Godly Model Creator Chapter 139

Gmc Chapter 139

Chapter 0139    Challenge

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Whether it was offense or defense, each step taken by Su Hao had been calculated to perfection, slowly pushing him into the abyss.

Just how much of theoretical basis had this damn guy mastered?

How much disturbing shit had he learned?

He had only experienced this level of fear and weakness before in front of his own brother, Sun Yaohui, better known as viper!

Previously, Sun Yaohui had let him have a taste of this viper as a learning lesson, causing him to shiver in fear. At the very least, Sun Yaohui would never cross his bottom line, due to his role as a big brother. However, Su Hao had no such qualms in letting him experience true fear.

After the shadows left on his heart had been cleared up, he understood this point better than ever.

He had learnedto never try and play tricks against Su Hao. Otherwise, he would be toyed with by Su Hao until he met his death. Sun Batian would refuse to get involved simply because of some mental losses at the hands of Su Hao. The only way for him to defeat Su Hao was in a dignified manner!

With dignity!

This phrase awakened Sun Yaotian from his stupor.  

Yes, what was he afraid of?

Why did he always have to resort to punt tricks? Had he been influenced by his brother? The reason viper was called a viper was due to his intricate schemes. You were never able to guess his true aim. After managing to reveal a conspiracy, there would be yet another sinister plot hiding behind it!

Since he was young, he had slowly been influenced by his brother and gotten used to such underhanded methods. However, he didnt possess the same calculating mindset as his brother. Each of his plans has been thoroughly dismantled by Su Hao.

Was all of this really necessary?

He was the first successor to the Sun family.

What was there to be afraid of?

Su Hao dared to hurt him, but he didnt dare kill him because his home was Jianghe City. If Sun Yaotian kept resorting to underhanded tricks, hed end up on the losing end.

He wanted to be a dignified person!

He was someone with a grade A talent. Su Hao only possessed a grade E talent. If he placed all of his focus on training, there was nothing to be afraid of. The person that should be worrying was Su Hao!

His current line of action should have been to regain his passionate heart and recover his previously dwindling fighting spirit!

He needed to challenge Su Hao openly. If he lost, he would simply challenge him again! If he was injured, he would go in for treatment. With his talent and familys resources, he would exceed Su Hao sooner or later!

Hadnt the current Su Hao already been surpassed by Zhou Wang and many others?

 Very soon, he would do the same.

Within his loge at Golden Hall, Sun Yaotian had experienced a moment of enlightenment due to the influence of the healing piano music. The shadow which Su Hao had slowly been growing within his heart had been completely disposed of.

The effect of pianos origin ability technique was clearly visible!

However, he hadnt expected to meet Su Hao after exiting Golden Hall.

As he gloomily looked at the plainly dressed boy in front of him, Sun Yaotian felt a sense of absurdity. Yeah He was just a student like him, what was there to be terrified of?

The long lasting knot within his heart was lifted. Sun Yaotians mouth even revealed a small smile.

A few wealthy second generation families that had come with Sun Yaotian looked at him with a horrified expression. It couldnt be Had the young master of the Sun family become a retard? Wasnt this the person that had made him a cuckold? And yet, he was happily smiling. Had he undergone too much? Or had Master Fengs treatment been too strong?

Su Hao gave him a strange glance. This guy had noticed him and giggled Was he damaged in the head?

Sun Yaotian smiled indifferently as he noticed the looks being passed around. He walked in front of Su Hao and calmly offered his right hand, Long time no see, Su Hao.

Two brilliant lights flashed within Su Haos eyes.

 As he switched his gaze between Sun Yaotian and Golden Hall, he finally understood. Yes! How could he have forgotten about this? The pianos origin ability technique which he had just learned shouldve had this effectno? It would get rid of psychological shadows and rekindle hope.

With the Sun familys massive wealth, they naturally wouldnt miss an opportunity like this!

Sun Batian must have noticed Sun Yaotians recent situation. It was only natural for him to obtain a ticket for his sons treatment. Looking at Sun Yaotian, it seemed that the effect was quite good.

The short sentence of Sun Yaotian was more than enough for Su Hao to analyze the situation.

Su Hao smiled indifferently. As he shook hands with Sun Yaotian, he said in a low voice, It seems that Master Fengs treatment has had quite the effect on you.


Sun Yaotians eyes flashed at Su Haos mocking comment. However, it was easy for him to stow it away. The current him was no longer as easy to read, easily capable of disguising his emotions from his face.

Im also quite curious about something. With your familys current state, you must have paid quite the high price to come here.

They were engaged in a war of words, exchanging harsh comments brimming with killing intent. The surrounding families looked at each other. Should they intervene and help Sun Yaotian?

No, only an imbecile would do such a thing!

Su Hao dared to trample over Sun Yaotian. He obviously wouldnt mind doing the same to them.

However, they were also quite curious. Only rich families could manage to come to Golden Hall. Additionally, Master Feng had performed today, driving up ticket prices even further. How could Su Hao have possibly come here? To be more precise, what qualifications did he have to be here? How could security have let him enter?

Su Hao smiled, Although I dont possess a formidable background, I do have several friends that are able to send me a ticket as a gift.

The faces of the surrounding crowd twitched upon hearing this statement of his.

Someone who could get tickets

Several of them?

Despite coming from the large families of Jianghe City, hadnt they had to beg their grandparents for a ticket? Even the top ranked Sun family had spent quite a price to get a single ticket. Could Su Hao really get several by himself? This was simply an absurd joke!


Sun Yaotian didnt let this bother him and casually said, The battle of honor is held once a month. The next one isnt too far away. As the top student of the freshmen, why dont we have a duel? Su Hao, do you dare to fight me?

Sun Yaotians words were plain, but contained a domineering attitude behind them. Compared to the past, he was completely different.


Su Hao squinted his eyes. He took his time to reply. A light shined within his eyes, revealing a strange expression.

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


Character modeling!


The surrounding scene became illusory. Time seemed to have slowed down. Countless blue lights formed from their surroundings. In his mind, a character model appeared, none other than that of Sun Yaotian.

Psychological shadows were simply a single method of dealing with someone.

Since the psychological shadow had been completely rid of, Sun Yaotian should have confidence in beating him!

Exactly what was it that gave him such confidence?

Su Hao took a quick look at the cards hovering around the character model.

Fighting essence.

Basic fighting technique.

Intermediate police fighting technique.

Origin ability cultivation technique.

Beginner origin ability refinement.

Beginner origin ability transition technique.

Beginner iron element essence.

Wait a minute!

Su Haos eyes suddenly turned bright, Beginner iron element essence? Beginner origin ability refinement?

Sun Yaotian had mastered these two?

So it was this!

No wonder he was so confident!

Based on the previous battle of honor, a repeater had made a summary report of the battle on the school forums. Sun Yaotian;s origin ability had reached 11 points.

However, in just half a month, Sun Yaotian had emerged with beginner iron element essence and beginner origin ability refinement! It seemed that hed been working hard these days. Perhaps hed been stimulated by Su Hao or driven by the shadow left on his heart, increasing his training speed quite significantly.

These werent ordinary skills. The difficulty level was extremely high!

Beginner iron element essence was a skill to control the element of iron. It was able to make your energy more outstanding, as well as increase your control over the iron element. It could be considered the most crucial skill to be mastered, as it was a turning point for newbies.

Beginner origin ability refinement was even more incredible.

This was a general skill. Anyone could learn it! It existed solely for one reason, to significantly reduce energy consumption.