Godly Model Creator Chapter 117

Gmc Chapter 117

Chapter 0117    Sprouting of amorous feeling

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

A faint blue light flashed. Appearing as if it was wrapped by a blue crystal, a beautiful butterfly landed on Su Haos shoulder. It was none other than the blue dream butterfly.

Youre back? Su Hao looked at her in surprise. 

The little butterfly had naturally been unable to accompany him in the battle of honor. That was why he had let her go off on her own to have some fun. He hadnt expected that she would have so much fun that shed forget to return. However, Su Hao wasnt too worried about her safety. After living in the wild for so many years, her awareness towards danger was much higher than Su Haos.

En en.

The little brat nodded and reported her adventures from the past couple of days. Su Hao could only bitterly smile after he finished listening The berserk beast domain outside of campus had become her little garden. 

In just a couple of days, this little girl had managed to sweep over the entirety of the surrounding area. She was much more knowledgeable than Su Hao about which spots contained which beasts.

Next time, be extra careful. Su Hao patted her little wings, The repeaters have returned and some of them might even have special abilities. Dont roam around as much anymore.

En, en.

The blue dream butterfly nodded. She hesitated for a moment before writing, These past two days, Ive been thinking of something. Can you help me investigate it?


Su Haos eyes turned bright, Have you remembered where your home is?


The blue dream butterfly shook her head and continued writing, But I somehow remember what I looked like.

Your appearance?

Su Hao pondered, That still works. If I remember correctly, you can transform right? Simulate your original appearance and I will help you investigate it.


The blue dream butterfly nodded. She flew in front of Su Hao and her body which was covered in blue crystals began to flash. With circles of blue halos floating around her, a human figure gradually appeared in front of Su Hao.

Su Hao was stunned by what he saw. 

It was a young lady with otherworldly beauty. Her long, straight hair was draped over her shoulders. Her clear and bright pupils were accompanied by perfectly curved eyebrows and long eyelashes, which were currently trembling. Her tender white skin revealed her beautiful clavicle which directed the eyes downward...


Su Hao was completely stunned. He tried his best to think of Chen Yiran, but he was unable to suppress the fire within his heart. This...this is Zhang Yating? 

Well? Am I good looking?

The blue dream butterfly asked in a soft tone.

The soft voice echoed within Su Haos ears. As he looked at her red lips move, Su Hao sucked in a mouthful of cold air. His little brother in his crotch was about to stand up!

An eighteen year old youth, you couldnt afford to tempt him!

This was Zhang Yatings appearance. However, because it was an illusion illuminated by some strange light, it appeared as if it was out of a dream. Su Hao remained speechless for a long time and didnt reply.


The blue dream butterfly was a bit lost, Perhaps Im not good looking...

She could only remember a tiny portion of her memories as a human. The rest remained lost as a side effect of the experiment. She was at a loss when faced with Su Haos utter silence. 


Su Hao violently shook his head. As he fought back the fire within his heart, he pointed a trembling finger at her and said, Can you put on some clothes?


The blue dream butterfly looked down. She observed her current state and the way Su Hao was looking at her, finally understanding why he had been dazed this entire time. 


With a piercing scream, the figure in the air disappeared. The room returned to its previous state. The blue dream butterfly flew behind a curtain with her head bowed from embarrassment. Her heart began to rapidly palpitate. After being a butterfly for so long, she had forgotten about clothing. She had managed to recover part of her memories and had quickly sought out Su Hao for help. The end result 

Aiyaya, this is so embarrassing!


Su Hao let out an embarrassed cough. If it was just ordinary butterfly, then it wouldnt have been a problem. However, this was obviously a human soul. Naturally, he would be embarrassed by his reaction just now. It wasnt anything weird though. If he had been able to control himself with such a beautiful girl naked in front of him, that wouldve been strange... 

After some time, Su Hao finally calmed down.

As he looked at the blue dream butterfly who was clinging to the curtain, he could only bitterly smile, I didnt record anything just now. Next time, I will be prepared and take a few photos to compare with the database at the police station...


A blue shadow flashed. Su Hao flew backwards and slammed into the door.

The blue dream butterfly flew in front of Su Hao in anger. A string of blue crystals formed a sentence in mid air, Pervert! Youyou actually want to take photos

Su Hao smiled, Sister, if I dont have any photos, how will I investigate? Just let me take a portrait. Thatll be enough.


Only then did the blue dream butterfly understand. Su Hao had only wanted to take a portrait. She thought

Haiz, sigh~ The blue dream butterfly looked down. This was too embarrassing!

Luckily, she was now in the form of butterfly. Nobody could tell if she was shy or not. However, with Su Haos strong analytical ability, he interpreted Zhang Yatings movement as a beautiful girl stamping her feet with a blushed face and saying, I hate you~!

What the hell!

How could this be!

Su Hao wiped the sweat off his forehead. For a virgin like him, the impact from seeing the naked body of a beautiful girl was too much for him to bear. 

He had only kissed Chen Yiran once before.

But just now, the beautiful face of Zhang Yating, the proudly exposed pair of mountain peaks, that mysterious

Bad guy Youyouyoure not allowed to think!

As she looked at Su Haos expression, the blue dream butterfly could hazard a guess as to what he was thinking about. She had spoken in anger, not even bothering to write. A young girls voice within his mind had interrupted Su Hao in the midst of his fantasy. 


The blue dream butterfly was mad.


Su Haos fantasy was completely shattered. A horrifying zombie climbed out from the floor and headed towards him. Its entire body stank of the dead and a large hole could be seen on its stomach. All sorts of weird fluids flew outward from it. Su Hao retreated several steps in shock.

His mind quivered, emptying itself of any remaining lust. With a flash within his eyes, the zombie was turned into nothingness. H

This was the ability of the blue dream butterfly.

Su Hao bitterly smiled as he looked at the livid blue dream butterfly in front of him. Sister, please dont play like this again First tempting with your naked appearance, then scaring me off with zombies. Two more times, even if Im not impotent, I will probably ejaculate prematurely!

Alright, Im wrong. I apologize.

Su Hao surrendered, I shouldnt

Aiya, dont say it anymore!

The blue dream butterfly quickly interrupted him. She created a two inch headshot for Su Hao to capture with his communication device. Only then did she land in Su Haos shoulder, I have said quite a lot just now. My energy is depleting. I am going to recover so dont disturb me.


The blue dream butterflys figure instantly disappeared and blended into Su Haos clothes.

Su Hao smirked. This little girl must had been embarrassed. Luckily, she was just a butterfly. If she was in a human form just now, perhaps he accidentally shoot while polishing his gun. 

Sigh, please be easy to me. Today, I have been teased by both Su Wan and this little girlBut to be honest, although this little girls body is tempting, Su Wan...

A beautiful figure appeared within Su Haos mind, with a milk white chest... Zhang Yating appeared next. Naturally, it was her naked body. The scene changed once again and Chen Yiran emerged with her smile. 


A pot of cold water had been poured onto his lascivious thoughts. A cold chill spread throughout his whole body. The mess in Su Haos mind vanished. 

Our revolution isnt successful yet. This comrade must work hard!

Su Hao put down the basin. His whole body felt incredibly comfortable. 

Although the process wasnt smooth, the end result had been pretty good. He had obtained photos of the blue dream butterfly. He would find a way to check her record in police station. At the very least, he needed to check whether she was someone from Jianghe City. He wouldnt think about the rest of that mess. Enhancing his strength was his current focus!

He opened his virtual screen and took a glance at the school task list. There wasnt anything suitable for him.

Su Hao carefully thought about this. He decided to return for a trip. It has already been ten days. I wonder how Masters study is progressing.