Godly Model Creator Chapter 121

Gmc Chapter 121

Chapter 0121    Too lively!

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Everyones shock was momentarily halted. 

Su Hao perfectly completed the process of origin ability fermentation. His first experiment was a perfect success!

Second experiment, continue.

After completing origin ability recovery drug, Su Hao took a deep breath of relief. His body was now entirely focused on creating body recovery drug.

Weighing, testing!

After weighing the herbs with his hand, he noticed that he had not stumbled upon such variants before. Su Hao pretended to think and activated his ability.

Model analysis, start!

Experiment modeling!


Su Hao began tests within his mind. Failed, failed, succeeded! He finally succeeded after the third trial, well within his expectations. He now understood these herb like the back of his hand. 


Su Haos closed eyes suddenly opened wide. His previously still hands began to move quickly. His skillful actions once again attracted all eyes.



Su Haos experiment was so quick.

However, during the fermentation of the last drop of origin ability drug, purple smoke began to rise. Su Haos expression underwent a huge change. Not good! Something bad was about to happen! 

Quickly get out!


Immediately after Su Hao issued this warning, a loud bang erupted throughout the hall. A terrifying explosion radiated outwards. 

Fortunately, everyone present was a pharmacist. The moment they had noticed the smoke, they had all begun hiding themselves. Su Haos high physical fitness allowed him to react quickly. 

Despite his quick thinking, he was still struck by the aftermath and knocked backwards. 


Su Hao was pushed all the way to the opposite wall. 

Su Hao rubbed his back and looked at the centre in shock. Other participants had either managed to evade or lay on the ground. For the most part, they hadnt suffered any injuries. Although Su Hao was able to evade, he had still suffered some minor injuries. 

But...this wasnt his current focus. 

How could it have failed?

Su Hao didnt understand. He really couldnt understand. He had conducted an identical experiment to the model with the same herbs. How could it possibly fail? This was something that shouldnt have happened/ This was the most frightening encounter hed had since starting to learn pharmacy. 

I failed?

Su Hao felt some bitterness in his mouth. Was it due to some unpredictable reason? If that was the case here, then hadnt he been extremely lucky when he had made the liquid origin ability bomb? If he was the slightest bit careless, the blue dream butterfly and him would have perished together  He had to find out why it had ended in failure. 

As Su Hao was contemplating, a few judges with singed hair came out from under the table and angrily stood up. 

During the experiment, you didnt activate protective cover! This is a major mistake! 0 points!

Not only did you interfere with other participants, but you might have even caused casualties! I also award 0 points!

Hmmpphh! In experiments, your quick skills and calm headedness wont be able to compensate for your lack of knowledge. I also give 0 points!

You no longer have to do a second experiment. The other materials are all gone. I will give you 0 points too!

This kind of student is the cancer of pharmacists! I give 0 points. Also, I strongly recommend revoking his qualification to participate in the exam in the future! Such irresponsible behaviour. If he truly became a certified pharmacist, he would most likely cause a bigger accident in future!

Those judges grew angrier as the spoke more. 

Their appreciation for Su Hao had turned into anger. Their mood probably wouldnt improve anytime soon. Especially when they noticed that Su Hao wasnt paying any attention to them, as if he didnt feel any sorrow about this incident. 

In less than one minute, Su Haos result appeared.

He failed!

And it was a big zero!

The crowds from floors above were dumbfounded. Every time, there would be a variety of participants in the exam, but the first to bomb the judges in the first trial was none other than him alone!

It was so lively!

Alright. Gao Yang waved his hands. His facial expression wasnt looking great, Fellow judges, dont quarrel anymore. You all have the right to give 0 points, but to revoke his qualification to sit the exam, thats not your right. Im sorry for all the trouble. You guys continue, I will take him out.

Su Hao, come here. Gao Yang sighed.


Su Hao nodded. His mind still didnt stop analyzing and thinking, yet he still couldnt understand where the problem had occurred. 

Several pharmacists looked at Su Hao in contempt. Despite having a relationship with the vice president, he only managed to burden him with more worries. What was the point in trying to learn pharmacy? Why couldnt he just eat and sleep in his house? This vice president was also something special. He already had one idiot disciple, yet here was another. 

In the great hall of Pharmacist Association.

Gao Yang smiled bitterly, Sorry, I originally thought you would be able to pass the exam. I never expected something like that to happen. Continue to work hard! Add oil! Next time, when you participate in the exam, I hope you can succeed.


Su Hao thanked him.

You dont have to be polite. As long as you dont shame your master, that should be fine. Gao Yang patted Su Haos shoulder, Continue to work hard. Regarding the explosion, you dont have to compensate us. I will go and have a talk with them. You should return first. If they were to see you again, you will probably get reprimanded by them again.


Su Hao nodded. He wasnt paying much attention even as he headed back. 

Exactly where was the problem?

Su Hao recalled the experiment once again. From start to finish, there was no problem! Although he had acted fast, his dosage and quantity of herbs were all accurate!

Or was it a problem with the open and vacuum environment?

That wasnt right.

Body recovery drug didnt require anything of the sort. It wasnt any botanical bacterial experiment, so what was the use of a vacuumed and sterile environment.

Where was the problem exactly?

Su Hao scratched his head for a bit. When he reached the store, he saw that Zhang Zhongtian was still lying leisurely on his couch.

It seemed that he was pretty unoccupied these past two days. 

Huh, Su Hao? Why did you come back so fast? How many points did you get? Zhang Zhongtian directly asked how many points he had scored. Obviously, he was confident that Su Hao would pass the exam.

0 points. Su Hao smiled awkwardly.

0 points?

Zhang Zhongtian opened his eyes wide, Can someone get 0 points? Even if you fail both drugs, you will still get 20 points for your hard work. Your score Did you beat the judges?

Su Hao smiled, It was something similar I usually dont have to use protective covers during experiments because it affects my speed. But because I failed my experiment, an explosion occurred and those few judges were covered in dirt They hate me a lot now.

Zhang Zhongtian opened his mouth wide, ...

Bombing the judges on site?

This disciple of his was so brave.

Worthy of being his disciple!

But soon, he reacted, This is not right. How could you fail? Didnt you use your ability?

I did.

Su Hao wrinkled his eyebrows, This is the biggest problem. I used it and succeeded. Compared to the real life one, there werent any differences, yet I failed!

Zhang Zhongtian also raised his eyebrows.

Su Haos ability was the main reason behind his rapid progression in pharmacy. If his ability had any problems, it would affect his future! Beginner pharmacist certification wasnt important at all. His hopes for Su Hao were much greater than what Su Hao had imagined for himself. 

Try again. Zhang Zhongtian found some herbs for body recovery drug and brought them to the laboratory.


Su Hao nodded. First, he analyzed the herbs and then began to mix them in experiment modeling.





Su Hao only succeeded in his fourth trial and suddenly opened his eyes.

Complete? Zhang Zhongtian asked.


Then, start the experiment!

Su Hao used a protective cover. This time, he focused on acting according to his simulation. 3 minutes later, the experiment was successful.

No problem. Su Hao smiled.

Remove the protective cover. Continue! Zhang Zhongtian casually said.


Su Hao removed the protective cover and worked on the next batch of herbs. Once again, he tried to create the drug.


Looking at the perfect bottle of recovery drug in his hand, Su Hao didnt understand. The protective cover didnt affect the experiment whatsoever. Whether it was conducted in vacuum environment or not, there wasnt any relation. Then, how could he have failed?

Good. You succeeded in both trials. Seems like any factors about the experiment can be ruled out. Zhang Zhongtian analyzed, Since it isnt an internal factor, then we can consider external factors.

External factors, are you saying the Pharmacist Association...?

Su Hao was puzzled. It wasnt that he didnt consider this, but there wasnt anyone who had been hostile towards him. Plus, it was the first time he had gone. In the scene, nobody was trying to spoil his show. All herbs were personally tested by him. After all, in model analysis, he had done the experiment and encountered no problems. 

Zhang Zhongtian seemed to have thought of something, My letter of recommendation, had the president read it?


Su Hao shook his head, The president wasnt there apparently. It was a guy named Gao Yang, the vice president, who came and see me.

Gao Yang!

Coldness flashed within Zhang Zhongtians eyes. A terrifying aura could be felt. This made Su Hao surprised. But soon, that aura disappeared. Su Hao remembered his masters reaction just now. Dont tell thatthis Gao Yang