Godly Model Creator Chapter 112

Gmc Chapter 112

Chapter 0112    You dare to be teased back?

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For the longest time, his origin ability energy had been considered waste. However, he had quickly discovered many uses for his ability. Su Hao was guaranteed to have improved on the ability index.  

Who should I find for intermediate origin ability transition technique? Hold on

Su Hao came to an abrupt halt. He had thought of a sudden issue. He had never gotten the chance to ask this question. However, with the battle of honor coming to an end, he felt that it was necessary to resolve it. 


Su Hao quickly opened his virtual screen and selected Penguin search engine. He typed out the question he had, but...the results were blank!

He couldnt find anything?


The question Su Hao had asked was none other than, What is an esper?

He had clearly heard that middle aged man repeatedly use this term along with several others, such as basic and professional variant. How come nothing had come up?

The only possibility was...censorship!

His clearance wasnt high enough. This was why his question hadnt been answered.

The current iteration of internet had already been linked with the aid of origin abilities. All log-ins would use a single ID. No matter the site, forum, or software, they only accepted the official ID. 

Of course, users could choose to remain anonymous. However, by doing so, you would have almost zero authorizations in your search permissions. The only thing youd be capable of searching was some basic information about yourself. 

Su Hao was currently using his own ID. Due to the presence of military merits, his authorization was higher than ordinary citizens. However, he had still ended up with no results. This meant that the term esper was nonexistent in ordinary society.

It could also be that ordinary citizens were too weak and didnt reach the required level. Thus, there was no need for them to be exposed to the information concerning espers. 

How much had he learned back then in order to increase his theoretical basis?

Too much!

More than what he was capable of remembering!

Despite this, he had never heard of the term esper, let alone basic and professional variants. Su Hao had a feeling that this was a crucial piece of information for him.

No, I have to clarify it!

Once he had formed this idea, it would continue to pester him. This was natural selection class. Even if he didnt know anything about it, the teachers surely would. Esper was obviously related to origin ability. Therefore, he already knew who he needed to ask Ability index instructor, Su Wan! 

To be honest, Su Hao wasnt really interested in seeing Su Wan.

Firstly, Su Wan was Chen Yirans master. During their first meeting, they had already had an extremely intimate interaction.... Secondly, this teacher was far too beautiful! Su Hao still remembered the burning sensation within his heart while Su Wan attempted to seduce him. He had just barely managed to suppress the raging desires within. However, when facing Su Wan, there would be ample opportunities for temptation. 

However, Su Wan was the only person who could answer his question.

Origin ability talent class.

Su Hao reached class several minutes after it ended. Students had finished leaving just moments ago. Not everyone was a walking encyclopedia like Su Hao. They still needed to attend class to learn all the necessary basics. 

Su Wan cleared the information on the podium. She was currently wearing the white staff uniform. Compared to the previous time in the ability guiding room, this white collared uniform was much more tame. 

Teacher Su. Su Hao came forward.

Su Wan raised her head. She was shocked to see Su Hao and covered her mouth, letting loose a laugh Aiya, isnt this student Su Hao? Why havent you come this entire month? Do you miss teacher?


Black lines immediately appeared on Su Haos forehead.


He was being teased again!

Alright, alright. I heard about that incident several days ago. Su Wan kept laughing, Overall, Im quite satisfied. You did a good job, little brat. By daring to stand in front of a woman, many would consider you to be a true man. However, you stood up for that bastard Sun Yaotian. Youre so bold...

Little brat...

Su Hao couldnt help but curse inwardly to himself. Although this seemed like praise, the term little brat made him feel bad. He already eighteen years old! Since when was he little?

What, youre not satisfied? Su Wans cheeks moved closer. As she looked at Su Hao, her red lips moved, Or perhaps you want teacher to see for herself whether youre a little brat or a real man?


A fragrant attack had been launched at him. Su Hao could feel his body heat up. He quickly suppressed it with his origin ability. He took a deep breath and interrupted Su Wans teasing, Teacher Su, I have something I wanted to consult with you about.

Heh, someone is shy.

Su Wan smiled gently, Alright then. Say it, what do you want to ask?

Su Haos face turned back to normal, Teacher, what is an esper?


A bright light flashed within Su Wans eyes. Her body paused for a moment before looking at Su Hao with interest, Little brat, where did you hear this from?

Su Hao began to blurt out some nonsense, You must know that my theoretical basis is 190 points. Occasionally, I look for information and news related to origin ability.

Su Wan curled her lip. She didnt buy his excuse whatsoever. This reason, who the hell would believe it?

However, she didnt mind, Only esper? What else you know?

Su Hao replied, Basic variant, professional variant, etc

Heh, you know quite a lot. Su Wan laughed, You will eventually learn of these things when you enroll in Zhanzheng College. Its better for you to remain ignorant, lest it influence your training.

Why? Su Hao strangely asked.

You really want to know? Su Wan looked at him casually, Let me warn you, there was someone who asked this question before. He could have entered Zhanzheng College in his first trial. However, due to his lacking score, he was no longer capable of enrolling in Zhanzheng College! After five successive failures, he was eventually eliminated!

Su Haos eyes opened wide.

How could this be?

How could someone who could have enrolled during the first trial and failed by several points, not have succeeded in the second trial?

Su Wan smirked, You really think that repeaters who enter Zhanzheng College will be scored the same as you?

Arent they?

Of course not. Every time you participate in the college entrance exam, the minimum score rises. As for how much it rises, it is all up to Zhanzheng College. Anyways It will increase every year. Therefore, dont think that once you repeat, you will be able to enroll in Zhanzheng College. The true factors in determining your test results are your talent and effort! Su Wan indifferently replied.

Now, do you still want to know?

Su Hao was silent.

Did he want to know?


Basic, professional variant Were they really that important to him?

What had this person, after learning the truth, ended up failing his college entrance exam? Su Hao was unsure. Su Wans meaning was very clear. She could tell him if he truly wanted to know, but...he would need to bear to consequences himself. 

Su Hao analyzed his own strength.

Basically, his future route was a fixed one. He would need to upgrade his fighting technique before using drugs to enhance his physical fitness. Afterwards, he would attempt to upgrade his origin ability transition technique...

This was Su Haos own plan.

This was all he was capable of training in. As for element refinement, origin ability profound, etc They were not related to him whatsoever! As the first person to have a mutated model analysis ability, Su Hao would be walking his future route by himself!

To take the correct turn or deviate, he needed to bear all the consequences by himself. 

However, Su Hao decided to trust his own feelings and believe in his own strength. Dont tell me that this esper information is something terrifying?

I want to know!

Su Hao seriously replied as he looked at Su Wan.

Su Wan walked to the edge of podium. Standing in front of him, she bent down to his height. She stared into his eyes, Are you sure?

Im sure!

Su Hao answered with confidence. As he looked down, he saw a milky white scene. His expression instantly turned into one of embarrassment. Su Wans current position was revealing her two extremely well developed mountains to Su Hao. 

That round, milky white


Su Hao had an unpleasant feeling. His legs tightened slightly. 


Su Wan laughed. She stood up straight and glanced at Su Haos bottom, letting loose a sigh, Youre really not little anymore. Your first awakening of love, still full of vigilant energy. Alright, follow teacher then. We will discuss this further in the training room.

After saying this, Su Wan walked out from the classroom.

Su Hao bitterly laughed. Once again, he had used his origin ability to calm down the flames within his heart. Following behind her, this teacher really

Was teasing students fun?

You keep teasing the same one! Even if I am your disciples boyfriend, you still cant Damn, this is wrong! It should be that because I am your disciples boyfriend, you mustnt tease me even more!

Do you dare to be teased back?