Godly Model Creator Chapter 116

Gmc Chapter 116

Chapter 0116    Master of construction

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Ability talent: Model analysis

Grade: E

Usage: Analyzing things, building models

Description: This is a very useful skill in daily life. Clay making, floor construction et cetera. This origin ability has many uses. You will enjoy a better quality life!


It really is as stated.

Su Hao bitterly smiled. Back then, he had seen this information and received a psychological blow to his immature mind. 

But now, his mentality was no longer the same as before. Su Hao ignored this information and continued reading. He wanted to know what the original model analysis was capable of. 

Origin ability talent could be refined and improved over time.

With training, an origin ability was capable of becoming stronger. That was the reason why the task store at the school had all sorts of origin ability refining essence.

After many years of exploration with billions of people possessing different variations of abilities, there were plenty of inaccurate experiences which were recorded. As for model analysis, because it was grade E and deemed a useful life skill, the number of people who had mastered it mustve have been quite large.  


Su Hao opened the following information regarding talent. A book titled, The five states of model structure, popped out. 

A predecessor that had mastered model analysis long ago had prepared this. It was said that he had become the foremost expert in the field of construction. Many monuments and cities had been built by this master. He had been named the legendary king of construction, a true master!

Owh, a construction master? Su Haos interest was piqued. 

The five stages of model structure.

First stage, outline modeling.

You could easily use your origin ability to outline the general shape of the model. For example, Su Haos previous test...had been a cup. As Su Haos hands flashed with origin ability energy, an outline of a cup would appear within his mind. If Su Hao recalled correctly, he was at this stage before his ability had mutated. 

Second stage, simulation modeling.

What you would be building was not just an outline, but a real simulated model. With origin ability energy, a rigid model could be constructed identical to a real life object. Of course, since it was made of origin ability energy, there would be zero differences in color. The model would be a consistent shape and size.

Third stage, true modeling!


What you constructed would be a perfectly real model. You could simulate the entire object and the model would no longer be made of origin ability energy. It would be so realistic that there would basically be zero differences between the model and the real object. 

This was an important milestone of model analysis. Achieving this step meant that your model analysis had been perfected! Like a scanner, you could map out a scene in your mind and record it as a reference for architecture. This step would also be accompanied by guarantees of a high salary. 

Fourth stage, free modeling.


You were no longer limited to imitation!

After building a structure model, you could easily change its layout and use floor tiles, bricks, and materials that didnt exist in the world. As long as you could imagine it...it would be done! This was a magical realm. Could you imagine turning a small hut into a majestic palace out of thin air? 

Free modeling allowed you to do so!

It was said that that master of architecture had reached this stage. Thus, he had been invited to build a wide variety of projects by major powers. 

This master could build anything they wanted, constantly improvising until his customers were satisfied. This was much more efficient and effective than the cold machines. 

Fifth stage, virtual reality.

This stage, to be more accurate, was the idea of that master. To say it was a fantasy was not an exaggeration. This stage was best described as the use of origin ability energy to simulate a model in reality. It would no longer appear as an object within your mind, but as a real object in the world!

Appearing in reality!


Su Hao swallowed a bit of his saliva after reading this. His mind was currently unstable. He only had one thought on his mind. Crazy! This master is crazy! 

However, the idea began to imprint itself in his mind. Su Hao couldnt help but ask himself, Model, can it really be taken out from the world of models?

After pondering for quite some time, Su Hao bitterly smiled. 

Model analysis certainly couldnt do so. 

Even the master who had mastered this ability had mentioned that it was just a fantasy.

If it could really turn a virtual model into reality, it would no longer be an E grade ability, but an A grade! 

But that only applied to ordinary model analysis!

Su Hao pondered for a moment. According to the description left behind by this master, his ability post-mutation should be around the third stage, real modeling. He hadnt managed to reach the stage of free modeling yet.

In other words, the new abilities which he had discovered were ones belonging to model analysis itself.

For example, object modeling!

Terrain modeling!

And thenno more

Su Hao had scrolled countless times and discovered something strange. No matter if it was a berserk beast, human, or ordinary objects, they were all considered as object modeling. In other words, a pencil and human were no different from each other, just a static model. 

However, Su Hao knew that this didnt apply to his ability. 

He analyzed his mutated model analysis. It could clearly differentiate between living things and other objects, especially human and berserk beasts. It even went a step further, analyzing their abilities and building cards. Additionally, his models would experience reactions with each other. 

It seemed that the mutation had brought a new ability to Su Hao, that of spirituality. 

Character modeling!

Card modeling!

Experimental modeling!

Life detection!

Character modeling could detect a persons ability. Card modeling could read and copy a persons skills. Experimental modeling could simulate an experiment and perform virtual ones. Life detection could be achieved by observing the difference between the energy consumption rates of living and nonliving objects. 

Of the six features which Su Hao had mastered, only two were originally from model analysis itself. As for the remaining four, they had only become available after his ability mutated.

This was the first time that Su Hao had examined his ability so closely. 

It was also the first time that he discovered just how extraordinary his ability was. He had unknowingly discovered four extra features by himself.

Like Su Wan had mentioned, this was the era of origin ability!

Only by training your origin ability could you become someone strong in this world. 

Sun Yaohui had been able to enroll in Zhanzheng College with his toxic analysis. Why couldn't he do the same? Su Hao wanted not only to enter Zhangzhen College, but to become more powerful. 

After solidifying my foundation, I will immediately begin analyzing my ability.

Su Haos mind had already been made up. 

Although he couldnt wait to start studying his origin ability and bring out its full potential, gaining admission to Zhanzheng was his first priority! 

Those who were unable to enter the natural selection class were naturally unaware of just how abundant the resources were here. Thus, Su Hao had to get into Zhangzheng College no matter what and experience it for himself!

There were also various matters that waited his confirmation there. 

Thus, the main priority for now was still military fighting technique! The second priority would be his physical fitness. He had already mastered body forging technique. After he reached the limit of physical fitness, he would use the side effects from black market strengthening drug to propel his strength forward. Only after completing all these tasks would it be time for him to focus on his origin ability!

He couldnt fathom how long it would take to research his origin ability and analyze its potential. 

It could take anywhere from a few days to several months, leaving him unprepared by the time the college entrance examination rolled around. It was a normal matter, which meant that it had to be placed last on his todo list.

As he observed the primary military fighting technique within his mind, he noticed that its progress was as slow as ever. 

It will require about a week to complete this card. After completing the card, I will still have to train it. I will probably have to spend quite a while on it too. I wont overthink it for now. As for task...

As he looked downward in deep thought, a blue light flashed in front of him. Su Hao was shocked for a moment.