Godly Model Creator Chapter 115

Gmc Chapter 115

Chapter 0115    Model world

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A month ago, Su Haos fighting technique had still been at 0 points. From the moment he had started learning fighting techniques, he had improved by leaps and bounds. In just a single month, he had mastered basic fighting technique and police fighting technique. His physical fitness had also improved, causing his origin ability points to rocket upward. 

Strangely enough, it was his origin ability that hadnt made much progress. 

Looking at your record, that really is the case.

Su Wan curiously circled around Su Hao twice, Your origin ability is ordinary, yet your fighting technique and physical fitness have improved that fast. Strange Perhaps the so-called martial arts geniuses really do exist?

Su Hao was speechless.

Stop with your shitty martial arts genius crap. I cant possibly tell you that my model analysis can read someones ability.

Never mind, I wont bother you about these matters.

Su Wan smiled and shook her head, Since youre already clear, you must have your own plan. I just dont want to see a future where youre unable to keep up with Yiran after graduating from college, forcing you two to elope...

Su Hao was speechless. 

She was so thoughtful, truly worthy of being called a teacher!

He was still a high school student. Wasnt too early to think about all of this?

However, since it was related to Chen Yiran, he still nodded seriously, That wont happen!

Well, since youre already clear, leave. Su Wans red lips moved as she erotically looked at him and stretched. The pair of mountains revealed themselves from her training clothes once again. The milky white existences flashed through his line of sight. Su Hao managed to catch a glimpse, causing him to flee in embarrassment. 

Damn bastard!

Was it that fun to always tease me?


It was worth knowing that Su Hao was still an innocent boy. If it was some other student, like Sun Yaotian, perhaps they would have already succumbed to temptation. Of course, the end result would end up being beaten into a pulp by Su Wan. In truth, Su Wan who possessed a perfect body and was a goddess in the eyes of many students, had a soft spot for Su Hao alone. 

After lunch, Su Hao went to the school library to obtain some information about origin ability.

Although Su Hao had already seen much of the information the school possessed, he had never touched upon the information within the natural selection class. Su Hao picked up nearly everything relating to models. This was his first time since mutation that he had begun to seriously approach his ability. 

What is a model?

A model is a system for studying an expression of appearance concerning a process, object, or concept. It is a specimen of an enlarged or shrunken blueprint. It can also be a mold used in machine parts for exhibitions or experiments.

This was the information Su Hao read in encyclopedia. In general, it is a sample or mold.

However, if he was to read carefully, he would notice other things.

A model was not limited to what was described earlier on, instead covering a wide range of fields. Su Hao skimmed through the contents of his research. There were physical models, mathematical models, structural models, simulation models, building models, clay models, and more. It was of such a huge scope that it would leave one with goosebumps. All of these fields laid within the scope of models. 

In addition, there were also information models, resource models, data models, and many other virtual models. 

However, Su Hao was shocked upon seeing a video in the database that turned out to be a virtual environment model!

It was only three meters long and three meters wide.

But within that nine square meter site, there was an entire ecosystem. 

On the site, there was a dense forest with a clear river. It even had wandering animals. There would be occasionally be some tiny birds flying through the sky. This was a completely simulated ecosystem. It was a model which scientists had created for the purpose of experimentation. 

Su Hao watched the environment work on its own, as if it was a real life forest. Su Hao remained in silence for quite some time. This thing...was also a model?

Model, it was just a simple word.

Yet, it was inclusive of all things under heaven. 

Su Hao thought back to an idea he had when he had his first breakthrough, Whoever is capable of establishing a model of the world would be able to control it in its entirety!

However, when faced with several hard-hitting truths, he had gradually dismissed this absurd notion of his. 

As he looked at the fully simulated ecosystem though, Su Hao...was tempted!

Were models something that was fixed?

No, absolutely not!

He could now use his model analysis for experimenting. In a sense, it was entirely possible to link the properties of each model together. 

Otherwise, how could he carry out the experiment?

Since experiments could be carried out, that meant that models could interact with each other. For outsiders, a model was indeed a model. But the model itself was as real as the reality it depicted. For example, you would believe the hero in a movie to be fictional. However, from the perspective of the heroine, the hero is a real person. 

It was that simple.

Thus, the interaction between models was a realistic representation.

Various thoughts were currently running through Su Haos mind. Despite performing countless experiments, he had never really studied his part. Because models were real relative to each other, they were able to chemically react and complete a mixture of herbs, like in the case of the origin ability bomb!

Is it really so?

He poured a glass of water.

Model analysis, start!

Object modeling!


In Su Haos mind, a glass of water appeared. Since he was only modeling the water, there was just a pool of water floating in mid air. There was no cup, but the water maintained its shape as if one existed. 

Because this model existed only within his mind, gravity had no influence over the models concepts. The water would naturally stay together. 

Permanent model, convert!


A large amount of energy within his body was consumed. The cup of water gradually changed from a temporary to a permanent model. 

Within Su Haos mind, there was also a pencil, notebook, and a small medicine garden plot floating around. These were the permanent models that he had previously established. 


Su Hao directed the water towards the medicine garden poured it from above. It was absorbed by the soil in the land.


Su Hao was excited, It really is possible!

This wasnt any different from an experimental model. After all, they were permanent models. Su Hao thought that they would just maintain their state in his mind. He never imagined that they could react with each other. 

Su Hao found out that this world was entirely under his control!

His mind?

No, when more models entered his mind, a new area would be opened.

Su Hao was sure that his future models would appear in this area. He named this area, model world!

Model world, this is my world!

Su Hao clenched his fist. His eyes had a look of fervor within. 

Nobody would have believed that in the tiny Jianghe City, within the campus of the natural selection class, a prototype of a world model was being built in the mind of a high school student. Although it only had a medicine garden and several objects, nobody knew what the uses of the world model consisted of. Even Su Hao dared not to think of where this model would lead him!

This world model will slowly be filled with permanent models. What about others?

Su Hao pondered. This trip to the school library had brought about unimaginable benefits, allowing him to understand the wide scope of his model. Then, what about the information on how the Origin Ability Association conducted assessments?

Su Hao had seen this once before. 

At that time, he had only just begun to comprehend his ability talent. After he checked the information from the Origin Ability Association, the reality of his situation had dumped a pitcher of cold water over his head. That had disheartened him greatly, causing him to immerse himself in improving his theoretical basis. He never thought that he would seek this information once again. 

His virtual screen activated as he selected the data from the Origin Ability Association.

Regarding the basic information about the associations assessment, they were all partially available to the public. Thus, that was why Su Hao was able to easily view the relevant information.


The virtual screen flashed. Information about model analysis appeared on the screen.