Godly Model Creator Chapter 133

Gmc Chapter 133

Chapter 0133    Concert

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Su Hao casually closed the virtual screen. After learning body forging technique, his demand for task points was much lesser than before. It would be better to progress naturally at a slower rate for now. Furthermore, Su Hao still had an urgent matter to attend tocapturing berserk beasts for his masters experiments! 

These several past days, he had been busy training. Since he had free time now, he had to fulfill this obligation of his first. After all, this was related to Su Haos future plans to enhance his physical fitness. 

Once his masters experiment was completed, Su Haos rise would be just around the corner. 

Outside Jianghe City.



A few berserk red jackals were killed on the spot by Su Hao. At the same time, an electric net was thrown out, which shocked the remaining jackals into a coma. He then carried them away.  

The whole day.

Su Hao went back and forth numerous times. Each time, he would capture a few berserk beasts before returning. The guards were looking at Su Hao in shock. They recognized him from the time they had crossed paths during the gigantic beast tide. However, since when had this guy become a hunting devil? 

There werent even many hunting tasks listed!

As the sun was setting, Su Hao finally managed to capture the last berserk beast, a black ox beast. After spending an entire day capturing berserk beasts, the guards had long ago branded him with the title of beast hunting devil in their minds. 


A huge black ox was thrown to the ground. Su Hao excitedly said, Master, everything is done!

Not bad, not bad.

Zhang Zhongtian smiled as he looked at the dozens of berserk beasts in his store and the few in the laboratory. There wasnt much free space. With these berserk beasts, this old mans experiments can finally be carried out again.

Zhang Zhongtian had been unable to keep a grin off his face for the past several days. 

Seven extinction drug. It was an upgraded version of painkiller drug, which allowed you to lose any sensations of pain for a short amount of time. This drug would definitely help a lot in the progression of these experiments. It was much more potent compared to painkiller drug when coupled with other drugs. His research could now progress another step. 

With the formula in hand, he naturally felt jubilant. 

Hehe, it seems that accepting this disciple was the right decision!

Zhang Zhongtian nodded in satisfaction. He had several students under him, but the only one that could be considered to be his successor was Su Hao. Every time Su Hao made a move, he would end up surprising Zhang Zhongtian. As he touched an item in his pocket, Zhang Zhongtian made his decision. 

Su Hao, after this, are you going back to school? Zhang Zhongtian asked while smiling.


Su Hao nodded, There arent any tasks for the time being. I will be going back to school to learn intermediate military fighting technique.

You dont have to rush. Zhang Zhongtian cheerfully continued, With your talent, it will be the same no matter when you decide to learn it. Since you have been contributing quite a bit, I have a gift to give you.


Su Haos eyes turned bright, A gift?

This really made him feel strange. It was worth nothing that Zhang Zhongtian was a stingy master. When he had accepted Su Hao as a disciple, he hadnt even given anything. What was he going to give as gift?


Looking at Su Haos expression, he could already guess what he was thinking and awkwardly laughed, When I accepted you as disciple, things were rather hectic. That was why I didnt give you any gifts. However, after reconsidering, I think it would be appropriate to give you some compensation.


Su Hao asked while feeling puzzled. This stingy master really wanted to give him a gift?

This is for you.

Zhang Zhongtian took out a crumpled up roll of paper and gave it to him. 

Su Hao frowned. As he looked at it, he already felt that it mustve been something of rather dubious quality.

He unrolled the paper, revealing a beautiful pattern printed across the top along with several characters, Piano concert feast. 


Su Hao was stupefied. What kind of joke was this? A piano concert? Since when did he have the luxury of attending a piano concert? He was so busy that he barely had the time to train. How could he have the time to attend this concert? Besides, for someone like him that preferred listening to epic fantasies, playing the piano in front of him was no better than playing in front of a cow! 

Zhang Zhongtian laughed as he noticed Su Haos expression, Are you that vexed by the thought of listening the a piano concert?

Su Hao nodded as hard as he could.

What era was it now? The era of origin ability!

Excluding those at the bottom of the pyramid, everyone would be focused on training and striving to enhance their strength. Yet, even those at the bottom wouldnt understand how to enjoy the piano. Who would even attend this piano concert? Could it have been something Zhang Zhongtian had randomly picked up to trick him? 

Zhang Zhongtian didnt pay any attention to Su Haos criticisms. Instead, he mysteriously smiled, Do you know? This concert ticket costs 1 million star dollars! Plus, you cant buy this on the market. This is something sent by my friend, who invited me to join. Do you think these people would spend 1 million for nothing?

Su Haos eyes shined. This piano concert, what kind of trick was behind it?


Zhang Zhongtian patted his shoulder, If you want to know, just attend the concert and listen. Although you might not be able to appreciate music, you must know that this is the era of origin ability! A lot of things have changed. You think this piano concert would be the same as previous eras? It is definitely worth the money.

Zhang Zhongtian was like a salesman earnestly trying to drive up sales. Su Hao felt like he was going to be tricked into a fraudulent affair, but he had to admit that he was tempted.

Were those belonging to high class society that silly?

Or else!

Why would they spend one million just to listen to a piano concert? There must have been something else.

He knew that it was inconvenient for his master to appear in public. THus, this ticket had ended up in his hands. 

Delaying intermediate military fighting technique wouldnt affect him much. Even if he was to return to school, it was not guaranteed that he could find someone with intermediate military fighting technique. Why not attend this concert and see what was his master trying to sell?

On the backside of the ticket, there was a detailed introduction.

It stated that the reason this piano concert was selling like hotcakes was because of a piano master, Feng Yongzhi. Such a huge concert was rarely held in a small city like Jianghe City. The upper class would naturally be excited to learn that a concert was being held here. 

The lower right corner stated that it would be held later tonight at 8pm.

Su Hao had a look at his communication device. It was already 7:30pm. He cursed this master of his Why had he only informed him just now? Regardless, whether it was true or not, he had to go and take a look. Even if he didn't want to give his master any face, he would give face to the one million star dollars at the very least! 

Su Hao ran as quick as possible, heading toward the location of the concert.

Center of Jianghe City.

Golden Hall was lit up brightly in a dazzling manner at the city center. Countless people in bright mood entered the hall one by one. Just from their clothing alone, he could see that these people were rich!

How could ordinary people have the qualifications to join this concert?

As Su Hao arrived, he even saw a small team of personal bodyguards protecting an old man as he walked into the hall. 

Strong esper!

After Su Hao glanced around for a moment, he was in shock. At first, he thought that the majority of people attending would be rich kids. However, most of them were powerful espers! 

Moreover, the atmosphere emitted by most of the spectators made Su Hao tremble!

Specialization variant!

There were so many specialization espers. Su Hao thought for a moment and began to understand. Countless surrounding cities must have made their way over here because of the concert.

This concert has such charm?

Su Haos mind became alert as he walked into the hall. Although there were quite a number of people whom hed be fairly confident of learning skills from, he was certain that only death would await him if he tried to use his model analysis here. Almost any randomly picked person from the crowd could easily defeat him. 

Su Hao had finally gotten rid of the temptation to use his ability and headed toward the main door. Just as he reached it, he was stopped.