Godly Model Creator Chapter 138

Gmc Chapter 138

Chapter 0138    Awaken

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Su Hao tried to have a breakthrough of this card! The energy within his body flowed like a rapid stream. 

The consumption of a 2 star card was as terrifying as ever!

Su Hao consumed several bottles of origin ability recovery drug. Looking at the slight increase of energy within his body, he frowned, The consumption is too large. Seems that next time, I will have to prepare a batch of intermediate recovery drug to breakthrough. Its too bad that I wasnt able to take away the remaining origin ability recovery drug made with the star grass emperor back at the Pharmacy Association...



Su Hao consumed his remaining recovery drug. The energy in his body began to skyrocket, barely managing to keep up with the consumption rate. The recovery speed with beginner origin ability transition technique was simply not able to support such a large scale consumption of energy. 



The energy kept being used to breakthrough. Originally, such consumption wasnt something Su Hao could afford to continue. However, Master Fengs performance was still ongoing. The beautiful notes were resonating with the energy within his body. As his model analysis was reading and increasing the card progress, the consumption had been reduced significantly due to the performance resonating with the card he was breaking through.

It was the same as when his instructor had taught him police fighting technique. 

Back at school, his fighting instructor had taught him police fighting technique. Compared to the effect from progressing via model analysis, it was on an entirely different level. The energy consumption was minimal. As he was analyzing pianos origin ability technique with Master Feng in the background, it was rather similar to when he had learned police fighting technique. It was as if Master Feng was indirectly guiding him. 


Under the influence of energy, the gray card completely brightened. Countless information about the mastery of pianos origin ability technique flashed within his mindthe training of Master Fengthe notes of this musicthe existence of this musicthe usual learning process of this Su Haos mind was currently dealing with all of this. 

Su Hao stood in place and closed his eyes to help him digest everything.

Inexplicably, a tear fell from the corner of his eye.

Su Hao opened his eyes in shock. As he watched the tear drop to the floor, he came to the realization that even he could shed tears. 

I must be affected by the mood of this music.

Su Hao smiled and wiped the corner of his eye.

This pianos origin ability technique had conveyed a powerful stream of emotions to him when he had read the card, most likely due to the fact that it was a creation of Master Feng. Unknowingly, Su Hao was affected by this feeling.

Master Feng, just how much affection did he have for his wife?

Su Hao sighed for a moment. Once again, he pondered over the rhythm of I Love You So Much, with countless notes appearing in his heart. It was as if he could easily play them out anytime. 

I Love You So Much, mastered!

As long as I train a few more times when Im back, I will completely grasp this piece. Su Hao smiled indifferently. With such a powerful effect, he could become a psychotherapist in the future as well. After all, humans were not machines. Listening to music while cultivating would adjust your condition to the peak.

Golden Hall.

Master Fengs dancing fingers came to a halt as the feast of music ended. The audience was in a complete silence. Everyone was still immersed within the ocean of music. Nobody could have guessed that a youth had managed to transform from a music retard into a beginner pianist, even mastering a pianos origin ability with a high degree of difficulty. 


A few minutes later, the crowd reacted from the shock and gave a huge applause.

Master Feng bowed and left the stage.

This beautiful piano concert had finally ended. 


The audience was left stranded in their seats, as if they wanted an encore. Several guards in Golden Halls control room gave a sigh of relief. Luckily, nothing had happened. All those characters in master level would definitely not have ordinary identities. If anything were to happen in Golden Hall, that wasnt something which they could take responsibility for! That was why they would be on full alert every year around this time! 

The captain asked, What about that little brat in the VIP room?

Hes gone. A young man reported, As the concert ended, he followed the crowd to leave. From start to end, there werent any peculiar movements.


The captain was relieved, Send a message to him and explain the situation.


The young man left the room. 

Outside of Golden Hall, Su Hao had just finished exiting when his communication device vibrated. After he opened it to take a look, it turned out to be a message from Golden Halls security team, Dear sir, hello. In order to ensure the safety of the participants, origin ability usage is prohibited within Golden Hall. Please pay attention to this next time in order to prevent yourself from being locked down by the security system.


Su Hao was speechless. He had had an inner monologue about the improbability of Golden Hall having no security measures in place. It appeared that he had been locked onto when he had used his origin ability. If he had used a more unique ability, he may have been killed on the spot. The reason he hadnt been interrupted was probably to give his master some face.  

Su Hao easily analyzed the situation from the message.

I nearly made a fool of myself.

Su Hao bitterly smiled. He still had a lot of things to learn.

But this time, his harvest was plentiful. A trip to piano concert had transformed him into a beginner pianist and allowed him to master a unique music piece, I Love You So Much.

The mysterious pianist The magical pianos origin ability technique

This was just the tip of the iceberg in the era of origin ability. In such a vast world...just how many mysterious careers were there? These kinds of things couldnt be learned in theoretical basis, causing Su Hao to be lacking in this area. 

Time to go back.

Su Hao smiled indifferently. He had just taken a few steps outside, nearing a fountain, when he came to an abrupt stop. In front of him, a person who had been bragging to a friend had also become shocked upon noticing Su Hao. His face instantly turned into one of intense hatred.

Both of them stared at each other, with sparks flying between them. 

Both of them would have never expected to meet again in front of Golden Halls main door.

Su Hao, Sun Yaotian!

Su Hao!

Sun Yaotian said these two words with gritted teeth. His face became extremely gloomy.

Su Hao and him could be considered to be enemies that were unable to coexist under the same sky. He always thought of ways to get rid of Su Hao. He had tried extremely hard to do so. In the end, however, his hatred began to dissipate. This was because Su Hao had never taken the initiative to make a move. Every time Sun Yaotian made a move, he would end up with a tragic result.

The first time, his eyes were poked.

The second time, Li Jun died.

Third time

There had been far too many instances, leaving a shadow within his heart. Sometimes, he would even get scared while dreaming at night. Under the guidance of Sun Batian, he had managed to rack up the courage to challenge Su Hao. However, he had faced humiliation once again, nearly causing him to lose all fighting spirit. 

When he had participated in the battle of honor, his ranking had been among the very worst due to his unstable state of mind.

After the battle of honor came to an end, his hatred had deteriorated once again in the school task store. When nobody had been willing to help him in his time of need, Su hao actually stood up! Su had had saved him, helping to resolve his hatred. He was completely clueless as to how he should face Su Hao.



Sun Yaotian almost fell apart.

After returning home, Sun Batian hadnt beaten him up, but given him a concert ticket instead. When he came here and listened to the music, the shadows in his heart were slowly eliminated, as he immersed himself in the feelings of love and hope within those piano pieces. 

Master Fengs performance had completely awakened Sun Yaotian. After recalling all the things he had done these days, he was covered in cold sweat!

Hethese days, exactly what had he been doing?

He was a playboy, but not an idiot of that magnitude! How could he have made all the students in natural selection class despise him? How stupid had he become to have done such a thing? Only someone ridiculously dumb could manage to do so! Yet, he had done it! Now, the entire class would only mention the word idiot alongside his name! 

The more he thought about it, the more intensely he began to sweat. 

What the heck did I do?

In the box of Golden Hall, Sun Yaotian had slapped his own face in order to awaken himself. 

At that time, only then had he understood Su Haos sinister plan. Psychological tactics! He planned on slowly eroding his mental state before entirely collapsing it. If not for the healing effect of Master Fengs performance, he may have fallen into a fit of delusion and madness, leading to a complete collapse. 

At that time, only then did he understand just how terrifying Su Hao was.