Godly Model Creator Chapter 127

Gmc Chapter 127

Chapter 0127    Vibrating hand

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You Zhiming!

Origin ability grade B, subtle observation.

A grade B ability, yet it was a detection type. If he were thrown into the natural selection class, he wouldnt even qualify as a scrub. Even the qualifications to cover the rear was something he didnt meet. However, there isnt a strongest origin ability, but a strongest ability user! In battle, it was a pretty weak detection ability, but it played an important role in the Pharmacist Association. 

This ability wasnt anything special.

However, it was like a mysterious microscope when subtly observed. It was extremely convenient to carry around because it didnt assume any shape. 

In this experiment, it played a very crucial role.

When he activated this ability, the accuracy of the experiment would almost reach 100 percent. In the world of experiments, if you were to use this ability, you could double your success rate at the bare minimum! 

Such a useful ability!

Despite having no combat ability, this origin ability was able to enter grade B based on its usefulness in pharmacy alone. No wonder Gao Yang had been so confident! It turned out that he had accepted an extremely talented disciple!

A beginner pharmacist really can control this star grass emperor?

Under the doubtful eyes of everyone, You Zhiming activated his observation ability. Under the blue light, his right hand gently swung. The floating white smoke was absorbed into the star grass emperor. A subtle reaction occurred nonstop within the mixture. 

This movevibrating hand! 

Su Haos heart nearly jumped out of his chest as he released a string of curses. 

He really cared so much about his face!

Vibrating hand was a standard move employed by pharmacists. Using vibrating hand, more precise operations could be conducted under subtle observation. Of course, none of this was important What was more important was that vibrating hand was a requirement for intermediate pharmacists. In other words, You Zhimings skill had already reached the level of an intermediate pharmacist! 

Gao Yang. That was a nice scheme youve prepared!

Was he really letting an intermediate pharmacist bully someone who was about to sit for the beginner pharmacist exam? Yet, it had been a single hour since You Zhiming had obtained his qualifications as a beginner pharmacist. That was why the crowd had nothing but admiration for You Zhimings talent as they watched the scene unfold. 

Under the usage of vibrating hand, there werent any adjustments made to the liquid mixture. You Zhiming used the hot white smoke and star grass emperor to complete the mixture in mid air. As the star grass emperor and the mixture began to get acclimated to each other, he started mixing them together, ending in...success. A bottle with three herbs mixed together was freshly created. 

And one of the herbs had been the star grass emperor, which cast fear upon all beginner pharmacists. 


Indeed worthy of being the disciple of vice president Gao. After witnessing the use of vibrating hand, I can estimate that he is about to breakthrough into an intermediate pharmacist despite having just finished the beginner pharmacist exam.

Everyone was astounded. 

You Zhiming slowly put down the liquid mixture on the table. He was now ready to carry out the final step of fermentation. At this time, half an hour had already passed.



Within Su Haos mind, he was still madly experimenting. However, they all ended in failure without exception! As he had mentioned before, this time, he really had encountered the bottleneck!

Gao Yang had used his disciple who was at the level of an intermediate pharmacist to compete with him. It was clearly an act of bullying, but so what? The only thing everyone was concerned with was the result! 

This world was ruled by the law of the jungle. If you wanted justice, you had to seek it by yourself! 

Do I have to admit defeat?

Su Hao took a deep breath. As if he was watching stars, he was now surrounded by the bright light of You Zhiming. In less than twenty minutes, You Zhiming completed the fermentation. His experiment had been completed. This time, Su Hao really was in deep trouble.


Su Hao expelled a large burst of air from his lungs. A trace of light flashed within his eyes. Even without subtle observation, I will still complete this!

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


Countless lights flashed by. Su Hao wanted to complete a character model and...it was that of You Zhiming! Su Hao didnt hesitate to have a closer look. Sure enough, he saw a brightly illuminated card, intermediate pharmacy! 

Sure enough!

Su Hao sneered. This You Zhiming hadnt just mastered vibrating hand, but he himself was a truly intermediate pharmacist. For some reason, he hadnt participated in the exam. Unfortunately for him, under model analysis, everything was stripped bare. 

Card reading!


Su Hao directly read this card. Because he already met the standards of a beginner pharmacist, it would be easy for him to read this intermediate pharmacy card.

Card selection completed...intermediate pharmacymodel analyzingmodel establishedcard model establishment completed

Soon, a gray card appeared within his mind.

Name: Intermediate Pharmacy

Grade: 2 stars

Description: Master this skill and you will meet the standards of an intermediate pharmacist. Then, you can produce appropriate drugs.

2 stars

Su Hao pondered. Intermediate pharmacy turned out to be 2 stars? For this 2 star card to appear at this moment was a bad sign. In other words, more origin ability energy was needed. 

Card, read!


Su Hao didnt hesitate to use all of the origin ability energy in his body on this. A terrifying stream of energy flowed through his body like a river, being consumer at a terrifying rate. 

Sure enough!

Reading 2 star cards was pretty scary. 


Thanks to his failed experiments, he originally had only half of his gas tank left. At this time, every ounce of energy in his body was used up. Unfortunately, the progress of this card was only 20 percent!

What do I do now?

Su Haos mind rapidly moved. His origin ability wasnt enough.

The quality of his energy was insufficient. Beginner origin ability recovery drug only had a tiny effect. Unless he were to drink countless bottles at once, it was simply not enough to fulfil the consumption of the intermediate pharmacy card. Currently, he didnt had any methods to restore his energy.

What to do now?

As he was entangled in this dilemma, a light suddenly appeared in Su Haos mind. As he looked at You Zhiming who was some distance away, he thoughtperhaps I actually do have a way to get out of this. 


You Zhiming carefully completed the fermentation process. After boiling for a brief moment, the liquid in the bottle calmed down. A glass of dark blue liquid appeared.

Origin ability recovery drug, success!

I succeeded!

Its too unbelievable. That is after all star grass emperor. Even most intermediate pharmacist couldnt contain it. This You Zhiming actually completed it!

How much more effective is this origin ability recovery drug after being made from star grass emperor?

Ghost knows. However, it is definitely stronger than ordinary energy recovery drug. It might even be stronger than advanced origin ability recovery drug!

Yes, but since you said it like this, vice president Gaos disciple is really talented. Would he really try to give Su Hao trouble with a disciple like this? Im afraid Su Hao wont even have the courage to compete now!

Everyone was talking about it.

With the completion, the atmosphere had completely changed. This time, it didnt matter whether or not Gao Yang had played some tricks. You Zhimings brilliant performance, signified that the Pharmacist Association had another genius. By being able to master vibrating hand after just officially becoming beginner pharmacist and successfully using the star grass emperor, he was indeed a genius among geniuses.

Hearing the cheers from crowd, You Zhiming wiped the sweat on his forehead. Finally, he was able to relax.

He casually poured the cup of origin ability energy recovery into bottles. Soon ten blue bottles of origin ability energy recovery drug were placed on top of the table. The origin ability energy recovery drug had been officially completed.

Not bad!

The judges from the stage looked at this stunning scene and gave You Zhiming full marks. 

At this moment when You Zhiming was proud of himself, Su Hao casually walked over, Wow, senior completed everything already? Huh, indeed worthy of being vice president Gaos disciple. However, finishing it doesnt mean that you have succeeded. This origin ability recovery drug must have the effect too. If youve simply created a bunch of useless drugs, it would be considered a loss, right?


You Zhiming mocked him, There were no mistakes during the experiment. How could there be any useless drugs. Is it because you dont dare to do the experiment that youre trying to find fault with me?

Su Hao smiled indifferently, Whether it is a useless drug or not, wont we know once we try?

After saying so, Su Hao grabbed a bottle of the fresh origin ability recovery drug. Under the shocked expressions of everyone, he opened the cap and consumed it in one go.