Godly Model Creator Chapter 14

Gmc Chapter 14

Chapter 0014 To kill!

After half an hour, though Su Hao finally managed to escape the pinch, he was in a sorry state. His clothes were in a mess as if he was a girl who had just been humiliated.

This hunting plan, officially failed!

He had tried this tactic several times and everytime there were no exceptions. Whenever a berserk red jackal had fallen by his shot, the rest of the group would charge madly at him.

It was enough to kill him several dozen times over.

Fortunately, Su Hao had remembered this terrain by heart. If not, if he were to run into dead ends, obstructions or in the territory of a strong beast, he really did not know how he would cope.

Fuck, how much hatred do you have? Going such lengths for revenge. Each one of them was as if they had consumed aphrodisiac.

Su Hao cursed and then had a very strange idea. Aphrodisiac?

No matter what kind of drug he used, there would never be a way to prevent oneself from being attacked by berserk red jackal. However, seems that you can use it in another way.

Su Haos eyes shined and finished todays trip.

When he arrived back to the city, Su Hao sold the fangs in his possession. With the money he gained from the sale, he bought a lot of lime powder, accelerating agents, dyeing agent, temperature equipment and lots of pheromones. He took the whole night to study deeper about the characteristics of berserk red jackals. The following day, he visited the location of the berserk red jackals nest again.

After he found a small group of berserk red jackals, Su Hao hid himself within the trees nearby.

Model analysisactivate!!!

In his mind, the scene changed. A berserk red jackals mini-model appeared in the middle of his mind. After Su Hao remembered every detail carefully, Su Hao returned back to reality and readied himself to start his plan.


Su Haos hands movement was extremely fast in executing all the procedures. Slowly forming the shape he wanted, Su Hao inserted the temperature equipment into it. Very soon, a berserk red jackal was created.

Yes, what Su Hao did right now was the essence of model analysisconstructing a model!

This is not like the usual model within his mind; constructing a virtual model according to the target data analysis but a real model! Fortunately, although Su Hao did not have much contact about this skill, he was able to get work started easily after comprehending the procedures for the whole night.

With his origin ability [Model Analysis], creating a model was definitely an easy task.

After finishing the base structure, Su Hao began the dyeing process. He did not have to pay too much attention on the details. As long as it looked like a real one, it should be fine. Soon, a lifelike berserk red jackal was born.

Not bad. Su Hao nodded with satisfaction. This time, he had considered a lot of factors. Even the temperature of a berserk red jackal was taken into account too. Thus, halfway through the process, he placed a tool which would allow him to control the temperature.

After completion, Su Hao used the accelerating agent so that this model can quickly condense and form the shape. Finally, on the outer surface, he covered it with pheromones.

A females pheromone, a kind of scent which would arouse and stimulate the berserk red jackal. After he sprinkled it on top of the model, he then placed it at an easily noticeable location.


A breeze flew past. The wind mixed with the pheromones started to drift towards the closest group of berserk red jackals.

The group had only 7 berserk red jackals. Only three reacted to the smell. They looked at the berserk red jackal at a distance away as if they had seen a peerless beauty. They began to get excited and rushed to the direction of the model at a high speed.

Those three red jackals were getting faster and faster. Soon, they were closing in on the model.

Behind the model, there were some small trees. Su Hao was hidden among them. Taking out his small bow, he began to aim at the fastest red jackal and shot!


Once the arrow was fired, a berserk red jackal fluttered for a moment and then dropped to the ground.

The other two immediately halted their movements. Once they saw Su Hao, they began to recognize an unknown smell. Without further ado, they began to rush over madly.

Su Hao looked at the two red jackals with an icy gaze. Without any fear, he pulled out his bow, took aim, and shot!


A berserk red jackal had been hit by the arrow. Its whole body began to feel weak and dropped to the ground. The other one pounced with its mouth open wide, wanting to bite his throat.

Su Hao noticed that the threat was getting close to him and started to move forward and crouched at the last moment. Just like that, the red jackal leaped over his head. Taking this opportunity, Su Hao raised his small bow and shot at it.


An arrow shot out. The recoil coupled with his unstable footing pushed him to the ground. As for the final red jackal, it was weakly lying on the ground.


Su Hao sighed. He excitedly stepped forward to slit their throats, confirming they were killed. After finishing them, he began to harvest the fangs.

Another breeze blew past. The heavy bloody odor began to spread. At the distant hillside, the remaining four berserk red jackals raised their heads. Their whole body began to show sign of alertness.

Su Hao began to feel a crisis. Those sensitive noses of the berserk red jackals can also smell this?

In this urgent situation, Su Hao immediately changed his plan. He jumped out from his hiding spot and stood at the right side of the model. Facing their direction, he began to shot the arrow.


A berserk red jackal had been hit and crumpled down to the ground.

The remaining three began to howl. They instantly dashed forward. Su Hao, who was lacking any time to prepare, threw the model he created towards their direction.


With the model with exact size as a real berserk red jackal was being thrown, the three rushing red jackals were caught and rolled over the ground together with the model. It was obvious they were startled by it and could not figure out what was happening.


It was another sharp arrow being fired. Yet another berserk red jackal dropped to the ground.

At this point, the model hit on a huge rock and kacha! It was broken into several pieces. The remaining two red jackals were furious and madly rushed towards Su Hao.


This time it was very close, only about 1.5 meters away from Su Hao, he shot an arrow and killed one of them. He quickly turned his body to face the remaining berserk red jackal who was rushing towards him.

The current him, who had hunted numerous berserk red jackals, he had a lot of experience facing a lone red jackal. Very easily, it was beheaded by Su Hao!

Without a group, it was never a threat to him at all.

After finishing the last berserk red jackal, Su Hao did not relax even for a bit. He quickly pulled out the fangs. Once the beheading and the fang extracting process was done, he immediately left the scene.

Just now, the berserk red jackals keen sense of smell nearly ruined his plan. He naturally would not repeat the same mistake again.

It was a sure thing that after departure of Su Hao, a group of berserk red jackal passed through the scene. After tracking the smell, they finally arrived at the scene of the fight. Noticing the bloody scene, they started howling in succession. The surprising part was that they began to track down the route taken by Su Hao when he left. While sniffing with their nose, they began to gradually catch up with Su Hao.

Humans had the wisdom of mankind. Berserk red jackals had their own wisdom too.

Su Hao, hearing the howls, was sure he made the right decision. If he did not leave the scene as fast as he could, he really did not dare imagine how was he going to survive.

Berserk red jackals are good in tracking. If not, how could Su Hao be chased by them for a few miles yesterday.

Thus, today, Su Hao would not give them even a slight chance. He directly headed back to the city. As for the berserk red jackals, even if you give them the courage of dragons, they would still not dare come close to the city gate of Jianghe city.

Once Su Hao stepped into the city, he was finally able to let out a sigh of relief.

Every time he stepped outside the city, his heart would be alarmed. Whenever he was returning to the city, the dense bloody odor surrounding him could attract any random berserk beast.

Once he reached home, Su Hao washed himself and started to count his harvest for the day.

Although the process seemed easy, Su Hao was very clear that each step carried a huge risk. If there was even a slight misstep, he could be killed instantly. With his current physical condition, if he was pincer attacked by two berserk red jackals, he would definitely die without a doubt!

However, through strategy, a group with a total of seven berserk red jackals was cleanly swept by Su Hao.

On the other hand, his profits were close to nothing! Berserk beast pheromones and the other materials he needed to build the model werent cheap. After using up the materials to build the model, in Su Haos possession, there were only 14 fangs left.

In order to buy the materials for the model, he had sold exactly 14 fangs. Besides keeping one for his self defense, he sold off the rest of them!

It could be said that Su Hao had spent on countless of stuff and wasted a few days of his time. Yet, the profit was still zero.

Regarding this, Su Hao could only smile bitterly, No wonder nobody had managed to finish this task till now, this is really.

Fortunately, he was not aiming for the reward.

Before this I collected 15 fangs, adding up the 7 new fangs, there are still 8 fangs left. Su Hao calculated silently in his heart and prepared to take a break.

With the first hunting experience gained, Su Hao was getting more skilled during the second time. There were no unnecessary actions. He saved up a lot of the consumption and went straight for the objective.

Eight more fangs. However, a team with eight berserk red jackals, Su Hao did not dare to go near them at all.

Yesterday, he was walking on top of a tight rope. If there was an additional berserk red jackal, he would definitely be overwhelmed.

While slowly and cautiously wandering in the woods, Su Hao would occasionally stick out his head and observe the abandoned outskirts hoping that there were a group of red jackals passing by.

After Su Hao finished building the model, he was hidden in the dark and only revealed a pair of bright eyes. Until he found a team of seven berserk red jackals, Su Hao would lie in wait.

It was almost the same process as yesterday. But with yesterdays practice, he had an easier time slaughtering them. After easily finishing off the red jackals, he extracted their fangs and left the scene.  

Back at the city, Su Hao once again exchanged for the materials with seven fangs. After cleaning himself and washing the strong bloody odor, he went out of the city again.

He only had one fang on him. As long as he met a small group or a lone wandering red jackal, he could easily complete the task.

However, that afternoon, luck was not on Su Haos side. He waited for the whole afternoon and not even one small group of red jackals could be found.

The smallest group he could find was eight of them!

Su Hao was actually tempted to try hunting them. At the very last moment he was able to endure the temptation.

When the sky started to turn dark, Su Hao quietly went back to the city.

He was very clear of his strength. Once it was over seven red jackals, it was out of his capability. Blindly rushing forward was not called being brave, but seeking your own death.