Godly Model Creator Chapter 113

Gmc Chapter 113

Chapter 0113    Falling stars

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

In the training room.

As always, it was completely empty. The wood floors were built out of special materials, accompanied by bright lights and rows of equipment. Su Wan came out after changing into a pair of clean white training clothes.  

Were you anxious while waiting?

No. Su Hao shook his head. He couldnt understand why teacher Su had wanted to change her clothing. 

Su Wan smiled, The matters concerning espers is not something that you should all know. Were mainly afraid that it will affect your progress. Additionally, were afraid that it would cause a commotion if the public were to learn about it. To be honest, its nothing special. For the most part, you are all espers. Everyone who has a base talent, the warriors that cultivate everydaythey are all espers!


Su Hao captured a word.

Yes, warriors!

Su Wan nodded, Youve already had numerous exchanges with berserk beasts. You should know about the dangers that exist outside of our school. If there were no life and death command, no school behind you, just how far would you be able to go? In the end, this is just Jianghe City. What about...the rest of the world?

Su Hao was shocked.

Thus, only after you step into Zhanzheng College could you truly become one of the worlds many elites! You will officially gain the title of a true warrior, one that defends the entire world! Only at that time would you be qualified to refer to yourselves as an esper. Su Wan continued in soft tone, As for basic variantit is essentially the stage where you attempt to master the four basic courses. Before integration of the origin ability characteristics, everything is considered a basic variant.

After youre able to integrate origin ability characteristics, you will enter a new stage. Your future development route will also be illuminated. We call this stage specialization variant! Specialization variant guides you closer to the essence of specialization. After completing this stage, you will finally enter the ranks of professional variants!

Origin ability characteristics, professional variant...

Su Hao silently imprinted these terms into his brain.

You are not required to know this for now. When your strength has reached that threshold, you will naturally know it. Back then, that student actually tried to integrate origin ability characteristics in high school due to overconfidence. He planned on achieving professional variant, but ended up failing due to too much wasted time. Su Wan said in pity.

So that was it!

Su Hao understood. If Origin Ability Association had decided to hide this, they naturally had their own reasons for doing so. To rush forward without a plan was certainly an act of suicide. 

Learning from our past mistakes, I wont teach you how to integrate origin ability or what origin ability characteristics are. When you reach that level of strength, you will know by then. Su Wan looked at him, For you, what is currently most important is Do you still remember what I told you that day?

That day?

Su Hao frowned. He had only met with teacher Su Wan twice. The previous time An image flashed within Su Haos mind. Last time, Su Wan had told him that his chosen route was incorrect! 

My chosen route is wrong? Su Hao guessed.

It seems that you still remember. Su Wan smile sweetly, Yes! The way you approach things is wrong! You still havent discovered the problem yet?


Su Hao shook his head and answered with confidence, No problems!

Really? Su Wan walked closer and patted Su Haos shoulder with her wrist, Are you sure? There are really no problems? Perhaps youve stowed them away in your heart? Think carefully Those that you dont dare to think about or consider. Your future Exactly where does it lie?


Su Haos hands suddenly clenched, exposing the blue veins beneath his skin. 

How could there be no problems?

It was just that he didnt dare to think about them!


His future, just where did it lie?

It was currently in the basic stages. All students were in a period of self reflection. Fighting techniques would have the absolute advantage at this point. But...Su Hao recalled the student from Zhangzheng College that he had met before.

The meteorite that fell from the sky!

That huge, blazing monolith!

Such strength Was it something that a human could face? In front of such domineering strength, any fighting technique would be useless. Forget about 400 points, even if you had 1000 points, what could you possibly do with it?

Whenever he thought about this, his mind would be in a mess.

Thus, he dared not think about it. He could only concentrate on his training. After all, there were some matters that couldnt be resolved no matter how much one thought about them. He hoped that as long as he honestly trained and enrolled in Zhanzheng College, he would be able to find a solution! This was Su Haos plan all along.

After being silent for a moment, Su Hao replied once again, No problems!

Little brat, you dont have to be on alert in front of teacher. Su Wan laughed, Every student is in a stage of exploration. Whether it is grade A, B, or C, the gap isnt that large. However, with time, the gap will continue to increase! At that time, the advantages youve gained through physical fitness and fighting techniques will disappear. The gap between you and others will keep increasing!

If you still dont understand, I can give you a demonstration. It is similar to a protractor. If grade E is 10 degrees, then grade B would be 50 degrees. As for grade A, it might even reach 60 degrees! The X-axis represent time and Y-axis measures future success!

Su Hao casually activated a virtual screen.

On the screen, a horizontal X-axis and vertical Y-axis appeared. This was a geometry diagram. Starting from the original position, a straight line was formed from various angles. From grades F to A, the degree continued to climb higher! 

In fact, Su Hao even saw a line overlapped with the X-axis. That was 0 degrees, representing a lack of talent in origin ability. No matter how hard you worked or struggled, you would still end up with zero achievements. 

With the passage of time, the results of origin ability talent became even more apparent.

Su Hao bitterly smiled.

Did she really need to emphasize this?

Even without Su Wan mentioning it, he was already very aware of the limitations of his own talent. It was just that he wasnt willing to cause himself unnecessary worry. If it was like this...then what was the point of everything he had worked for? No matter how he trained, he would end up as cannon fodder that died from a single blow in the future. Even that trash Sun Yaotian would become a powerful esper after fully integrating with his origin ability. 

That was why the Sun family had placed all their hopes on him!

Origin ability talent was very important!

With a deep breath, Su Hao made up his mind to remain resolute on his path. His eyes shined radiantly as he answered, No matter how strong they are, I will surpass them. So what if they have elemental control or other special abilities? After my strength reaches certain levels, as long as my speed and strength are good enough, I am confident in competing with them!

You really think so?

Su Wan gently smiled. With a flick of her wrist, the entire scene of the training room changed. The empty room disappeared and was replaced with a desert, adorned by a starry sky. 

3D virtual environment.

What is this?

Su Hao felt strange. There was a trace of cold in his feet. The temperature of the sand was incredibly low. The simulation was accurate to the smallest detail. However, he didnt understand why Su Wan had created a desert. 

Both of them were standing at the top of a hill. Under the moonlight, they could see the never ending desert. They could even see some berserk beasts roaming around off into the distance

This is...

This was several years ago. It is a real scene which took place in this desert. Su Wan said to him softly, At that time, berserk beasts were rampaging. The mutation here was pretty bad. Desert insects, berserk sand ants, as well as several strong variants ended up killing every esper who came here to adventure. This piece of desert became a land of death.

Land of death Su Hao looked off into the distance, What happened next?


Su Wan gently smiled and looked at the sky above.



Suddenly, a multitude of meteor showers travelled across the sky in a perfect arc. As they passed by, they left a long trail of beautiful white light. Even for someone like Su Hao who was incapable of appreciating natures beauty was stunned at this moment. 

So beautiful! Thisis a meteor shower?

Nope. Su Wan continued, This was a skill demonstrated by a predecessor. He called it falling stars!