Godly Model Creator Chapter 114

Gmc Chapter 114

Chapter 0114    Come, have a kiss

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies


As if it was responding to Su Wans words, the meteor shower which was off into the distance began its descent. Surprisingly, its landing spot appeared to be the desert in front of Su Hao.


A beautiful meteor rapidly shot downward. As it traveled downward, it became a huge meteorite. The burning red meteorite split the atmosphere, smashing into the ground with a loud bang. 

The meteor had landed.

A terrifying sandstorm rose into the sky, forming a dense cloud of sand. It quickly ballooned outwards from its center, affecting the both of them. Su Wan turned the virtualization into perspective mode, allowing the sand to pass through them. 

At the center of the meteorite landing, it was a sea of flames. Those powerful berserk beasts had vanished into nothingness from the impact of the meteorite. The countless berserk beasts were outside of the meteorites blast radius had already begun to flee. However...this was only the first meteorite!Hong!


Meteorites continued to land one by one. With so many of them, they managed to sweep through the entire desert. 

The earth was currently shattering. Su Hao could feel the ground tremble beneath his feet. A hundred meter long sand insect exited the ground and issued a terrifying cry. However, it died instantly at the hands of a meteorite. A catastrophic event of this scale was no longer something humans could resist. It was as if the entire world was facing a calamity, causing Su Hao to be extremely shocked. A meteorite landed at their exact location, allowing him to witness the devastating damage that it brought. 

This piece of desert had become eerily quiet. 

Upon looking out at the desert once again, Su Hao was unable to spot any living creatures. All the berserk beasts had died a miserable death. The vast desert had become mottled with large pits. The desert sand had become soft. 


Su Wan changed back into virtual environment model mode, allowing the both of them to immerse themselves in the current scene.

A hot breeze struck them in their faces. Su Haos feet sank into the sand, becoming entirely submerged. He remained shell-shocked. The desert had faced a single barrage. Although the desert was tiny, the apocalyptic scene he had just witnessed was engraved into his mind. 

And thisturned out to be manmade!

Exactly how strong was the esper that was capable of creating such a shocking scene? This completely surpassed the realm of his imagination. Esper! Was this what it meant to be truly strong? He was extremely confused.

If such an attack was to target a city, what would happen?

Su Hao dared not let his imagination run rampant any further. 


Su Wan gently flicked her hand. The surrounding scene disappeared and they returned to the training room. 

Su Wan smiled widely and asked once again, Now, are you still sure?


Su Hao was silent. 

Facing such an attack, any weapons or physical fitness you possessed would be useless, resulting in a miserable defeat. Only with something akin to a nuclear bomb would you be able to compete. 

Su Wan let loose a triumphant smile, This is why I kept emphasizing that you have been traveling an incorrect route. There is nothing wrong with training your physical fitness of fighting techniques. There is no issue in training these, but deep in your heart, you must be aware that...this is the era of origin ability!

This isnt an ancient Wu era or a martial arts era, but...the origin ability era!

No matter what physical fitness or fighting techniques you possess, they all exist to facilitate your origin ability. You can place an emphasis on physical combat, but you must remember to never neglect your origin ability! After maxing your physical fitness and fighting technique, only be traveling down the path of origin ability would you be able to become a powerful existence.

Su Wans tone was flat, but every sentence was extremely thought provoking. 

Origin ability era.

Origin ability talent.

Every word and sentence, along with the scenes he had just witnessed, were deeply imprinted into Su Haos heart. A seed of doubt sprouted within his heart. 

Su Hao asked, Can a grade E talent still be enhanced? Does a Grade E talent have any path for becoming a powerful existence?

If you dont try, how will you know whether it is possible? Su Wan tucked her hair behind her ear, In the past, Sun Yaohui improved his toxin analysis ability all the way to grade B, becoming a highly valued talent by the Pharmacy Association. Why cant you do the same?

Did you know? In theory, every talent has the possibility of becoming a strong existence! Your ability is model analysis. Is it really only useful for constructing buildings? Perhaps thats what you thought or how the Origin Ability Association rated it, but...have you ever tried to utilize its full potential?

These questions were a form of enlightenment for Su Hao. 

 Is model analysis only for creating building models?

Of course not!

Su Hao had fought countless battles. He had plenty of experience to prove otherwise. He possessed character modeling, card reading, terrain modeling, and various other abilities. Was his model analysis, which possessed so many features, really an E grade talent?

Couldnt all of his current achievements be attributed to his model analysis post mutation? 

If so, what was there for him to avoid?

His horizons had been broadened, as if he had undergone a period of meditation. 

Although his model analysis had been aiding him this entire time, he had still considered it to be an E grade talent, pitifully low. He had always felt that as long as his physical fitness was high and he had a formidable fighting technique, hed be capable of becoming someone powerful. No wonder Su Wan had constantly reminded him that hed been walking down the wrong path. 

This was the era of origin ability!

Of the countless origin abilities in the world, the ability which had allowed Su Hao to join the natural selection class and compete with other talented students was non other than his own, model analysis!

That was his most valuable asset!

Su Haos eyes became brighter as his thoughts traveled down this line of reasoning. 

He had always been confused concerning his future. However, the thorn in his heart had finally begun to dissipate, with excitement taking its place. Just how strong was this mutated model analysis? He had no idea, but he knew that as long as he kept improving, his ability would grow with him!

He had hesitated before about whether he wanted to walk the route of physical fitness or fighting techniques. These two routes were both extremely difficult. As for origin ability? He had never dared to entertain such thoughts! However, Su Haos only path forward was now that of origin ability. 

Upgrading his origin ability!

Discovering his talents potential! 

Becoming a strong esper!

Light flashed within Su Haos eyes. He clenched his fists, his heart having made its decision already. Thank you teacher!

You recovered quickly.

Su Wan had a slight smile on her face, As a qualified teacher, I naturally wont allow any students to take the wrong path. Plus, youre Yirans man.

Su Hao smiled in embarrassment.

Wow, so shy and cute. Come, have a kiss!


Su Hao was so frightened that he took a step back. Only then did he notice that Su Wan wasnt approaching him at all. His face took on a terrible expression as he looked at the faint smile on her face. 

Damn it!

He was being teased again!

Alright then, little brat!

Su Wan clapped her white hands together, Your problem has already been resolved. Next, are you going to learn origin ability transition technique or origin ability control technique? Origin ability consumption technique is also not a bad choice. It will be very beneficial towards your cultivation.


Su Hao scratched his head, I want to finish learning military fighting technique first.


Youre still thinking of the advantages of fighting? Su Wan became depressed. Had she spent an entire day advising in vain? Why was Su Haos brain so focused on fighting techniques? 


Su Hao shook his head, I already understand that my main focus should be my origin ability. However, I am just a high school student. As somehow who hasnt entered Zhanzheng College yet, my main aim is to do so!


Su Wan nodded her head in agreement, That is why you should learn origin ability first. Isnt the improvement in origin ability much faster than fighting techniques and physical fitness? Especially for you, who has nearly reached the limit.


Su Hao scratched his head, I master fighting techniques much faster than origin ability.

How could this be! Military fighting technique is on the university syllabus Wait, hold on.

Su Wan suddenly thought of something. She selected Su Haos information and looked at his student record. After quickly reading through everything, she was left in shock.