Godly Model Creator Chapter 134

Gmc Chapter 134

Chapter 0134    Mysterious pianist

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Sir, sorry. Please show your admission ticket.

The two security guards at the main door of the hall stopped him.

Su Hao handed over the admission ticket. The security guard wrinkled his eyebrows. He opened the ticket for confirmation, but remained suspicious. 

The reason was pretty simpleSu Haos clothes!

Compared to the crowds gorgeous clothes, Su Hao currently appeared like a beggar. With such attire, he had managed to purchase an admission ticket worth one million star dollars? No matter how they looked at, it was really strange.

After all, this was Golden Hall!

It was a place where all the higher-ups in society gathered. The premise had to be one hundred percent secure. They would rather kill one thousand than let one free! Thus, Su Hao was targeted. 

Sir, can you please follow us inside for a more thorough check. The security guard said to Su Hao in a serious tone.

Su Hao glanced at him and replied in a cold voice, Is there an issue with my admission ticket?

No. The security guard was firm.

If so, on what circumstances are you trying to detain me? Su Hao sneered, Just because Im wearing common clothes? Im suspected just like that? All together, you guards should number more around 100, right? If I was really here with bad intentions, do you really think Id dress like this and gather your attention? Damn, how did you guys even get a job here? Through relationships?

The faces of those security guards were grave, but they remained silent.

After Su Haos tirade, fear had sprouted within their minds. His words were rational, a criminal wouldnt act in such a manner. However, their superiors above them had already informed them that any suspicious people had to stay. The real problem wasnt his clothing, but the task of detaining him. 

As they thought about their orders, they began to press forward again. 

Three security guards surrounded him.

Su Hao sneered. This event had a lot of upper class people. The security guards definitely wouldnt cause a huge scene as long as he had an admission ticket. No matter what, they could only deal with him stealthily 

Su Hao glanced over them quickly, using his model analysis to gauge their strength. 

Their origin ability should be around 12 to 15 points. All their abilities were that of a body strengthening type. They must have been defense types designated to bide for time while waiting for higher ups to send reinforcements to assist them. Thus, their main purpose here was to keep Su Hao in place. 

Thus, it would be fairly easy for Su Hao to win a fight!

If you insist, then dont blame me.

Cold light flashed within Su Haos eyes. He wasnt a soft character. Such a thing wasnt something he could bear. Since someone was trying to bully him, he no longer had the patience to be polite. 


Su Haos body made a move. He was the first one to make a move!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

He used beginner military fighting technique to launch a series of rapid attacks. Although he had not achieved complete integration mastery yet, Su Hao had already mastered the techniques themselves. Couple with his high physical fitness, the force amount of force Su Hao was exerting was not as simple as it looked.  

In a brief second, a security guard had already been knocked from his spot. Nobody had expected that Su Hao would have been the first to act! The security guards became the target of Su Haos impromptu practice. He was able to perfectly display beginner military fighting technique against these targets.

With their defensive type abilities, in front of Su Hao, they were nothing more than scrubs! 

If they were a group composed of offensive abilities, Su Hao would definitely be in trouble if they all attacked him at once. This group of defensive talents was nothing more than a punching bag to him though. 



As Su Hao kept attacking, his movements got smoother. He was getting more proficient with military fighting technique. After all, human sandbags werent something those silver sandbags could emulate.

Stop it!

A loud shout echoed. A middle aged man came out in a rush from Golden Hall. Looking at the scene in front of him, he hurriedly tried to stop them.

He could stop the security guards, but could he stop Su Hao? 



Su Hao quickly directed two kicks. Both guards were knocked to the left and right of him. Compared to them, the one who had fainted earlier was far more lucky. 

After he finished venting his anger, Su Hao clapped his hands. Looking at the middle aged man as he sweat, he asked, You are?

Hello, Mr. Su Hao. I am the lobby manager of Golden Hall. I have already verified your identity. I apologize for all the trouble brought upon you. I hope you dont mind.

The lobby manager was indeed a lobby manager. Once he had arrived, he wholeheartedly tried to amend the situation. However, his apology was not accompanied by an expression of sincerity. 

Su Hao had a look at his communication device, Since you are apologizing, please show your sincerity. There are 5 minutes left before the concert starts. Can I still enter?

Of course!

The lobby manager quickly said, Of course you can. As a VIP, you are entitled to enjoy any service. To be honest, they had trouble finding you just now because you have a VIP admission ticket. All VIP tickets have a name attached to them. I have just confirmed with Master Zhang. Never would I have thought that you were a disciple of his.



He had been in trouble because of that lazy master of his? 


He been surprised at first too. The security of Golden Hall had come across countless people. How could they simply detain anyone? The real problem was the admission ticket. He had seen the word VIP on the ticket, but...didnt most admission tickets have VIP written on them?

Haiz, and here I thought there was someone instructing them to do so. Su Hao bitterly laughed. All of this had been caused by his master...

The concert will begin in a few minutes. Please follow me. This is a channel dedicated to VIP guests. The lobby manager was very polite with Su Hao as he led the way. Su Hao nodded and followed him.

Inside the box.

The lobby manager left, leaving Su Hao alone. There was some food on table. Opposite the single direction glass was the stage for broadcasting. 

Su Hao took a look as he walked to the front of the glass. He was instantly shocked.

So many people!

The seats below were all occupied. With less than a minute till the concert began, the scene was very lively with thousand of people.

Su Hao quickly performed a mental calculation. Thousands of people at a million a head Wasnt this a huge rake of profits? This Feng Yongzhi had such a draw?

What kind of piano concert was this?

Su Hao looked at the hall which gradually turned dark. He knew the answer would soon be revealed.


The scene felt into complete darkness.

Everyone immediately quieted down.

A faint blue light lit up on the stage.It was focused on a spot of about a square meter, where a piano had been placed.A pianist wearing a suit sat there with a calm expression, gently touching the piano as if he was touching his own wife. 


After touching the piano, the pianist suddenly started playing. Music began to echo and resound within the hall. Su Hao stood up in shock and stared at the stage. The music just now had caused his heart to beat faster. 


How could this be?

Su Hao was horrified. A pianist could have such ability?

As he looked at the audience below, Su Hao could tell that everyone had been affected similarly, despite the poor lighting. However, they had expected such a scene and were immersed in enjoyment. 

Everyone felt it?

Then, that shouldn't have any malicious intent

Su Hao lowered his guard. As the pianist played, each note seemed to draw out the origin ability within the air.



Su Hao could felt his heartbeat getting faster. It was as if each note could bring origin ability to his heart. At this time, Su Hao felt an inexplicable relaxation.

The dull mood gradually turned into a pleasant one.

The bad mood instantly vanished into thin air.

A simple piano play was able to relax Su Haos mind. This was such a terrifying ability! Such an ability, could this be the legendary mind affection?

Mind affection, a grade A talent, could easily affect others mood. It could reach a ridiculous scale, capable of affecting even entire cities. 

According to the records, a strong esper possessing this ability had made an entire city go into a coma before. This was too terrifying!