Godly Model Creator Chapter 122

Gmc Chapter 122

Chapter 0122    Masters support

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At that time, was Gao Yang present too?

En. Su Hao nodded, He said that he was a colleague of yours and brought me to the testing area...


Zhang Zhongtian sneered, We used to both be at Jinhua Citys Pharmacist Association. Because of his narrow mindedness and his love of conspiracies, he never had the chance to climb up in position. The one time that the position of vice president opened up, I was the one who ended up claiming the position. Afterwards, he was transferred to another place. I never wouldve thought that hed have moved to Jianghe City and become vice president!

Having narrated events up to this point, everything was clear now.

Su Haos failure was the result of tampering from Gao Yang. 

On the surface, he had appeared to care about Su Hao, but he had been secretly planning to backstab him from the start. If not for his quick reactions and high physical fitness, he would have mostly suffered fatal injuries from the explosion. 

Su Hao finally understood that he had been toyed with by Gao Yang. 

Although he was smart, Su Hao was still an eighteen year old boy. He never imagined that a dignified vice president could be so small minded. Because he was unable to touch Zhang Zhongtian, he had retaliated against Su Hao instead. If he had wanted to, he could have simply barred Su Hao from taking the exam instead of scheming around. 

No wonder Jinhua Citys Pharmacist Association hadnt allowed him to become vice president. What qualifications did he have to become one? Did he think that because he had run away to Jianghe City that he could do whatever he wanted? If not for Su Haos tough body, he would have died long ago. 

Gao Yang!

Daddy will remember you!

Su Hao squinted his eyes as he tried to think of how he could get rid of Gao Yang. There was a slight fluctuation on that seemingly transparent cloth covering his shoulder. It was as if something had moved slightly before disappearing.  

The blue dream butterfly had been awakened by Su Haos killing intent.

Zhang Zhongtian was surprised by Su Haos expression. His disciples killing intent was clearly visible!

He had a basic understanding of his disciple. He was harmless when he wanted to remain unnoticed, but once he made a move, it would be world shaking! 

A love rivalry had nearly caused two major groups in Jianghe City to wage war against each other.  During a task which involved the Piao Ling Organization, Su Hao created trouble in the police station, resulting in a captains death. The small task of capturing a blue dream butterfly had ended up attracting the eyes of everyone in Jianghe City. 

This time around, hed probably plan something huge. 

After all, Gao Yang was the vice president of the Pharmacist Association. Zhang Zhongtian had an inexplicable feeling that Su Hao might even resort to killing Gao Yang. 

As he looked at Su Hao who was currently pondering, Zhang Zhongtian felt nervous. Dont tell me that this kid is planning to blow up an entire building of the Pharmacy Association?


Zhang Zhongtian slapped his body, Whatre you thinking?


Su Hao smiled and quickly changed the topic, Master, how did he disrupt my experiment?

His grade B ability, origin ability obstruction.

Zhang Zhongtian continued, His origin ability is a little special. At any time and point, he can make an origin ability lose a portion of its effects. Because the consumption is too great, its not practical in combat. For experiments though...its potential can be utilized. That is the reason he has the achievements he does. Although his character isnt worth a damn, his skill in pharmacy is still top notch.

So that was how he did it.

Su Hao understood.

The origin abilities which the Pharmacy Association valued were different from normal combat ones. A master pharmacist rarely participated in battle. Almost all of their time was spent on research. Thus, most of their abilities were rather uniquely suited for pharmacy. 

As for this origin ability obstruction

Su Hao considered it to be a type of blocking ability. If he guessed correctly, Gao Yang had used his ability to disrupt the fermentation process as he added origin ability fermentation drug. Due to the imbalances in the process, Su Haos mixture had ended in failure. 

Youre a senior yet you stoop to such petty tricks!

This Gao Yang was a truly vile character. 

Su Hao wrinkled his eyebrows. Since he was vice president, he must have reached the level of a professional variant. Based on his understanding of professional variants, their fighting technique and physical fitness were maxed. Although their origin ability might have been ordinary, their combat strength was still terrifying. 

Thus, almost all professional variant espers were stronger than beginner variants!

So far, Su Hao had only fought a single battle against a professional variant. Despite his foes serious injuries, he had needed help from the blue dream butterfly to kill his opponent. If they were to fight again, even a hundred of Su Hao wouldnt be enough to defeat him. 

The gap in strength was too enormous.

His personal strength was not great enough to dispose of Gao Yang. He could only take a look at other options 


A hand patted Su Haos shoulder. Zhang Zhongtian looked at him and smiled, Go and get some rest. Tomorrow, we will go for a trip to the Pharmacy Association and get your beginner pharmacist certification.


Su Hao frowned, But Gao Yang is there...

Hmpph, Gao Yang is nothing in my eyes!

Zhang Zhongtian sneered. A cold light could be seen shining within his eyes, I was already capable of stepping on his head in Jinhua City. I can step on top of him here as well! For such a long time, I havent made any appearances. It seems that these brats have begun to forget about my name. Get some rest. Tomorrow, I will follow you and confront this vice president of Jianghe Citys Pharmacist Association. Lets see how much this brat has grown after all these years.


Su Hao quickly nodded.

With his masters support, what was there for him to be afraid of?

The night in Jianghe City was as silent as ever. 

The bustling city was brightly lit up. Nobody would have known about the hidden dangers lurking where the light couldnt reach. 

At a villa in Jianghe City.

Hahahah, Zhang Zhongtian must have been angered till death! Gao Yang proudly poured himself a cup of wine and slowly sipped for a bit. Suddenly, a comfortable feeling spread throughout his body.

He hadnt been this happy for so many years.

When he was in Jinhua City, Zhang Zhongtian had kept suppressing him. Even when he was aiming for vice president position, Zhang Zhongtian had kicked him off without any reservation to claim the vice president spot for himself. Finally, he couldnt hold his anger anymore and applied for a transfer. After coming to Jianghe City, he had finally become vice president after countless years of struggling. 

However, as time passed, things remained the same.

As he prepared to take his revenge, he noticed that Zhang Zhongtian had disappeared and been removed from the Pharmacy Association. This have him a feeling similar to that of having a fishbone stuck in ones throat. He had poured his blood and sweat into his revenge only to have his nemesis vanish. This situation was similar to being beaten by your nemesis consecutively in a game, only to have server issues as you finally turned the tide. 

After brooding on this matter for so long, he never expected that Zhang Zhongtians disciple would deliver himself to his doorstep. 

Hehe, disciple? I will prevent your disciple from becoming a pharmacist this entire lifetime!

Gao Yang proudly stated his intention. 

Berserk master?

So what!

Zhang Zhongtian was just a rogue pharmacist who had been removed from the Pharmacist Association. If he wanted his disciple to join the Pharmacy Association, he had to come and beg! He shook the cup of wine in his hand and had another sip. Gao Yang took a breath, I cant wait for such a scene.


The door suddenly opened. A young man came in, Master. I have to participate in the beginner pharmacist exam tomorrow?

The young man was stunned as he looked at Gao Yang. At this moment, his master was sitting on the sofa, elegantly holding a cup of wine. This in itself wasnt surprising, but...the bottle on the sofa wasnt red wine. It was Fenjiu. The bottom of the bottle clearly stated, xx local xx Fenghe Citys specialty xx.

[Fenjiu : A Chinese liquor]


Gao Yang put down the goblet in embarrassment and angrily scolded, What are you randomly coming in for, brat? Cant you see that your master is busy tasting wine?

Yes, yes, master is almighty. Even if it is Fenjiu, with masters taste buds, the taste of Bordeaux red wine can still be felt. The young man said mischievously.

Get lost!

A slipper was thrown over. Gao Yang was mad, What exam? Werent you supposed to take it today? You were late by thirty minutes!

It was an accident. Last night, that young girl was a bit more energetic.

The young man giggled, Tomorrow, I will surely be there! Arrange it for me and I will be there early.

Alright, get lost!

Yes, master is so busy. The young man excitedly left.

Gao Yang shook his head. He was about to taste his wine when he recalled what his disciple had said. Feeling embarrassed, he threw the cup to the side and prepared to sleep as if nothing had happened.