Godly Model Creator Chapter 132

Gmc Chapter 132

Chapter 0132    Killing technique

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After returning home, the blue dream butterfly was extremely excited, eager to learn more.

Dont worry.

Su Hao smiled as he activated the virtual screen. He then loaded the data of all fifty-six people named Zhang Yating. Together with the blue dream butterfly, Su Hao looked at the data.

The first one, nope!

Second, no!

Twentieth, no!

Fiftieth, no!

Su Haos face didnt look too good. The blue dream butterfly laid on his shoulder in disappointment. They had read through the information of fifty entries, yet hadnt managed to find a single one that referred to her.

There were six entries remaining!

Su Hao opened all six photos at once, but only disappointment awaited them once again.

Theres really nothing about you!

Su Haos heart skipped a beat. Since there wasnt anything relating to her, it meant that she didnt originate from Jianghe City. The task of finding her was now like finding a needle in a haystack. Jianghe City alone had fifty-six people named Zhang Yating. If he was to consider the entire world, he couldnt imagine how many that would be.

After seeing the blue dream butterflys look of disappointment, Su Hao laughed, Dont worry, we will surely find out one day. You see, I can even get information from Jianghe Citys police department. I will do the same in other places. When we have time, I will accompany you to other places to search.

The blue dream butterfly was startled. She flew up and stared at Su Hao in shock.

Searching city by city This was a large promise! If it were others who had said this, she certainly wouldnt have believed it. Su Haos words could definitely be trusted though!


A sweet and soft voice echoed through Su Haos mind as the blue dream butterfly flew in front of Su Hao.

Su Hao teased, Lets talk after we find your family. At that time, I wouldnt mind if you handed over your life to me or something similar.

I hate you!

The blue dream butterfly was angry. As her figure flashed, she disappeared once again.

Su Hao laughed out loud.

After this little brat went to go train, Su Hao diverted his attention back to the data. His trip to the police station had resulted in a large harvest. At the very least, it would allow him to find the information of anyone he met that hailed from Jianghe City. In front of Su Hao, the citizens of Jianghe Citys identities were as transparent as water.

I will search for this brats identity in the future. As for now

Su Hao took a look at the model world within his mind. A once gray card had gradually turned bright. This was the beginner military fighting technique that he had been waiting for!

Only once percent remains. Breakthrough for me!


Su Hao directed the energy within his body to the card, causing it to instantly turn bright.


At this moment, countless bits of information appeared within Su Haos mind. The style of Guan Yuanzhong as he practiced beginner military fighting technique, the main path of training, each and every beginner military fighting technique Countless techniques flashed within his mind. Su Haos heart was unable to hold back any longer and he began moving his body.




The movement of the wind could be felt as he launched a punch and kick. Compared to police fighting technique, the style of military fighting technique wasunyielding!

As a punch was thrown, an earth shattering breeze swept through the surroundings.

Su Hao began to train each and every move. All of his actions were both smooth and precise. However, an endless amount of chilly killing intent could be felt in between his movements.

This was the true military fighting technique, a real killing technique.

Su Hao was completely immersed in his training as he moved according to the pictures in his mind. After two hours, his body was covered in sweat. He stopped after familiarizing himself with the entire technique.

Such a strong killing technique!

This was on an entirely different tier than police fighting technique. One emphasized incapacitating and restricting the target whereas the other focused on killing. They were completely different. In personal combat, military fighting technique clearly held the advantage. As his body was used to the general fighting technique, he easily managed to learn all the techniques. After he repeated them several times, his entire body was soaked in sweat. It would take quite some time to completely master them.

Great! I will train my beginner military fighting technique and body forging technique for the next few days.

Su Hao immersed himself in closed door training for three days.

Excluding the time he spent enjoying a meal with his mother and sister, the rest of his time was completely spent on training. As always, he was in that frenzied state of his. Originally, he had planned on using a full six days to master this military fighting technique. In the end, however, only three days were needed.




Su Hao bombarded a sandbag with a series of attacks. Each punch was full of both force and killing intent.

With his whole body tensed, Su Hao suddenly threw out a finishing move.


The punch broke the bag, scattering sand everywhere.

How powerful had the force behind that punch been for him to have been able to destroy this silver sandbag? Last time, Su Hao had learned fighting essence when his origin ability had reached 10 points. He had been a fine line from being able to burst the sandbag back then. Now, without even utilizing fighting essence, he had easily broken the sandbag!

His strength had risen higher once again!

He clenched his right fist, allowing him to feel the power broiling inside. Su Hao was extremely excited. His results this time hadnt been entirely due to his mastery of military fighting technique. His body forging technique had also grown in strength, greatly improving his physical fitness.

Great, this is what it feels like to be truly powerful.

His elation was interrupted by a cold and synthetic voice.

Hello, Mr. Su Hao. The silver sandbag has been destroyed. Please pay 100,000 star dollars.

The voice from the training club office had startled Su Hao. He patted his hand.

Your hand is so bad! Your hand is so bad!

That was 100,000 star dollars!

Although the current him didnt lack money, losing 100,000 star dollars for no reason still hurt Su Hao, who was used to living a life of poverty.

However, the force that he had emitted just now left him thrilled. He visited the physical fitness building in Jianghe City to run some tests. As expected, his current physical fitness had reached 350 points!

The progress granted by body forging technique would always be faster in the first half. Coupled with Su Haos hard work, he had managed to increase 50 points in half a month!

Since I have obtained 50 points from both body forging technique and military fighting technique for a total of 100 points Su Hao calculated, My current origin ability has already reached 13 points!

To increase by 1 point in half a month was worthy of celebration!

However, Su Hao knew that his progress still wasnt considered fast. At leastcompared to Zhou Wang, his origin ability was still far too weak.

The longer they stayed in natural selection class, the larger the advantage gained from focusing on origin ability would be.

Faster training!

More powerful strength!

Shorter duration!

Compared to physical fitness and fighting technique, the progress of origin ability index enhancement was more than twice the speed. This was why most students only had around 100 points in physical fitness. As for fighting techniques, they would simply learn police fighting technique. The true upgrade in their fighting strength would come from origin ability.

High origin ability represents better strength?

Su Hao sneered. If he had followed the route of origin ability since he was young, training in origin ability transition technique, his ability enhancement definitely wouldnt lose out! However, his real strength upgrade would pale in comparison.

At this stage, his improvement was opposite that of others! Others would use a fighting technique to accommodate their main origin ability. Su Hao, on the other hand, used his origin ability to aid his fighting technique. Using his model analysis, he scanned for a variety of factors that could be used to gain an advantage. He would then crush the foe using his fighting technique!

Su Hao smiled indifferently as he felt the power in his body. Within the freshmen, there was nobody that he feared!

After he finished examining his strength, Su Hao browsed the school task list. After looking for a bit, he could only bitterly smile.


Half a month had passed, yet there were no suitable tasks. Su Hao was very cautious in accepting tasks. It had to fulfill his requirements or he would never consent.

All the factors pertaining to the task had to be considered.

If he accepted something out of his league, not only would it be more dangerous, but the amount of time needed would also vary greatly. Unless it was a last resort, Su Hao would never accept a task beyond his capabilities.

Thus, the best option would be