the entire freshmen class, their pillar of hope for future battles of honor. 

If not for the voice within their heart, they still had to stand up for the sake of the hundreds of task points they had received! 

Besides, even if something happened, it wouldnt affect them.

Count me in! Bullying us freshmen, I will be the first to disagree! A student stood up.

Count me in as well!

Count me in!


Very quickly, a large number of students had stood up. Of the hundred freshmen, more than fifty had stood up. All of them were looking at Guan Yuanzhong in anger. Cold sweat began to drop from Guan Yuanzhongs brow. He never thought that things would develop in such a matter. 

Looking at that smiling eyes of Su Hao, he knew he had been tricked!

After noticing that the crowd wasnt particularly large, Su Hao deliberately led this matter towards the topic of the battle of honor. By provoking the emotions of the students, he managed to create the current scene. He could no longer back out of the current situation. The few repeaters who had stood beside him had already fled long ago. 


Youyou what! Su Hao sneered, We dont want to hear your nonsense. You either apologize to Sun Yaotian or go to war with us! We freshmen might not be strong, but we wont succumb to you!


Guan Yuanzhongs face was completely red. His fists were clenched as he tried to get anger under control. Su Hao smirked and patted Sun Yaotian to wake him up before looking back at Guan Yuanzhong.

Guan Yuzhong bit his teeth. He walked in front of Sun Yaotian, bowed his head, and said, Im sorry!

After saying what he had to, he grumped for a second before leaving the hall.

Su Hao then smiled. After looking at Sun Yaotian who was currently at a loss, he sighed in disappointment, Next time, dont do this kind of thing again. We cant help you every time.


Su Hao used this word to make sure he included all the students. 

Sun Yaotian finally got his wits together and reacted. After he had fainted from a kick, he had woken up to an apology from Guan Yuanzhong. Afterwards, he had been talked down to by Su Hao, making him incredibly angry. He would rather be wasted by Guan Yuanzhong than receive fake sympathy from his rival. 

Who the hell needed you guys help?

Sun Yaotian had subconsciously mirrored Su Haos choice of words. He didnt realize that by doing so, had had managed to offend every freshmen. We helped you out of the kindness of our heart to have things end up like this? Damn, what did we save this bastard for? Let him die instead!

Su Hao sighed and apologized to the surrounding students, Sorry, I was the one who involved everyone.

No problem, boss Su. Youre our top student.

Yeah, your problems are our problems.

Boss Su, your sense of responsibility is too much. Sometimes, not everyone is willing to receive help.

Yes, yes, especially the thankless wretches who repay your kindness with complaints.

In front of repeaters, Su Hao had even been willing to help his eternal enemy Sun Yaotian. Didnt that mean that Su Hao would also help them resolve any troubles they encountered in the future? They recalled when Su Hao had still been a weakling. He had slowly made progress before finally managing to enroll in the natural selection class as a top student. 

The circus show came to a close. 

The people in queue continued lining up. The ones who had tasks to complete made their way towards their destinations. Sun Yaotian was still at a loss. Su Haos kick had caused him to miss out on several crucial pieces of information. He was completely unaware as to why every student was treating him so coldly. They had all given him looks of despise before turning away. 

The poor Sun was at a loss. In the end, exactly what had happened?

On the campus.

As he exited the school store, Su Hao was in a very good mood. 

Although it had been a fairly small incident, it had been enough to further his relationship with Chen Yiran by another step. Also, his position as a hero within the hearts of the freshmen had been solidified. He had also been able to obtain beginner military fighting technique. Sun Yaotians self esteem had also taken another severe blow. In the nearby future, he probably wouldnt have the face to meet with Chen Yiran. 

After being saved by Su Hao, his confidence would be impacted for quite some time. 

The final results of today had left Su Hao extremely satisfied. 

In this world, there was no wall capable of isolating news, especially with all the various origin abilities out there. The price of killing Sun Yaotian was not one he could currently pay. If he really wanted to get rid of Sun Yaotian, he needed to cut the head off the snake, eliminating Sun Batian and Sun Yaohui as well!

This was the era of origin ability.

Strength would always be the most important factor.

Su Hao went back to his dormitory. The first thing he did was train. Since body forging technique was now in his possession, he was extremely eager to see it. What exactly was it?


The virtual screen popped out.

Su Hao selected body forging technique and noticed something interesting. 

The virtual screen was automatically put into private mode. It couldnt be set to public mode. In other words, when learning body forging technique, all the contents could only be seen by Su Hao alone. The schools information could only be accessed through the communication device issued by the school. The school did this to prevent the schools secrets from being leaked. 

Of course, if you wanted to teach others after learning it yourself, nobody would bother. 

The screen flashed.

Picture after picture appeared. Su Hao opened his eyes wide. He wanted to see exactly what body forging technique was. 

10 minutes later, Su Hao was in a deep thought.

The demonstration of body forging technique wasnt long, with a total of two parts.

The first part was about basic movements. It was pretty similar to gymnastic, but whether it was methods or actions, the difficulty was several times higher. The second part concerned the operational route of origin ability energy. This route would guide you on how to circulate your energy within your body!

Such a thing could only be done by watching the demonstration on the virtual screen and trying to imitate the circulation of energy within your own body. 

When both parts combined, it would form the completed body forging technique.

These ultra difficult movements were used to train the strength and flexibility of body while enhancing cell activity. However, it was hard to complete a lot of these movements. Origin ability energy was needed to complete them.

The body is a complete vessel.

It was also the largest mystery in the world of science. Genes, cells, nerves... Each of them was a mysterious existence. They were all combined together with origin ability energy. 

Under the stimulation of origin ability energy, the body became even more complex!

Some parts, cells, and nerves,would undergo permanent changes from the long term stimulation of origin ability energy. This was the long term result of the experiment conducted by scientists. After numerous tests, along with extremely hard movement training, the body forging technique made its way into the world.