Godly Model Creator Chapter 137

Gmc Chapter 137

Chapter 137    Pianos origin ability technique

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What was the true identity of the blue dream butterfly?

Su Haos question was doomed to remain unanswered. 

It seems that you may have been a fan of Master Feng in the past. Su Hao smiled slightly, Could you possibly have had some psychological trauma when you were young and came here to be treated?

I dont know.

The blue dream butterfly continued in confusion, Perhaps I was.


Su Hao smiled.The music echoing within the hall eased his mind. It was too bad that he was unable to return to his previous state of mind after being interrupted by this brat just now. 

As he watched Master Fengs masterful piano play, Su Hao decided to make his move 

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


The surrounding scene changed as blue rays formed. Su Haos mind was in shock. He had really been able to! Creating a model of the previous pianist wasnt out of his expectations, but this Master Feng? Did this master have zero defenses? Su Hao didnt realize that Master Feng had wholeheartedly immersed himself into his performance, relying solely on Golden Halls security system. 

Grandmaster level piano performance.

At first glance, Su Hao had already honed in on this card. It alone was more than enough to turn him into a master.

Card modeling!


Card selection completed...grandmaster level piano performancemodel analyzingmodel establishing...card model failed to establish

Sure enough, it had failed. 

Su Hao wasnt too surprised. He had previously tried to read master pharmacy from his master and ended up with the same result. It was impossible to avoid failure with such a huge gap between them. 

Such a pity.

Su Hao sighed. If he was able to possess this card, he would no longer lack money in the future. As he prepared to withdraw his ability with an indifferent smile on his face, Su Hao took another glance. He received a sudden bout of shock. Within these countless cards, he saw a unique card, I Love You So Much.

Whatwhat is this?

Su Hao was surprised. This was the first time he had encountered a card like this. This should have been the piece that Master Feng was currently playing. However, this piece, wasnt it only grandmasters that shouldve been able to play it?

Su Hao tapped on top and a line of information popped out.

I Love You So Much. Requirement: Beginner piano performance.

Can I read it?

Su Hao became excited. Right now he could only see the name. Let's read it first and we shall talk later.

Card modeling!


Countless rays of light flowed. Soon, yet another gray card appeared within his mind. Su Hao had a glance at it. The complete details of this card finally showed up.

Name: I Love You So Much

Rating: 2 stars

Type: Pianos origin ability technique

Description: The requirement for combining beginner piano performance with the unique pianos origin ability is low, but possesses a high degree of difficulty. The field of piano is very deep. It can inspire listeners to recall the good memories within their soul to heal the shadows lurking in their mind. The results have been shown to be effective in treating mental illness. 

Pianos origin ability technique!

A trace of light flashed by Su Haos eyes. He had always assumed that origin ability techniques were only used in combat. He never expected that there would be one for piano too. Using origin ability energy to stimulate the rhythm of music No wonder the mysterious notes had such a magical effect. They were integrated with origin ability technique. 

This Master Feng was indeed a heavyweight in the world of piano.

What was this pianos origin ability technique?

Su Hao ran a quick search. A second later, the relevant information popped out.

It was said that ordinary pianists would aim for a collision of energy when playing notes. Behind each note would be a mysterious force. Once complete music fusion was possible, the rhythm of the music would become much smoother. Along with the influence of origin ability energy, the piece would enter an entirely new world with limitless potential. This was the pianos origin ability technique.

Pianos origin ability technique, in other words, reorganized ordinary music pieces through complete integration with origin ability energy to further their potential. Each note was recompiled into a form. From a surface view, the notes would not appear any different than ordinary ones, but the effect was like heaven and earth. 

In theory, each song could be remade by pianos origin ability technique.

In reality though, to change a piece of music with origin ability energy required a terrifying amount of energy. That was why the existence of pianos origin ability technique was very rare. I Love You So Much was an original piece of Master Feng. He had spent several years modifying it with pianos origin ability as a tribute to his dead wife. 

The degree of infatuation could clearly be felt. 

Piano performance was divided into two modes.

The first mode was ordinary performance. This would combine music with energy to bring out the mysterious power of music. However, for beginner pianists, playing songs would all have the same effect, recovering origin ability energy. Whether it was Happy Birthday or Steel is Strength, they would have the exact same result.

The second mode truly involved the use of origin ability energy. Ordinary music pieces couldnt withstand this mode. Under the outburst of energy, the music piece would be completely destroyed, ridding it of its recovery effect. The only piece that could be played using this mode was none other than pianos origin ability technique. 

As a pianist, so much knowledge needs to be learned!

Su Hao exclaimed. Though the knowledge he had learned from theoretical basis was complicated, what they emphasized was survivability and combat! Other aspects were only mentioned briefly. Even during his past assessment, 99 percent was about fighting and survival methods. Knowledge about professionals was not included.

No wonder teacher Yang always mentioned that no matter how high his theoretical basis was, his view of the world would collapse upon returning to society. 

Su Hao continued to scroll down.

Countless piano pieces were available in this world. Under so many years of development, the amount of completed pianos origin ability technique was quite a large number. However, the most popular piece impressively turned out to be this piece belonging to Master Feng.

Because of the high requirement for pianos origin ability technique, the minimum threshold would be the level of advanced piano performance. Yet, the requirement for this piece of Master Feng was low, only requiring beginner piano performance. However, the difficulty and complexity was several folds higher than other pianos origin ability technique. Not to mention beginner pianists, even advanced pianists might not able to handle this.

Therefore, despite the low requirement, the number of people who could play this piece was no higher than others.

Many online music fans loved to poke fun at this. The requirement of this piece was so cute. The requirement should be grandmaster level since the degree of difficulty reached grandmaster level. That would be much more reasonable.

But no matter what, nobody could deny its status.

Because of the low requirement, the mysterious effect, and Master Fengs story, this music piece had become the most popular in the last ten years. It was the most touching pianos origin ability technique.

It was one of its own!

Yet another vast mysterious world!

Su Hao sighed. When he had first entered the world of pharmacy, he had lamented that the field of pharmacy was so mysterious. All kind of drugs could be made as long as your comprehension was good. But after understanding the world of piano, he noticed that this career was just as mysterious. 

Pharmacy was like this. Piano performance was the same. What about other careers?

In this era, the world of origin ability was much larger than what he imagined.

Su Hao unexpectedly had the sudden urge to set off on an adventure. In the future, even if he didnt learn them, he needed to broaden his understanding of other careers. 

Someday, I will complete this wish.

Su Hao took a long breath. After being awakened from the mysterious world of piano, his harvest had been pretty impressive in these couple of minutes.

Looking at the audience who was still immersed in the music, Su Haos mouth formed a smile. No matter how high the difficulty is, it was all useless in front of him. As long as the requirement is low, that was more than enough! Under model analysis, difficulty levels were meaningless. 

Card reading!