Godly Model Creator Chapter 142

Gmc Chapter 142

Chapter 0142    Coming of age ceremony

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies


Title: Birthday

Date: October 30th

Content: Good friend, Chen Yirans birthday


In just a period of two months, things have gone horribly wrong.

Su Hao sighed emotionally.As a friend, he naturally remembered Chen Yirans birthday. However, the current situation was no longer the same as two months prior. Could the current him really attend Chen Yirans birthday?

Usually, Chen Yirans birthday was celebrated rather discreetly.

It was usually a simple meal with family members. During the day, Su Hao would give her a present. Things were a bit different this time around though. 

Because Chen Yiran was going to be 18 years old!

For wealthier families, the adults would typically organize a coming of age ceremony for the 18th birthday. The Chen family would naturally hold a large party, inviting celebrities and other important figures to their home. With his current status, he wouldnt qualify to step a single yard past the main gate. 

Su Hao shut down the phone with a heated expression. 

To go or not to go?

Even after pondering over it for a long time, he still couldnt make up his mind. In the end, he simply gritted his teeth and pushed the decision to the day of her birthday.  

The most important matter was currentlycultivation!

Su Hao sat cross legged with his eyes closed. He cleared away all distractions and immersed himself in his cultivation. 

The night passed by in silence. 

The next morning, Su Hao headed to the martial arts building after finishing his meal.

The nights training hadnt gone to waste. Hed managed to get the hang of beginner origin ability control, reducing his energy consumption by roughly 10 percent. This contributed to increasing his overall strength. 

Heaven rewards the diligent.

No matter the situation, Su Hao would never let himself relax.

Although he had been preoccupied with pharmacy and piano this entire week, he didnt slack off in training body forging technique and military fighting technique. Whether it was pharmacy or piano, both were only accessories towards increasing his overall strength. 

Of course, if someone could reach the level of Master Feng, they would also become an existence worthy of respect. However, even Master Feng needed the protection of others due to his deficiency in combat strength. 

In Su Haos opinion, the senior that had created falling stars was the epitome of a powerful existence. 

With just a wave of their hand, countless terrifying existences within the desert had been reduced to ashes. This...this was a truly powerful esper.

Su Hao had been impatient to learn more about his model analysis countless times. 

However, there was one thing he was certain of. His current focus should be the college entrance exam! If he devoted himself to studying his model analysis and ended up failing to enroll in Zhanzheng College, that would be a cruel joke.

He wouldnt throw away a watermelon to pick up sesame seeds. 

Thus. Su Hao had been concentrating on increasing his physical fitness and fighting technique. However, if someone were to bring a gift to his doorstep, he definitely wouldnt be polite Especially if that gift was Sun Yaotians beginner origin ability refinement! 

As he stepped into the martial arts building, Su Hao frowned. 

This wasnt the first time that he had come here. That was why he was able to feel the minute differences the moment he entered. There werent any loud noises and the environment was lacking liveliness. It was far too quiet. 

As he slowly entered, Su Haos eyebrows twitched. Within the entire martial arts building...only Sun Yaotian and his friends were present. 

Youre pretty punctual.

Sun Yaotian said this in a mocking tone. This was because the virtual clock on the wall showed a time of exactly 10 am. Su Hao had arrived right on time.

I have always been a student who is punctual.

Su Haos mouth raised in a smirk. As he glanced around, he captured a lot of information. 

Su Hao had only brought the people from yesterdays incident at Golden Hall with him. There werent any outsiders present. It seemed that Sun Yaotian still held some lingering feelings of fear. The martial arts building was so empty that an echo could be heard. This could only mean one thing. Sun Yaotian had booked the entire building. 

For a wealthy second generation family like his, booking the martial arts building wasnt a difficult task for him.

Entering martial art training room.

Both of them stood facing each other, separated by a distance of ten meters. Sun Yaotians friends stood far away from them, afraid to get caught in the crossfire. 

Su Hao took a quick look at these friends of his. From their clothing, he could guess that they were also from rich families. Of these three people, however, one of them was much shorter. His clothes were extremely colorful, like something straight out of a comic book. It made him look like a clown. Another was the same height as Sun Yaotian, thin like bamboo and dressed in a gray robe. He was obviously a teengaer, but his appearance made him look like an elderly priest. 

The last person was a fatty. He had a chubby body with a permanent smile affixed to his face.

Su Hao laughed at this scene. It seems a flower needed leaves to amplify its beauty. 

Sun Yaotian, as an experienced playboy, definitely knew that most girls would lock their vision onto him upon encountering this group. 

In regards to attracting women, Su Hao could only admit his inferiority. 

Indeed worthy of being the Sun familys young master. He even chooses his friends so meticulously. Su Hao said.

Thanks for your praise.

The big fat boy said so in a cheerful manner.

The short clown instantly slapped his face, Damn, cant you tell he was being sarcastic?

The stick-like bamboo figured only looked on in silence.

Sun Yaotian sneered, Since youre here, stop uttering nonsense! In todays duel, I will definitely take my revenge!

With an evil grin, the entire body of Sun Yaotian released an aura, with a large amount of origin ability energy covering his body. You could clearly see that his bodys surface had been covered with a layer of silver white iron. From his clothes to his body, he appeared to have been reincarnated as an armored warrior. His entire body radiated a strong pressure. 



Sun Yaotian threw two fists into midair. Compared to their previous duel, the current him was much stronger.

Iron cloth armorcomplete!

A cold light flashed within Su Haos eyes. It seemed that primary iron element essence had provided quite a boon to Sun Yaotian. The previously weak iron armor cloth had been greatly improved. Sun Yaotians entire body had been covered in icy cold steel, transforming him into an armored warrior, emitting chilling killing intent. 

Sun Yaotians iron armor cloth no longer simply covered his body. It was now a true origin ability technique! Beginner iron element essence increased the talent of his origin ability. Plus, beginner origin ability refinement reduced the energy consumption of this iron armor cloth. These two skills he mastered had given him a substantial increase in strength. 

Not to mention, it was faster than before as well. 

The condensation of Sun Yaotians iron armor cloth took less than a second to complete!


After throwing two fists and getting familiar with his movements, Sun Yaotian directly rushed toward Su Hao.

Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng!

Sun Yaotian sprinted. His entire body had become incredibly heavy. Every step on the ground would produce a dull sound, as if an extreme weight was pressing down. Yet, his movement was so light. Step by step, he rapidly approached. While sprinting, he built momentum. 

As he neared Su Hao, his momentum had become so great that even Su hao could feel it. 

Such strong momentum!

Su Hao exclaimed. It was worthy of being a grade A ability. With just 13 points in origin ability, hed been able to emit such terrifying force. 

If he reacher 20 or 30 points later, this origin ability would probably show its true strength. As he looked coldly at the incoming Sun Yaotian, Su Haos face didnt change whatsoever as he stood there motionless.

Sun Yaotian had only needed a single second to close the gap of ten meteres between them. 


Sun Yaotian was even closer by now. A pair of fists aimed towards Su Haos chest. 


Su Haos figure evaded. Sun Yaotians blow hit on the wall of training room. A slight tremble could be felt. 

What a mighty punch, it was so powerful!

An opportunity!

A cold light flashed in Su Haos eyes. After evading, he didnt put any distance between them. Instead, he took the initiative to approach Sun Yaotian from behind and threw out a bombardment of punches.

His 350 points of physical fitness also produced the same scale of force.


Sun Yaotian coldly grumped. His face showed a hint of disdain. As he turned his body, he threw a punch of his own.