Godly Model Creator Chapter 131

Gmc Chapter 131

Chapter 0131    Great lord Zhang

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Damn it!

I quit!

Bureau chief He raged. There were so many big families in Jianghe City. Did he have to choose the Sun family? Couple with the incident concerning the blue dream butterfly, he made up his mind. By taking advantage of his limited relationship with the Sun family, he would break it off once and for all! It just so happened that the Zhou family had recently extending an olive branch towards him. He would jump ships to the Zhou family. 

Thinking of this, Bureau chief He made a firm decision.

Alright, I will give you the authority run an inquiry. But I also have a request. You must write off any past incidents between us.

Su Haos eyes lit up.

The permission to inquire was expected, but that last sentence by Bureau chief He was an unexpected surprise. This meant that he had decided to cut off relations with the Sun family.


Su Hao immediately agreed.

That officer named Xiao Li was called over once again. As he looked at Su Hao and the bureau chief, he quickly grasped the situation and bitterly smiled, What information did you want to check for? I will check it for you now.

No need.

Su Hao smiled indifferently. He opened his own communication device and linked it to the police system, Just grant me permission. I will look into it myself.

Xiao Li was stunned. Grant him permission?

Such an act was similar to revealing all the available data in the police station to Su Hao! As Xiao Li thought of this, he hastily looked at the bureau chief.

Bureau chief He pondered for a moment before nodding.

Since he wanted to reconcile things between them, he had to be generous. Anyways, he was here too. Su Hao wouldnt be able to do anything nonsensical in just a couple minutes. 


Communication connected!

Permission granted!

For a few minutes, Su Haos ID would have the authority of a police station.

Su Hao didnt waste any time. He entered the police database and entering the words Zhang Yating. 


Countless people sharing the name Zhang Yating appeared. In Jianghe city, there were fifty-six people named Zhang Yating!


Su Hao felt helpless. This result was out of his expectations!

Su Hao clicked the download button, saving all pertinent information information relating to Zhang Yating into his communication device. Suddenly, he had an idea pop into his head. He selected every single entity in Jianghe City and downloaded all of their information! 

They had all been downloaded!

Su Hao actually planned to download every citizens database in Jianghe City.

If bureau chief He saw this, he would instantly stop Su Hao from doing so. Unfortunately for him, the virtual screen had been set to privacy mode. The bureau chief could only see Su Haos expression. 

In reality, bureau chief He wasnt acting with negligence. Under most circumstances, such an act was simply impossible. 

The reason for this was because there was simply too much data! 

The entire database of the people in Jianghe City, how huge was that? Even the police required countless terabytes of storage to store it all. Su Haos communication device was so small. How much could it possibly save?

Unfortunately, bureau chief He was ignorant about the various popular technologies that had arisen in the market. There was a service called cloud storage that was extremely popular. It allowed local data to be uploaded to the internet. The data that Su Hao was currently downloading wasnt saved inside his device, but into his cloud storage! 


Su Hao said in surprise, This

What happened?

Bureau chief He noticed Su Haos strange expression and suddenly asked.

Su Hao wrinkled his eyebrows, I want to find someone. Why are there so many repetitions?

Bureau chief He chuckled within his heart. This bookworms knowledge was actually this limited. Even if he had learned a lot in school, hed still be trash upon entering society! You may understand a lot about combat, but many other things can only be learned through experience! 


Bureau chief He coughed for a bit, Jianghe City had so many people. During a search, there will naturally be many people with the same name. If you need to, you can add more conditions to your search. May I know the name of the person youre looking for?

Zhang Wei.

Su Hao sighed.

Bureau chief He was speechless. The name Zhang Wei was one of the most common throughout the entire world. In Jianghe City alone, there were over 8600 people named Zhang Wei. Over these years, the only name that could compete with Zhang Wei was none other than Jie Ke! 

If he really wanted to check one by one, how was he going to finish?

Are there any other details?

Well, let me try. Su Hao tapped for a bit on the screen, Zhang Wei23 years old...malestudent Wow, it came out. Only ten left!

Su Hao said this with excitement. Then, he quickly tapped several locations on the screen. 

Two minutes later, Su Hao closed the communication device in satisfaction, Im finished, Ive already downloaded the databases of these ten people. There shouldnt be any problems.


Bureau chief He nodded and offered his right hand, I hope that we can keep cooperating!

Su Hao smiled as he stretched out the same hand, I hope for the same.

A handshake represented that their hostility turned into friendship.

With the data in his grasp, Su Hao left in satisfaction. Bureau chief He sent Su Hao off with a smile. Only once he couldnt see the figure of Su Hao did he gloomily glance at the officer beside him, Youre sure? 

The officer nodded, What Su Hao said about a pharmacist was true, but after further investigation, the person he mentioned turned out to be fake. There wasnt any truth in his words.


Bureau chief sneered. Zhang Wei? You cant lie to me! You thought you could hide what information you were searching for? Bureau chief He had been working in the police station for more than ten years. He had even participated in the designing of the software for the station. He obviously didnt know much about coding and other aspects, but he had lobbied for certain designs and features. 

Under his request, technology had been implemented that allowed him to monitor the movements of every officer in the police system! 

I want to see just what youre searching the database for!

Bureau chief He sneered and activated his virtual screen. After entering with his admin privileges, he saw the temporary permissions granted by Xiao Li. However, when he tracked the progress of that user, nothing was there! 

What happened?

There wasnt anyone under the temporary permission?

Bureau chief He was shocked. This was impossible! Su Hao just used this permission Wrong! Bureau chief He came to a sudden realization and bitterly smiled.

Damn it

This Su Hao

No wonder he was a bookworm. He had studied a variety range of knowledge! If you studied fighting, that was fine! If you studied pharmacy, that was fine as well! But you even went and studied coding? Are you even trying to allow others the chance to live? 

Bureau chief He cursed himself, but ended up helpless. 

As Su Hao had disconnected from the server, he had made sure to clear any traces of his actions. At the same time, all movements related to his session were gone! 

Normal police accounts naturally couldnt do this. Even if your traces were deleted, there would be backup files. 

However, Su Haos temporary account had been much more convenient because it was made by bureau chief He. This type of account existed because it could be conveniently deleted at anytime, but still leave traces. When Su Hao disconnected from the system, he could delete the account. However, bureau chief He never expected him to remove any traces of his actions too. 

Normal police account naturally couldnt do this. Even if traces were deleted, there would still be backup file.

Su Hao

Bureau chief He pondered for a moment. He felt an inexplicable sense of relief. At the very least, he had managed to reconcile things with Su Hao, who possessed a terrifying background. He would rather pass on a figure like this to the Sun family to deal with. As for the data, Su Hao wouldnt have been able to compromise anything in just a few minutes. 

Of course, Bureau chief He obviously didnt know that the terrifying background was nothing but a figment of his own imagination. 

Oh, of course he actually was a master of drugs! But he was just a dismissed master! There were no relationship between him and the Pharmacist Association. The current master Zhang could only rely on himself to finance his experiments. 

Ten years ago, he was a vice president?

Of course, but that was a decade ago That had been the peak of his popularity. Now, he was just a businessman! 

His name was in the pharmacists introduction book?

Of course! It was just that it was different from what Bureau chief He imagined. All the information concerning Zhang Zhongtian was the total opposite of what he expected. This berserk master was simply an example to prevent new pharmacists from following his route. 

As for those several minutes

Su Hao had downloaded every character database from the police system!

Through Su Haos half-truths and lies, this bureau chief had been played thoroughly!

What type of police station didnt have a method to differentiate between the truth and lies? Naturally, they all did! Whether it was an origin ability tool or origin ability talent, they were all accurate. With both of them combined, they could distinguish almost every lie from the truth. That was why Su Haos half-truths had been able to trick them into misunderstanding! 

And this was the result which Su Hao desired!