Godly Model Creator Chapter 141

Gmc Chapter 141

Chapter 0141    Different talent

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Silly girl.

Su Hao rubbed Su Lings little head, yet his heart sighed in sorrow.

She was in her second year of high school, yet her origin ability had already reached 9.3 points!

Su Lings talent was too terrifying!

Although he taught her himself, Su Lings understanding of fighting techniques was very good, much better than his own!

Could an ordinary family really have two geniuses appear at once? 

Although Su Haos origin ability talent was pretty poor, his understanding of fighting technique was quick. In addition to his model analysis, his own comprehension speed had significant merit. 

Looking at things from a biological standpoint, the majority of talent would be received from ones parents, excluding any mutations.

A single mutation might have been possible, but two? The possibility was very narrow. His mother, Li Xiaoru, couldnt integrate her origin ability and was nothing more than an ordinary citizen. As for his other half Perhaps, their talents had come from their father? 

There will be a day where I will investigate this thoroughly!

Bro, my hair is a mess now.

Su Ling voiced out her dissatisfaction and interrupted Su Hao.

Su Hao smiled, Ling Er, these four basics, will get much harder at later stages. You have mastered advanced basic fighting technique. As a second year, youve already done very well! I could teach you police fighting technique, but are you certain you want to learn it?

Of course!

Su Ling formed a tiny fist, The day of the mock exam, I saw the results on the list. All the private school students had already learned police fighting technique, and intermediate at that! How could I, Su Ling, be any weaker than them? Not only do I want to learn it, I want to learn the advanced version! I will give them a surprise during next years mock exam! 


Su Hao laughed out loud, Great! Since you want to learn, brother will teach you then! Watch well!

Su Hao controlled his strength as he walked in front of the sandbag. Beginner fighting technique was put on display. One by one, each move was displayed and aimed at the sandbag. Because the main objective would be capture, the force was that powerful. Under Su Haos control, it was more like a dance.

Each move was clearly put on display. 

This was the culmination of several peoples experiences. He was very clear about his sisters body and fighting condition. With her advanced yoga technique, this demonstration was but a brisk exercise for her body. 

As expected.

Su Hao had only demonstrated twice and already noticed that Su Ling was beginning to catch up.

Very soon, all the movements were mastered.

Afterwards, the two of them sparred against each other. Su hao was very careful, allowing her to familiarize herself with the movements. After an hour, Su Ling had finally imprinted every movement into her mind. 

It was easy to learn, but hard to train!

After remembering these movements, the remainder would all be hard work!

This was something nobody could help with!

Only after integrating all the movements into your heart and muscles could you be considered to have grasped it completely. 

During his learning process, Su Hao had used his model analysis to transfer the experiences of the person he copied into his mind, allowing him to train faster! For his sisters training, he could only watch from the sideline. 

With Su Lings talent, however, she didnt require any help.

Su Hao smiled indifferently as he watched Su Ling train. He believed that very soon, she would be able to cast out each movement perfectly.

Brat, sleep earlier!

I know bro! I am just getting familiar with these movements. I need to get more familiar with them. It would be troublesome if I forget them tomorrow!

Su Hao helplessly shook his head and headed back to his room.

As he thought about the events that transpired today, he was speechless! It had been a day full of action! 

During the day, he had caught countless berserk beasts for his master. Then, he had attended the piano concert at night. After coming out, he was even greeted with a challenge from Sun Yaotian.

The biggest harvest this time should be pianos origin ability technique!

Su Hao pondered for a moment.

If he was to count, he had managed to obtain 4 cards  today! Beginner music foundation, beginner origin ability control, beginner piano performance, and also a pianos origin ability technique, I Love You So Much.

Piano had a minimal effect on combat, but it played an important role in other aspects. Therefore, it was an important instrument.

With the existence of pianos origin ability technique, pianist was definitely a glorious career in this day and age. 

The reason he learnt it was also because of this. If he encountered any trauma in the future, he wouldnt have the luxury of finding Master Feng! Playing one or two music pieces during his free time would be highly beneficial to boty his body and mental health!

Although he had learned these four cards, it would be awhile before he had a solid grasp over them. 

Pianos origin ability technique, music foundation, piano performance, these were things he couldnt train. The price of origin ability piano was enormous!

Didnt you see that the whole concert only used two pianos for the whole stage?

Along with Master Fengs personal piano,there had been a public piano. The complexity of origin ability energy and technology made the price very high!

His family was finally living well after struggling for such a long time. If he was to buy a piano, perhaps his family would be driven into poverty again.

Well, if I have time, I will go outside and train then.

Su Hao continued pondering. Jianghe City had a specially prepared piano training room. Going there would be cost effective. If he had free time, he would go there instead.

Todays main character would be the fourth card, beginner origin ability control!

Within these four cards, the one card which had an effect on combat capability was this!

Excluding Su Hao, almost everyone who had origin ability would master beginner origin ability control first. 

At first, he hadnt prioritised this, but his demands for origin ability energy had kept increasing. Su hao had obviously been overwhelmed. His model analysis already had several abilities. Each one of them required a large amount of energy. From character modeling to object modeling and so on, each one of them was a huge energy drain! 

How would he control his own origin ability?

Su Hao clearly understood his control couldnt be considered strong nor weak. Even if he had a perfect integration with the skill he learned, there would still be wasted energy. For every 100 units of energy, he would consume an additional 20 units.

If he was able to take back those 20 units, it would be similar to increasing his overall energy by 20 percent. This was quite a substantial figure.

Su Hao pondered for a bit. He really didnt have much skill on origin ability

This is really a sad fact

Su Hao bitterly smiled. As he sat cross legged with both eyes closed, his mind began to work and began to cultivate. Shortly after practicing, a mechanical voice interrupted his cultivation. 

Ding, dingding, ding

With his eyebrows wrinkled, Su Hao opened his eyes and looked at the table. There was an older model phone, an ancient a920 phone with a giant screen. After receiving his new communication device from the natural selection class, he had turned it off and placed it on the table. He never expected it to ring after such a long time. 

As he walked toward it, the phone automatically booted up, flashing a reminder at him.

The automatic reminder he had previously set had arrived. The phone would automatically boot up and issue a reminder ringtone. It was worthy of being an ancient phone. After more than a month, its battery hadn't dropped the slightest. 

Just thatat this time, what reminder did he have?

Su Hao opened the reminder with curiosity. Reading the contents, he was rooted in place, with a complex expression on his face.

Someones birthdayis coming.