Godly Model Creator Chapter 128

Gmc Chapter 128

Chapter 0128    Pulling a chestnut from a fire

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In just two gulps, Su Hao consumed the entire bottle of origin ability recovery drug. The crowd was stunned.

This Su Hao, had he gone mad?

That was a drug made from a star grass emperor! This wasnt any ordinary energy recovery drug. Nobody knew just how terrifying its effects were. It was said that there was a master that had created origin ability recovery drug from a star grass emperor. Its effects were rumored to have been comparable to the highest quality recovery drug out there. 

Although You Zhiming was only beginner pharmacist, with the support of the strong medical properties of the star grass emperor, the effect of this drug couldnt be weak.

Everyone looked at Su Hao who had consumed the whole bottle in horror. He raised his brows and touched his chin, Strange I dont feel anything.  


Everyone fell to the ground.

He didnt feel anything? Brother, do you think this is a snack? However, as they look at Su Haos complacent expression, everyone felt slightly strange. Even when consuming ordinary recovery drugs, there would be a mild reaction. Perhaps, You Zhiming truly had created a useless drug?  

Let me try again.

With his poker face, Su Hao raised his hand and picked up another bottle. Once again, the whole bottle was consumed.




Energy surged into his body like a large stream of a fast flowing river. Su Haos expression didnt change whatsoever, but he immediately went to increase the progress of the intermediate pharmacy card. 


The card which had reached the halfway mark to completion steadily improved, growing brighter. 

Sixty percent

Seventy percent

Eighty percent

Once the progress reached ninety percent, the stream of energy dried up. The energy within his body returned to a neutral state. Su Haos face had remained emotionless throughout this entire process. He then said, Theres still no reaction. 

After finishing his sentence, without even waiting for others response, he grabbed yet another bottle. 



The energy in his body headed directly towards the remaining ten percent of the intermediate pharmacy card. The surging energy filled the last ten percent almost instantly before restoring Su Haos origin ability energy to its maximum.  

One bottle of this origin ability recovery drug had such a great effect!

This was indeed worthy of being the product of a star grass emperor!


Su Hao wrinkled his eyebrows. Countless messy memories and pieces of knowledge had entered his mind. These was the knowledge pertaining to intermediate pharmacy! 

All the details which You Zhiming had learnt The drug that You Zhiming was best at Gao Yang taught him the knowledge required for intermediate pharmacist You Zhimings failures and summaries for preparing drugs Almost every detail relating to intermediate pharmacy was imprinted into Su Haos mind.

After being bombarded with an influx of knowledge, Su Hao took several dozen seconds to sort everything. 

Such a scene was shocking to everyone There had been no reaction again?!



You Zhiming had been so energetic just now. Could it be that the drugs he had made were really useless? 

Even You Zhiming himself felt alarmed. It couldnt be To use a star grass emperor was still something he had confidence in doing. After all, he belonged to the intermediate pharmacist category. How could the difference be so outrageous?

However, while everyone was still confused and shocked, Su Hao casually opened his eyes and said, The effect is strong. Worthy of being the product of star grass emperor. It is much stronger than beginner recovery drug.


This sentence of Su Hao nearly choked You Zhiming to death.

If it was so strong, how could your face be so calm? Drinking three bottles without a reaction, wasnt this simpler than drinking boiled water? Stronger than beginner origin ability recovery drug Although the materials were the same, how was their tier even comparable? If his drug was comparable to ordinary beginner recovery drug, You Zhiming would smash his head into the wall. 

Was it really that weak?

Inexplicably, everyone had the same thought. 


You Zhiming opened a bottle and poured it into his mouth. 



Violent energy suddenly surged inside You Zhimings body. His face instantly turned green. As this violent energy ravaged his body, he quickly sat cross legged and activated origin ability transition technique to calm down the energy within his body. Even so, a trace of blood could be seen in the corner of his mouth. 

Su Hao casually said, Senior, I already said the effect is strong. Whyre you acting so recklessly...


You Zhiming and the crowd were speechless. 

Wiping the blood from his mouth, You Zhiming stared at him hatefully. This Su Hao had tricked him again!

Su Hao, you dont have to play such games. Gao Yang said in a mocking tone, If you are willing to admit defeat, just get the hell out. I can still reluctantly forgive you two for besmirching my good name.


Su Hao laughed, Since senior You has completed his drug, it is my turn now.

After saying so, Su Hao headed toward his own experiment table. Everyones attention was now placed on him. 

This Su Hao...

Can he really handle the star grass emperor?

Su Hao casually stood there motionless. 

Model analysis, start!

Experiment modeling!


The scenery changed. This time, Su Hao was full of self confidence.

The experiment and materials were the same, yet the feeling was completely different. 

First trial!

Su Hao spent some time to familiarize with his newfound knowledge. Despite using all the new techniques he had learned, the result was still failure! 

Second trial!

After being more familiar now, Su Hao removed all the useless methods. Once again, he began mixing the materials only to fail again!

Without You Zhimings subtle observation, Su Haos mixture was making his life difficult.

I still cant pass this stage?

Su Hao smiled. You Zhiming had used his subtle observation to forcefully weaken the reaction in order to avoid any explosions. However, Su Hao didnt need to do so. 

He just needed to know when it would explode and avoid that point next time. Using the same drug and same model, he definitely wouldnt make the same mistake twice.

Third trial!

Failed. It exploded while one-third finished.

Fourth time!

Failed. It failed at sixty percent progress.

Fifth time!

Failed. It exploded during origin ability fermentation.

He had finally broken through the mixing stage. However, this wasnt anything to be proud of. For the current Su Hao that possessed the knowledge of an intermediate pharmacist, the deployment of the star grass emperor after this many trials shouldnt be an issue. 

The sixth time!


The mixture was boiling from the reaction. As it was mixed together with the fermentation drug, a variety of colors appeared within the mixture. As splashes of liquid exited into the surroundings, the mixture gradually calmed down into a blue liquid. 

Origin ability recovery drug, succeeded!

Su Hao happily looked at this blue liquid. Sure enough, after he had reached the standards of an intermediate pharmacist, he had finally managed to complete this drug.

On the outside, everyone looked at Su Hao with surprise. 

From the start, everyone had been looking forward to Su Haos performance. However, they noticed that Su Hao hadnt moved a single finger. His eyes were just staring at the star grass emperor as if there was something terrifying growing on it.

Three minutes later, Su Hao still hadnt made a move. 

After five minutes, there was still no response.

Ten minutes later Su Hao still maintained in the same position.

Whats the situation here?

Finally, someone couldnt bear it any longer.

Dont know Perhaps he is calculating something complex for the drug?

Really? Three to five minutes should be sufficient. Ten minutes, isnt this a bit too long?

You Zhiming sneered, Hes trying to deceive everyone. If you cant manage it, just quit early. Whats the point in dragging this out?

Zhang Zhongtian glanced at him, The duration for the experiment exam is one hour, shut the f*ck up!

You Zhiming became silent. He didnt dare to challenge this berserk master with his puny physique. After all, he was an existence stronger than his own master!

Gao Yang sneered, eager to watch this joke unfold. 

However, Su Hao suddenly looked up. A bright flash could be seen within his eyes as he raised a hand to grab the star grass emperor!