Godly Model Creator Chapter 136

Gmc Chapter 136

Chapter 0136    I love you so much

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The protection system is a commonly used security measure.

For the safety of pianist, the whole stage had been built with a special origin ability protection system. Once any origin ability with ill intent was detected, it would automatically activate itself and intercept the danger. This was the best available program to defend against origin abilities. The one drawback of this program was that it was unable to discover analysis and detection variant origin abilities. 


A cold light flashed in the captains eyes, No malicious intent The system might not be accurate though. Take down his information. Although he had no malicious intent, we still cant relax. After all, there are many strange abilities in this world. Immediately investigate his background!

A few moments later, a file was placed in front of him. 

The captain felt a sense of relief after having a quick look, Model analysis? Grade E? Simply a little student?

This kind of ability The best future hed be capable of was becoming a master of construction. It was totally unrelated to combat. He must have either been curious or been targeting the architecture of the hall, rather than the pianist. 

Alright, dont worry about him too much.

The captain pondered for a moment, No matter what, he is still a disciple of a drug master. If we interrupt him now, he may be offended. Send two people to monitor the fluctuation of room 2301. Once there is any intent to attack, quickly seal off the room!

Yes, captain!

The young man nodded and went down quickly.

Room 2301.

Su Hao was completely unaware that he had almost been killed just moments ago. At this moment, he was actually extremely excited due to having entered the last leg of his card formation!

Ninety percent!

Ninety-eight percent!

One hundred percent!



The primary piano performance card was completely lit up. Streams of knowledge poured into Su Haos mind. He learned a multitude of things related to playing the piano, such as how to integrate beginner origin ability control and beginner music foundation. How to have a better grasp of rhythm, how to use your origin ability to relay the charm of music, the best ways to practice piano by the pianist in front

Countless scenes flashed through his eyes. 

His right fingers slightly twitched. It seemed as if he was embracing countless memories. His sense became more acute, causing him to tap in the air several times. His hands danced beautifully throughout the air. His movements were incredibly smooth, like a fairy jumping. 

Primary piano performance. Mastered!

Su Hao closed his eyes, combining the knowledge from three cards. At this moment, he was like a piano master, elegantly playing a piano. His flexible fingers, his control of origin ability, and the rhythm of music were all moving alongside him at this moment.

On the stage, the music continued.

Su Hao came to realize that a number of pianists had changed places, with numerous styles of play. This helped him grasp a better control of music rhythm. After half an hour, Su Haos energy was completely restored. 


Su Hao who had closed his eyes to feel the music suddenly opened his eyes. At this moment, Golden Hall had fallen into silence. 

Even the applause of the audience was gone. The entire hall was completely silent.

Su Hao looked up toward the stage. As the faint blue light shed, a large virtual screen gradually formed, dropping from above. Rows of sentences quietly appeared on the screen.

That yearcherry blossomed, I stood beside you.

That yearduring summers night, we made a wish to the stars.

That yearthe maple leaf was cream red, the heaven blessed you.

That yearthe white snow, left a mark between us.

Sixty years, a cycle of sixty years.

Sixty years, another reincarnation.

As my hair had turned gray, I had long ago been unable to recall your face.

My lover.

Are you having a good time there?

Im still alive.

Just because I love you so much.


As the blue light flickered in the quiet darkness, the text made the crowd feel both the sadness and love that the couple had experienced. 

Su Hao felt a movement on his shoulder. He discovered that the blue dream butterfly had been awake for quite some time. 

As the text floated in mid air, an old man appeared from darkness. His small figure was accompanied by white hair and a neat tuxedo. He made his way over and sat in front of the piano. 


The old man gently tapped. A heavy feeling felt burst within his heart.

One by one, the notes played under the old mans fingers surpassed the boundary of the piano and air, travelling directly into the hearts of everyone present. Su Hao was incredibly startled. At this moment, his mind seemed to have received a large stimulus. All the memories locked deep within his heart began to make their way outward. 

That year when he had first encountered Chen Yiran with her timid look, Su Hao had not dared to gaze upon her princess like appearance. 

That year, he and Chen Yiran had sparred. This was able to soothe his sadness over obtaining a grade E talent.

That year, he and Chen Yiran had a stroll in park. Only by practising there would he obtain peace.

All the memories from the past two years began to emerge from his heart.

Su Hao finally realized that he had many good memories. 

Chen Yiran


Su Hao who was immersed in this sentimental moment was abruptly interrupted. He noticed that the blue dream butterfly was looking at him in dissatisfaction.


Su Hao asked.

Heng~ What kind of bad thing are you thinking of? Youre so perverted. The blue dream butterfly said in anger. Su Hao noticed that with the recent cultivation of hers, she had become better at directly communicating with her ability. 


Su Hao shook his head and watched the audience be immersed in wonderful memories of their own. 

That feeling was without doubt, great. Su Hao wanted to enter that state of mind again, but he realized he was unable to do so. It was similar to waking up from a dream. Returning to sleep and attempting to resume it would hardly ever be successful.

It seemed as if that look from the blue dream butterfly had woken him up completely.

Such a mysterious piano piece. I wonder what the name is. Su Hao sighed.

Wasnt it just written up there? The blue dream butterfly quickly wrote, This is the masterpiece of Master Feng Yongzhi, I Love You So Much.


So this was a masterpiece created by Feng Yongzhi. This piano performance was many times better than those that preceded it. No wonder he was at a master level! 

It seems that this Master Feng also had his own sweet heart. Su Hao sighed.

This piano piece is something he wrote for his wife. Everyday at this time, he would play I Love You So Much as a way to convey his feelings to his wife as a tribute. Because his wife is from Jianghe City, he would come here every year. the blue dream butterfly wrote.

So this is it.

Su Hao nodded, This Master Feng is such a sentimental man.

Master Fengs achievement wasnt because of his sentimental senses. Under the influence of origin ability, this piece is effective in purifying your soul, cleansing your heart of shadows. It could be considered a very effective spiritual treatment. Countless people were able to get rid of the shadows in their heart and return to their true self.


Su Hao murmured. His heart was shocked.

Todays technology had advanced so much that even a lost limb could be replaced. But psychological illness was something difficult to overcome. He had never expected that it could be cured in this manner. No wonder master Feng had such status and glory. It was well deserved. 

Hey, something's not right here.

Su Hao suddenly noticed something strange and turned to the blue dream butterfly, How could you know about this?

The blue dream butterfly was at a loss and reacted after being confused for a second, True How could I know about this? Strange... Just now, when I listened to this, I felt it to be familiar and woke up from my cultivation.

Master Feng would appear here every year. If you were from Jianghe City, it should still be fine ,but youre not from here. Your data is not found in the police database. A doubtful look was revealed within Su Haos eyes.

Blue dream butterfly, in the end, just exactly who are you?