Godly Model Creator Chapter 126

Gmc Chapter 126

Chapter 0126    Time to win

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Calm down, Master Zhang.

Gao Yang mocked, Star grass emperor is still star grass. During exams, we usually use the harder versions, right? The appearance of the star grass emperor is out my my expectations as well. Also, wont my disciple be using the same herb as well?

Zhang Zhongtian glanced at You Zhimings side. Sure enough, You Zhimings table also had a star grass emperor.

For your own sake, you really are going all out. Two star grass emperors are worth ten million, you really are something special.

Zhang Zhongtian sneered, In order to prevent Su Hao from completing his experiment, you even dragged your own disciple into deep water. Such a detestable heart. I dont believe a beginner pharmacist can successfully use this grass.


Gao Yang looked at his disciple and leisurely asked, Xiao Ming, are you confident?


You Zhiming replied with conviction, Its just a star grass emperor, disciple can handle this!

All the pharmacists were shocked. Was this kid for real? He had just passed the beginner pharmacist exam today. Dont tell me that Gao Yang was really planning to have the both of them fail? Wasnt that far too obvious? 

Noticing the doubt within the crowd, Gao Yang smiled, Nowadays, the young generation...is really impatient. The requirement for beginner pharmacists is to master origin ability recovery drug and body recovery drug. The medical properties shouldnt matter, everything must be mastered. Although my disciple here isnt that talented, I am still somewhat confident in him.

Gao Yang looked at Zhang Zhongtian with ridicule, Since youre doubtful, let my disciple go first!

You Zhiming!

Here, master! You Zhiming replied with a loud voice.

Start the experiment! Let those people watching have a clear look at a true beginner pharmacist! Gao Yang instructed in an imposing manner.

Yes, master!

You Zhiming loudly replied and returned to his station to begin preparing for the experiment.

Everyones eyes were wide open. The entire central hall was quiet. Whether it was the crowd or judges, everyone was paying attention to You Zhiming as he prepared the experiment tools. 

Star grass emperor This You Zhiming really went ahead and prepared it. 

Perhapshe really had such strength? However, this was something that many intermediate pharmacists didnt dare touch. You Zhiming had just passed the beginner pharmacist exam today. If he could complete this experiment, his future was limitless!

Everyone was excitedly watching You Zhiming. Nobody noticed Zhang Zhongtian and Su Hao exchanging a glance among themselves. A smile flashed within their eyes.

Its time to win!

Su Haos mouth showed traces of a smile. Under normal circumstances, his actual level was below that of an ordinary beginner pharmacist. After all, his experience was too shallow. He had been learning pharmacy for less than a month. Forget about star grass emperor, even if it was ordinary star grass, a moments carelessness would end up in failure.

But so what?

If You Zhiming knew that Su Hao had completed an origin ability liquid bomb with a single batch of materials, itd be remarkable if he could show the same courage that he currently did. For Su Hao, the only thing he needed to worry about was time! 

For each experiment, the standard duration was 1 hour.

The difficulty of star grass emperor was extremely high. Thus, Su Haos only fear was that he would run out of time. Luckily, his master had used a psychological attack to gain him some time. 

Looking at the crowd, everyone was paying attention to You Zhiming. Su Haos eyes glanced over the entire table as he stood there motionless.

Model analysis, start!

Experiment modeling!


The surrounding scene changed. His mind was ready to conduct the experiment. Su Hao even created a model of You Zhimings star grass emperor to analyze. The results showed that both grasses were carrying different properties. However, this didnt matter. Such a result was sufficient for Su Hao.

Experiment, start!


No protective cover, no prelude.

Su Hao immediately started the experiment within his mind. However, he hadnt even reached the fermentation stage before it had already failed! As soon as he attempted to mix the herbs together, the experiment had ended in failure. Such a result was completely out of his expectations. 

The medical properties were too strong!

The dominant star grass emperor directly engulfed the other herbs. 

Origin ability recovery drug required three types of herbs. As a result, under the influence of star grass emperor, all the medical properties remaining in the mixture were that of star grass...

Such a dominant herb!

Su Hao readjusted his method before starting his experiment again!

The benefit of experiment modeling was that it was very convenient to restart from any point in time. 




Su Hao restarted his experiment again and again. The strong properties of the star grass emperor made Su Hao realize that he still had a while to go before becoming a qualified pharmacist.  

Without protective cover or measurement, Su Haos progress was rapid.

On the outside, You Zhimings body recovery drug had just been completed. On the other hand, Su Hao had conducted ten trials which had all ended in failure! 


The failure rate was extremely high!

If this continued, then he would be in deep trouble. In these ten tries, Su Hao didnt have the slightest clue what had gone wrong. In other words, even if he were to repeat the trial one hundred times, it would still probably end in failure. There were times when hard work was not enough to have a breakthrough. Su Hao felt that he had reached a bottleneck in his progress. The star grass emperor in front of him was like a gigantic mountain he had to scale. 

Unless his skill in pharmacy improved, even if he did one thousand trials, the result would still be the same!

Damn it!

Su Hao cursed for a second. This thing was an existence that exceeded his understanding. It was like Zhang Zhongtian had said, it simply wasnt something that a beginner pharmacist could handle. How would You Zhiming who had just passed the beginner pharmacist exam do it if he couldnt? 

Su Hao took a look at You Zhiming. He had already completed his body recovery drug and was preparing to begin on the origin ability recovery drug. 

A dignified blue star grass emperor was on standby.

The body recovery drug had been completed smoothly. However, everyone knew that the second drug would be the true test. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, You Zhiming went on alert. He slowly picked up a portion of the herb for basic weight measurement. 

You Zhiming followed the general rules due to the fact that he was being judged. 

First, he measured the weight of the star grass emperor and the other herbs. Next, he calculated to proper dosage of each herb based on their medical properties. You Zhiming sat at the experiment table and carefully completed his formula. After he finished planning, he took a deep breath and began to prepare mixing the materials. 

His moves are skillful.

Su Hao looked at You Zhimings actions. He had to admit, You Zhimings strength was definitely higher than any ordinary beginner pharmacist. For such a level of pharmacist to take the beginner pharmacist exam, wasnt that a bit much? 

Only God knew that Su Hao only wanted the power of beginner pharmacist. Since when did he have the time to bother with all this?

After finishing measurement, the following step would be key. Su Hao himself had failed countless times in adjusting the mixture to contain the correct amounts. What about You Zhiming? 


One by one, the herbs were inserted. Su Hao didnt care about all of this. All his attention was given to the star grass emperor. He wanted to know how You Zhiming would successfully mix the star grass emperor into the mixture. After the other herbs were blended, You Zhiming began the deployment.

He first mixed the other two herbs and waited for them to successfully integrate. You Zhiming wiped the sweat off his forehead and slowly picked up the crystal clear blue star grass.


The star grass emperor slowly entered the mixture. Its medical properties spread rapidly throughout it. 


Under the attention of the crowd, the liquid began to wildly move, as if it was aobut to rush out of its container. 

Star grass emperor was trul deserving of its reputation. .

This You Zhiming, could he really control it?

The mixture was boiling hot and some white smoke even began to emerge. That wasnt any gas, but some small white particles that had contaminated the star grass. Everyone who watched was thinking that he had failed. 

However, at this time, You Zhimings eyes flashed. A faint blue light projected outward from his eyes. Two clear, yet visible blue rays were directly aimed at the star grass emperor. 

Su Haos eyebrows twitched as he looked at the strange scene.

This light Could it be You Zhimings ability?