Godly Model Creator Chapter 120

Gmc Chapter 120

Chapter 0120    A beautiful story unfolds

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Hello, sir. Is there anything that I can help you with?

Su Hao calmly replied, I am here to participate in the exam.


The receptionist was surprised. Usually, pharmacists who came here to be certified were all in their twenties or thirties. There were even some in their forties. People as young as Su Hao were a rare sight. 

Yup, I

As Su Hao was replying, an unpleasant loud voice came from behind and masked Su Haos voice completely.

Get lost! Get lost!

Su Hao looked behind him. At the main door of the Pharmacy Association, a young man over the age of twenty rushed inward. He messily made his way forward, pushing everyone aside as if he was in a hurry. 


The young man bumped into Su Hao and pushed him aside, before hurriedly rushed upstairs.

Su Hao patted the dust on his shoulder and looked at the direction the young man had left for. When he had been struck, his muscles had instinctively tightened as if he had subconsciously wanted to make a move. Luckily, he had realized in time that he was in the Pharmacy Association and not the battlefield. Only then did he get rid of any violent thoughts. 

As for that young man, he had been unaware that he was a hairs breadth from dying. 

The receptionist noticed Su Haos expression. Thinking that he might later find the young man for revenge, she quickly attempted to discourage him, Dont be impulsive. Let me secretly inform you. The guy who passed by just now is You Zhiming. His origin ability is 10 points and he is also the disciple of vice president Gao. His attitude is bad due to being spoiled. Youre taking the exam at such a young age. You must be rather talented. Theres no need to associate yourself with such people.

Su Hao smiled.

This girl working the front desk wasnt bad. Su Hao laughed it off, Dont worry. I wont be angry at such people. What is the procedure for taking the exam?

En. The recptionist sweetly smiled, Let me have a look En, alright. To participate in the beginner pharmacist exam, you must first register as a student of the Pharmacy Association. Have you registered already? If you havent, you must first register and contribute towards the Pharmacy Association before participating in the exam.

I havent registered. Su Hao shook his head, But I brought this.

Su Hao took out an item about the size of a business card and handed it over to the receptionist. After scanning it with an instrument, she was surprised. 

This was a letter of recommendation.

A letter of recommendation from berserk master Zhang Zhongtian!

Although this master had already been removed by the Pharmacy Association, that was only because Zhang Zhongtian didnt follow the rules. His skill in pharmacy was still terrifying and worthy of respect. Because of the nickname berserk master, Zhang Zhongtian had quite a large fanbase in the Pharmacy Association.

To be recognised by such a master, how could he be any ordinary man?

Please wait for a moment. I will go inform the president about this.

The front desk girl quickly dialed. In just a few breaths, a middle aged man calmly walked down.

Vice president, hello! The front desk girl respectfully greeted.

En. The middle aged man nodded, The president will be out for a few days. All matters will be handled by me. It shouldnt be a problem for me to handle this.

After finishing his sentences, he looked at Su Hao, Youre the disciple of Master Zhang? Su Hao, right? I am Gao Yang, the vice president of the Pharmacy Association in Jianghe City.

Hello vice president. Su Hao said.

I have seen Master Zhangs recommendation letter. Master Zhang and I can be regarded as colleagues. I believe in his eyesight. Usually, Im capable of directly issuing you the certificate without an exam. However, since the president is out, I will be criticized by others as abusing my power if I do so now. Gao Yang smiled, So, you will have to take the exam.

En, alright!

Su Hao quickly finished the registration. Gao Yang then personally brought him to the exam room of the Pharmacy Association.

The Pharmacy Association building was huge. There were countless rooms compsoed of glass walls. Numerous virtual screens flickered within the halls. Each virtual screen introduced the function of a drug. Su Hao felt amazed at how luxurious it was. Every corner of the building was occupied with a giant screen. 

The Pharmacist Association was definitely great. 

The center of the building was occupied by a large central hall, covering thousands of square meters and tens of meters in height. The hall was surrounded by a ring shaped staircase which led to higher floors. Countless laboratories and rooms were prepared for all pharmacists.

It was said that this structural design was created by a master to maximize the safety of every pharmacist.

When Su Hao looked up, he felt a little dizzy. It was so high! All the floors and rooms were surrounding the hall. Once he looked up, all he could see was the roof of the building itself.

As for the exam, it was obviously carried out in the central hall. It was for transparency purposes and to allow the crowd and association members to have a look. 

As he entered the central hall, Su Hao glanced around. A row of seven people were sitting at the table in the front. They must be the judges. On the other side, ten young men were sweating as they struggled with the experiments. Both rows of people were quite far apart for safety purposes. On the surrounding floors, quite a number of pharmacists observed with interest. 

By coincidence, the previous batch finished just as Su Hao arrived. 

Out of ten individuals, only one was lucky enough to pass, reaching the borderline as a certified beginner pharmacist. Su Hao had a brief look and noticed that that person who managed to pass was even more skillful than him.

Su Hao wiped off his sweat.

If not for his model analysis, Su Hao wouldnt dare to participate in this type of exam. 

Gao Yangs entrance had caught the attention of countless people.

Vice president!

Vice president!

Several pharmacists who had become judges greeted him. Gao Yang waved his hand and pointed at Su Hao, Nothing much. Im here to bring this young man to participate in the exam.

Owh, is this your new disciple?

A pharmacist respectfully asked.

Nope, he is my friends disciple. You dont have to feel pressure. Just judge like usual. I believe that with his ability, he can pass. Gao Yang waved his hand and stood behind the crowd.

Su Hao bitterly smiled.

This vice president Gao Yang Could he be another experiment freak? Although he seemed kind, Su Hao noticed that several people who took the exam and some pharmacists looked at him with a strange expression. They mustve thought that he was someone that had used his relationship with Gao Yang as a backdoor. 

Well, forget about this.

Su Hao bitterly smiled. He could only prove himself later during the exam.

This time, the amount of people taking the exam only numbered eight. Everyone were standing at their respective experiment tables. With the signal of a pharmacist, the exam officially began!

In the exam, a few pharmacists would observe their performance during this time and the final product before access. Of course, only those who succeeded could be judged. If you failed, it was game over!

Perhaps his inexperience would be shown in just a few moments. Therefore, he had to maximize his origin abilitys potential from the start. 

Fast! Accurate! Fearless!

Succeed in one try!

1 hour!

Every exam would last for one hour. In one hour, you must successfully create body recovery drug and origin ability recovery drug. On the experiment table, two portions of a variety of materials were provided. If you couldnt succeed in two trials, then you only had yourself to blame. 



Everyone started their experiment with confidence.

Su Hao separated the materials for origin ability recovery drug and weighed them in his hand for a bit. Suddenly, he felt a tinge of joy. He had stumbled across these types of materials before. 

Weighing, testing.

Su Hao didnt even use his model analysis and instantly began.

Sweet grass, in!

Star grass, in!

Almond grass, in!

Su Hao rapidly mixed these herbs and began his production. Material integration, origin ability fermentation, Su Haos skillful actions had attracted the attention of the crowd.

Even the vice president Gao Yang was shocked.

Such good skills!

Several pharmacists stared at Su Hao. Being able to skillfully mix the herbs in such a way meant that Su Hao had already trained in this drug till there wasnt anything left to learn. This wasnt comparable to a beginner pharmacist. Just with his skill alone in origin ability recovery drug, it was at the level of intermediate pharmacists or even greater. 

This was no longer an experiment, but a performance.

Several other participants were stunned too. Compared to Su Hao, they were too weak. They didnt even have the courage to continue. They had only started to measure materials and planned on how to mix them, yet Su Hao already reached the final stage of fermentation. Wasnt this just bullying them?

With such skill,he had taken the exam for beginner pharmacists?!