Godly Model Creator Chapter 129

Gmc Chapter 129

Chapter 0129    Each staggering step

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What is he trying to do?

Everyone was surprised. Su Hao had remained still for so long, only to immediately start with the star grass emperor. Even You Zhiming had been forced to mix the other herbs first before slowly adjust the conditions for including the star grass emperor into the mixture. This Su Hao, just what was he trying to do?



Su Hao began to move. Both hands smoothly danced within the air. One by one, each herb was picked up confidently and then added to the mixture. 

Almond grass, in!

Sweet grass, in!

Star grass, in!

And others

What was the last one he put in?

Star grass emperor!

He really put it in!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

The could clearly see that all three herbs had been mixed together at once, as if he was creating an ordinary batch of origin ability recovery drug. Other than the different quantities of each herb, the order was basically the same. It was as if the star grass emperor wasnt any different from ordinary star grass. 

Was there really no difference?


As soon as the star grass emperor was put in, the originally tame liquid mixture boiled over. The star grass emperor was about to release its powerful medicinal properties. 

The boiling hot mixture bubbled, causing a few drops to spill from the container.

Mad! This guy is mad!

Damn, this thing isnt something to play around with! I have a bad feeling that it could explode at any time!

Yes, yes. This guy is crazier than me while conducting experiments!

All the pharmacists watched this extremely disturbing scene, staring at the glassware which could burst at any moment.

You Zhiming grinned, this retard Did he really think that the star grass emperor was like any ordinary grass? Could you just drop it in like that? I predict the glassware will explode in a few minutes.

Gao Yang also smiled within his eyes. This disciple of Zhang Zhongtian was really only at such a level. Too ignorant! It was really not worthy for him to get worried over this. It seemed as if he had overestimated Su Hao. He turned to have a look at Zhang Zhongtian and surprisingly, the berserk masters expression hadnt changed at all, as if he had no worries whatsoever.  


Gao Yang sneered within his heart, Let me see how long are you going to act!

However, he didnt know that Zhang Zhongtian really wasnt worried at all. Before Su Hao made his move, Zhang Zhongtian had worried that his model experimenting might have failed. However, once Su Haos hands began to move, any remaining worries dissipated. He knew that once Su Haos hands moved, the model experiment had been a success! 

This little brat improved yet again!

Zhang Zhongtian revealed the trace of a smile in the corner of his mouth.

There were a multitude of reactions within the crowd. However, Su Haos didnt stop moving for a single second. In just a few moments, he had completed the mixing process. The liquid mixture was boiling at a terrifying rate.


Su Hao added a few drops of cold water. The boiling mixture instantly cooled down, before rising to an even higher level than before! As the liquid mixture within the glassware was about to overflow, Su Hao took out origin ability fermentation drug. 

Everyone wore an expression as if they were watching a madman. 

What is origin ability fermentation drug? This drug was a concentration of origin ability energy. Under circumstances where an explosion could occur at anytime, this guy was adding fermentation drug? Was this guy courting his own death?


With a drop of origin ability fermentation drug, the boiling mixture instantly cooled down, returning to its previously peaceful state. 

After another drop, the cooled liquid instantly began to boil again. Everyone was in a state of alert.

Another drop. The liquid mixture cooled down once again. 

Another drop

The crowd was dumbfounded as Su Hao added drop after drop. Everyone was fearful toward the liquid level, both high and low, boiling and cooling. Such a scene was enough to torture them to death.





Everyone seemed to get used to the rhythm. After it began boiling again, Su Hao added yet another drop. This time, it became even more aggressive, as if there was a snake dragon dancing within the glassware. It appeared as if the entire thing could burst with just a little push. 


Su Hao decisively added dozens of drops of drugs into the mixture. The mixture that was currently undergoing the boiling stage went berserk. 


A strange mixture of colored water rushed several meters into the air like a forceful fountain, shocking the crowd. What was even more surprising was the liquid returned to the glassware without leaving behind a single drop. It rose up once again, although to a lower altitude, before returning to the glassware. This process was repeated several times before finally subsiding. 

Su Hao took a deep breath and added the final drop. 


Countless strange colors rolled and warped within the liquid mixture. A terrifying energy began to accumulate. Everyone on the scene turned green. This Wasnt this the precursor to an explosion? 

The accumulated energy grew stronger as time passed. 

Just as the crowd thought it was about to explode, it quietly cooled down, resuming its calm state. It gradually changed color until it reached a shade of blue similar to that of ordinary energy recovery drug. 

 Su Hao smiled indifferently. He then poured the completed drug into ten bottles.

Beginner origin ability recovery drug, completed!

All the pharmacists glanced at each other Thisthis had already concluded? Only a few minutes had passed! Andit was a success?! A dignified star grass emperor was conquered just like that?

The same result.

You Zhiming used a total of forty minutes. He had cautiously interpreted and executed every step in detail. Although there were some thrills during the process, it had been a relatively tame affair for the most part. Su Hao, on the other hand, had used a total of three minutes to put on a riveting show for everyone to feast upon!

Every step within these three minutes had been staggering! 

It had felt like an explosion was imminent at every step of the process, yet nothing had happened. There werent any twists or turns. Every crisis had been easily solved. Su Haos aggressive, yet smooth actions had easily tamed this difficult experiment. 

Once the experiment finished, everyone remained in thought. They were filled to the brim with amazement! 

Whether it was time, process, psychological state, or skill fluency, You Zhiming had paled in comparison to Su Hao. Additionally, You Zhiming had broken into a cold sweat whereas Su hao had simply casually moved his hands. This was a perfect example of two extremes!

Su Hao actually had such capability?

Although everyone had been focused on the liquid reaction, if they recalled properly, Su Hao had also used the vibrating hand during the process. This was the symbol for qualified intermediate pharmacists, yet had appeared from two beginner pharmacists at the same time. This was an incredible feat! 

You Zhimings face wasnt looking great. He looked at Su Hao in disbelief. He succeeded just like that?

He couldnt understand it!

He really couldnt understand it!

From the beginning, Su Hao had obviously been at the level of a beginner pharmacist. How could he suddenly know vibrating hand? Also, that violent star grass emperor was easily tamed under Su Haos touch. There hadnt been any issues whatsoever Was this beginners luck?

You Zhiming obviously couldnt understand!

However, if he was to analyze the situation with a calm mind, it was actually pretty simple.

Su Hao and You Zhiming were both at the level of an intermediate pharmacist. You Zhiming used his subtle observation to complete his experiment. The same thing happened with Su Hao. Using his own ability, model analysis, he completed the experiment.

Theyd both utilized the same strength, only with different abilities. 

As everyone was in a daze, they noticed Su Hao begin to move again. He started his experiment once again.




In one minute, the experiment was completed. Ten bottles of body recovery drug were placed on top of his table.

Everyone suddenly understood. 

You Zhiming had started with body recovery drug whereas Su Hao had first completed beginner origin ability recovery drug. Because of the presence of the star grass emperor, this body recovery drug became a simple experiment. That was why Su Hao was able to complete it faster.

Fellow judges, I have finished. Feel free to examine them.

Su Hao respectfully reported to the seven judges in front.

The seven judges glanced at each other. The truth This was Su Haos real strength! He was almost comparable to the standards of an intermediate pharmacist!

Could he fail while creating body recovery drug with this amount of skill?

It was naturally impossible!

Just look at him now. He was incredibly relaxed. Not only had he completed body recovery drug, he had been able to produce origin ability recovery drug made from a star grass emperor. If so, then why had he previously failed twice? 

What else could it be?

Gao Yang must have played some tricks!

Thinking of this, all the judges looked at Gao Yang with anger. They never would have thought that vice president Gao Yang, with his pleasant outward demeanor, would turn out to have such a despicable nature. All of their hatred towards Su Hao was transferred to Gao Yang.