Godly Model Creator Chapter 135

Gmc Chapter 135

Chapter 0135    Alarmed

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Mind affection!

Such a terrifying ability, it was one of the main focuses of the Origin Ability Association.

Was it really mind affection?

This idea floated within his mind, but Su Hao instantly crushed it.

Absolutely impossible!

If he was such an existence, was there any need for him to be a pianist? Plus, there were many pianists in this world. Were there really that many people with such a unique ability? 

Or else...

The musical notes continued to be played. Suddenly, Su Hao discovered something even more shocking!

His origin ability energy slowly increased! Even though he wasnt cultivating, it was slowly recovering. His energy which had originally been used to complete beginner military fighting technique was gradually recovered!

What was going on?

This pianist could enhance the recovery rate of his origin ability!

Such an amazing ability!

Su Hao exclaimed. As he looked at the audience through the glass, he saw that many had closed their eyes and immersed themselves in the music. However, what was even more mindblowing, was that quite a number of them were actually cultivating! 


Su Hao made his move. He sat cross legged and activated origin ability transition technique. Under the influence of the notes in the air, the speed appeared to be a tiny bit faster than usual. 

Not only was the recovery rate faster, even cultivation speed had increased. 

Su Hao firmly made his decision. It was now clear why Zhang Zhongtian insisted that he attend this concert. The world was incredibly vast. Coupled with the era of origin ability, such possibilities were endless. him to attend this concert. It appeared as if his understanding of the world was still too shallow! 


Su Hao muttered to himself. It was indeed the perfect time to cultivate, considering that quite a large portion of the audience had closed their eyes. The effect must have been surprisingly good. However, he suddenly did something unexpected.

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


The surrounding scene changed. The scene turned illusionary as countless blue lights flashed. Su Hao looked at the pianist on stage. A character model appeared within his mind as model establishment took place. 

Beside the model, numerous skill cards emerged, floating around in the air. Su Hao took a look at a card titled beginner piano performance. 

Requirements: beginner origin ability control, beginner music foundation. 


What did this mean?

This was the first time that Su Hao had seen this word while viewing ability cards. 

Perhaps I have to master beginner origin ability control and beginner music foundation before Im able to learn this beginner piano performance?

Su Hao made up his mind!

Card modeling!


Surrounded by rays of light, the strange scene reappeared.

Card selection completebeginner piano performancemodel analyzingmodel establishing...card model establishment failed


A loud sound rang throughout his mind. The card, which had not been established yet, instantly vanished.

Is it because of the requirements? Su Hao took another look at the requirements. It seemed as if he needed to fulfill the requirements before being able to build this card. 

If sothen he had better establish the other cards first. After carefully considering his next step, Su Hao diverted his attention to the next card. 

Beginner music performance.

This beginner music performance wasnt something that Su Hao had covered in theoretical basis, but knowledge that truly belonged to a professional. This wasnt something that Su Hao could involve himself with. However, it didnt matter as long as he could read the card!

Card modeling!


Soon, a gray card appeared within Su Haos mind. Beginner music performance, succeeded!

One more to go, beginner origin ability control.

Su Hao licked his lips. He activated card modeling once again, establishing another card. 

Beginner origin ability control had been successfully established.


Su Hao didnt waste a single second. He read both cards, trying to complete their progress. Reading both cards at once quickly consumed the energy within his body. However, compared to beginner military fighting technique, it was still within Su Haos capabilities. Plus, he was still benefitting from the concert. His energy kept recovering!



The energy consumption and reading progress formed an equilibrium. 

After a bit more than an hour, both cards had been successfully read.


Beginner music performance contained countless bits of knowledge from a professional musician. All the notes which Su Hao had previously been unable to understand began to flash within Su Haos mind. 

A few minutes later, beginner origin ability control was also completed. 

What was this beginner origin ability control?

Beginner origin ability control was a method to use energy to improve ones control over their origin ability. It mainly consisted of tricks and tips to control your origin ability in a better manner. This technique was actually on the school syllabus, but Su Hao didnt bother with it since he didnt follow that path. He never expected to learn it in such a situation. 

Great. Since I have mastered these two, it is the finally time!

Su Hao licked his lips. The concert had a duration of two hours. A bit more than an hour had currently elapsed, giving him some time to establish beginner music performance.

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!

Card modeling!


Su Hao directly headed to his targeted card and quickly built the card.

Card selection completedbeginner piano performancemodel analyzingmodel establishedcard model establishment succeeded


A gray card appeared within his mind.

Name: Beginner piano performance

Star: 1 star

Description: Elegant music administered through a piano. Through the usage of music rhythms, you can greatly enhance energy recovery speed, cultivation training, and overall mental state when the mysterious music is being played. 

So this was it!

Seeing this, everything was now clear to Su Hao.

So this was the ability of beginner piano performance. It was similar to his beginner pharmacy study. However, compared to pharmacy study, the requirements for beginner piano performance were much higher. 

In just dozen of minutes, Su Hao had carried out three card modelings in quick succession. Beginner piano performance, beginner music foundation, and beginner origin ability control were all in his hands!

Hu~ this is so awesome!

Since the mutation of his model analysis, this was the very first time he had established a card with such ease. Plus, it was three cards in a single instance. Previously, he had to be careful when using his ability. Despite the large crowd, he had been able to do so smoothly!

The pianist was wholeheartedly performing on the stage. How could he have the mental energy to bother about someone using their origin ability on him?

Thus, this time, Su Haos operation proceeded without any obstructions!


Taking some breath, Su Hao didnt hesitate to pour his energy into this beginner music performance card. The energy within his body was consumed at a terrifying rate! However, now was his best chance to master it. If he learned it, couldnt he play the piano himself and improve his speed of cultivation?



Su Haos energy moved quickly. The cycle of recovery and breakthroughs kept repeating. He even drank a few bottles of origin ability energy recovery drug. His progress reading beginner piano performance was progressing at high speed.

That gray card gradually brightened.

Su Haos crazy breakthrough Had the people from Golden Hall really failed to notice it?

The control room of Golden Hall.

A young man with spectacles reported to a burly man, Captain, origin ability energy volatility was detected. The target was the pianist on stage!


The captains face changed, Are you sure?

The security detection in Golden Hall was extremely strict. Each persons identity was carefully investigated and verified. Very few people would try finding their death by making trouble here. Otherwise, you would offend the upper class circle.


The young man quickly tapped on the virtual screen. A virtual image of the hall appeared. A scene flashed several times with different spots appearing each time. It then halted at a particular spot. 

Location detection at room 2301.


The captain was surprised, Isnt that a VIP room?

Yes, it is the room of a drug master. However, it is his disciple currently residing in it. Although a fluctuation of energy was detected, his origin ability didnt have any malicious intent. That was why the security protection system didnt activate. Please give further commands!