Godly Model Creator Chapter 13

Gmc Chapter 13

Chapter 0013 Encountering a Zanzheng college student

Momentum as strong as a ferocious tiger, swift like a storm!


The berserk red jackal was sent flying by Su Hao, both tumbled on the ground attached to each other; rolling several times. (T/N: So sweet and romantic.)

Su Hao immediately supported himself up and pinned the body of the jackal. A few heavy punches were directed accurately on its head.

The berserk red jackals limbs claws continued scratching against the ground leaving deep claw marks sending dust everywhere. Su Hao clenched his teeth and applied a heavier pressure on its body. More devastating punches came from him.

This was his very first battle against a berserk beast!

During his fight he noticed that the fighting techniques he learnt were not as powerful as he had imagined. Rather than relying on those fancy skills, why not rely on his pair of iron fists!

To deal with this berserk beasts sharp claws, he could only use the most primitive and violent way to resolve this fight as soon as possible.



Both of Su Haos eyes were red. Not even a trace of relaxation could be seen in his action, until the jackal no longer show any sign of movement, he then gradually stood up, what was left on the ground was the carcass of the jackal.

After standing up, Su Hao took a deep breath. All these days he had accumulated a certain pride in his fighting techniques which had completely disappeared without any traces left.

Just killing a berserk red jackal was already such a difficult task; what is there to be proud of?

Although he despised the character of Sun Yaotian, Su Hao had to admit that if Sun Yaotian was in his shoes now, he would be able to get a kill in a move.

Not just from his origin ability value of 8, but from his more combat suitable A rank ability iron element control. If he was able to smoothly reach the later stages, the peak stage, he would be like one of the character in X-men, the abnormally powerful magnetic king.

I must not relax! The road which I am taking is still long!

Su Hao refocused his drifting mind. After catching his breath, he looked around for any movement. When he was madly slaughtering the red jackal, he did not pay any attention. Now, looking at the ground, he noticed the deep claw marks. Cold sweat appeared on Su Haos face. If the claws had scratched his body..

Such sharp claws! Su Hao exclaimed.

Although the red jackals skin was not thick, the attack power was extremely threatening. Facing one was still manageable as you could escape; provided your speed is a bit faster. However, if it was two or three red jackals

Su Hao forcefully pulled out the two fangs from the red jackal. He kept one of them while the other one was gripped in his hand. This toy in his hand was just like any other sharp dagger giving him better penetration force.

After finishing his business, Su Hao then rushed back to the previous hiding spot.

What had exactly happened that even the red jackals were unafraid to rush towards the blaze?

Soon, Su Hao climbed on top of an abandoned houses roof and looked towards the direction of the blaze. The next scene immediately surprised him.

In the middle of an open area, an enormous number of berserk red jackals were exchanging howls and had surrounded the blaze. An extremely monstrous berserk red jackal, about three meters tall, was in the blaze; rolling around while howling in pain.

The berserk red jackal king!

It turned out to be a leader-level figure!

No wonder all the red jackals rushed over there. Since their chief had summoned them, they had to go!

What was even more frightening was that opposite the berserk red jackal king was a young man wearing Zhanzeng college uniform. He just stood at his spot casually with his whole body covered in flame. It was as if a fire god had descended to the world.

Unexpectedly still havent died?

The young man sneered. With his right hand held out, a huge fireball as huge as a meteorite dropped from the sky; dyeing the sky red.


Once the fireball landed, a gigantic hole appeared on the ground. The struggling berserk red jackal king was swallowed by the flames, leaving only numerous teeth in the middle of the blaze.

The young man kept the teeth. When he suddenly turned his head, he noticed the presence of Su Hao.


Both men were gazing at each other. Su Hao could clearly see the cold and disdainful look from the young man.

Noticing that it was actually a student, the young man unexpectedly nodded his head to Su Hao as a greeting and then left the scene swiftly. The enormous number of red jackals did not dare follow him as the scene of their chief being one hit killed was still fresh in their minds. They were too scared and started to flee.

Su Hao sat on the roof, licking his dry lips.

This is the strength of a Zhanzheng college student? It is even stronger than any high school teacher!

That terrifying flame, is that his origin ability? This kind of attack, no matter what type of fighting technique you learn, they are just crap! With such huge difference in strength, you only only helplessly be defeated in an instant!

One day.I will obtain this type of strength too! Su Hao clenched his fists hard. Instead of losing any motivation, he was now even more excited.

Looking back at the berserk red jackals who were fleeing in a very messy way, Su Haos gaze turned into a fanatical one.


With the fang in his hand, Su Hao rushed forward. The emergence of that young man here had definitely brought him such good luck. The berserk red jackals had finally began to move alone. If he did not make any move now, then when?

With the fang in his hand which had turned into a murdering weapon, Su Hao became very excited.

Surprise attack! Bombardment of fists! Sideway evade! With the fang directly stabbing down on the throat in a straight line, only a few seconds were needed to kill one. Then, the usual process of fang extraction began before he left the scene again.

Hiding in the dark. Su Hao was as calm as a predator amidst helpless prey.

Whenever he saw a lone berserk red jackal he would make his move. With the moves from basic fighting techniques, the red jackal were hit to the ground and then killed instantly when the sharp fang penetrated!

The emergence of the young man had definitely disrupted the order of the berserk red jackals. In a situation without a chief to lead them, it was total chaos for them. There were too many berserk red jackals by themselves. This had made Su Haos task extremely smooth and easy.

When the sky had turned dark, Su Hao returned to the city. Behind his back was a huge bag full of fangs!

30 fangs!

A days harvest; he was only able to kill exactly 15 berserk red jackals. Su Hao extracted out the two sharpest fangs from the each jackal. Unfortunately, Zhang Zhongtian had specifically requested for only one tooth from each jackal. Thus, Su Haos task can only be considered as half done.

Too bad.at night the vision is not good. The berserk red jackals will return to their dens to rest. If I make a move there, I might encounter a pack of them instead. I can only go back to the city for now.

With some regret, Su Hao went back home.

This opportunity was very rare! It was such a good encounter that a Zhanzheng college student made his move; if he was alone, he really did not know how to begin.

If he was like the last time acting alone, Su Hao might give up the task. But now, he had collected half of the task. If he was to give up, it would have been such a waste.

After having his dinner, Su Hao began to further study the habits of berserk red jackals in his bedroom. These beasts, were basically blood fanatics. They were very smart and utilize group fight tactics very well. If you want to lure one out from the group, it was almost an impossible task.

Haiz, this time I had the help from that man. Tomorrow, their behaviour will surely revert back to the original state. Is there really no other choice for me except staring blankly at them? Su Hao was somehow worried, How good would it be if there was any method to lure one of them out. Model analysis.

Su Hao began to ponder.

This afternoon, he had took the opportunity to analyse the berserk red jackal. The result was very obvious. This lowly beast did not have any special abilities except for relying on its sharp claws and fangs coupled with its rapid speed.

Damn, why do you need to stay in a group when there is nothing happening?

While trying to figure out the ability of berserk red jackal, Su Hao was driven mad. If the usual method is bound to fail, then I will need to try the cheat method.

Su Hao went to a materials store and sold ten fangs, obtained one hundred thousand star dollar. Then, he went to a pharmacy to buy lots of sleeping agent specifically to deal with the berserk beasts as well as a small hunting bow.

The development in the era of origin ability was a bit strange.

When this era arrived and berserk beasts began to appear, at the very early stage, firearms still had some effect but then later, berserk beasts began to become stronger. Pistols, machine guns and similar kinds of weapons gradually lost their role and then were officially declared ineffective. With the hot weapon era declining, the cold weapons era had reemerged!

Although they still managed to defeat berserk beasts in the end, time was no longer wasted on the development of firearms. Instead, the focus was all on individual strength. Because of such reasons, hot weapons began to gradually disappear.

With the weapons ready, Su Hao once again quietly reached the location of the berserk red jackals nest.

After he found a team of 7 red jackals, Su Hao used the hunting bow to aim of of them. With the mechanical aiming system, almost everyone can aim precisely without any problem.


Once the arrow left the bow, a berserk red jackal instantly crashed onto the ground.


Su Haos eyes were bright. When he was about to become excited, his facial expression suddenly changed. What he saw was the remaining 6 red jackals turned to look at him with their red eyes. After some howling, they began to bolt in his direction.


Su Hao, without any hesitation, turned his back and ran!