Godly Model Creator Chapter 144

Gmc Chapter 144

Chapter 0144    Repaying kindness

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies


A drop of blood hit the ground.The martial arts building was completely silent. Sun Yaotians three followers were dumbfounded. They were also amazed by the sudden emergence of the spike by Sun Yaotian. 

Obviously, this was out of their expectations.

Sun Yaotian, after getting rid of his psychological shadow, had not only grown in strength, but wisdom as well!

I have already told you, I will defeat you!

Sun Yaotian proudly looked at Su Hao, This is just the interest I received. Soon, I will take back everything that you have taken away from me!


Su Hao smiled indifferently. His eyes flashed as he quietly stared at him. 

Because at this moment, card establishment had been completed!

Despite the numerous confrontations theyd engaged in, card establishment was finished in just 15 seconds. 

It seemed that the time to establish a card was getting longer and longer. Due to all the distractions and Sun Yaotians movement, the required time had nearly doubled. Fortunately, everything was finished now!


A loud rumble resounded within his mind. A gray card appeared.

Name: Beginner origin ability refinement

Rating: 2 star

Description: Able to increase the quality of origin ability energy, reducing energy consumption


Su Hao sighed in relief. Yet another high tier card had entered his possession. If he persisted in completing the card progress, another 100 points would be within his grasp. The most important thing would be that his terrifying energy consumption would be alleviated somewhat. 

Since he had obtained what he wanted, it was time to play.

Su Hao looked at Sun Yaotian who was standing some distance from him.He slowly raised his head, the corner of his mouth revealing a smirk. Since you gained an advantage right now, its time to repay the favor. 

Su Hao coldy stood there, not bothering to check his injury. The iron smell of blood entered his nostrils, returning him to a state similar to when hunting wild beasts.

Sun Yaotian looked at Su Hao, who was currently emitting a completely different aura from before, in surprise. After being injured, Su Haos aura had undergone such a huge change. 

Obviously, he didnt know that Su Hao had simply been distracted with his card modeling earlier on. 

When Su Hao seriously confronted someone, he would never underestimate them!

Trying to trick me?

Sun Yaotian coldly laughed for a second. His figure rushed forward once again. A pair of iron clad fists made their way over towards Su Hao once again. 

Su haos eyes glinted.. His body flashed as it disappeared.

Using the speed granted to him by his 350 point of physical fitness, he appeared behind Sun Yaotian. This young master was simply unable to react in time. 


A punch was directed at Sun Yaotian from behind. 

As expected, a sharp spike emerged from the spot where Su Haos fist landed. He managed to pull back just in time to avoid being struck. If he had been slower by a millisecond, his fist would have probably been pierced through. 

Iron element control was truly exquisite!


Sun Yaotian spit out blood. The formidable force behind Su Haos punch had dealt some serious damage to him. 

Military fighting technique!

Sun Yaotian was livid as he spat out the name of this technique. Su Hao had managed to master military fighting technique in such a short amount of time! 

Basic fighting techniquepolice fighting techniquefighting essenceif you added military fighting technique, Su Haos fighting technique was rapidly approaching the limit!

Hadnt the information he received said that Su Hao was stuck at 12 points of origin ability? 

Wasnt he supposed to be reaching his bottleneck?

The situation here didnt look good. 

The game is only starting

Su Hao sneered. His figure flashed as he charged once again. 


Su Hao threw yet another punch at Sun Yaotians back, aimed at the same spot as before.


He moved again, with a third punch on its way. 

Feeling the incoming breeze, Sun Yaotian finally reacted. A sharp spike appeared at the same spot. Unfortunately for him though, Su Haos punch was directed directly next to the spike, hammering down with full force. 


Yet another mouthful of blood sprayed out.

The speed gap was too huge.

Everything was useless when faced with overwhelming speed. 

Sun Yaotians face turned cold. Surprisingly, the iron cloth armor vanished. Both of his fists clenched together, as the iron elements turned into numerous iron needles, floating in front of him. It was a chilling sight. 

There were dozens of iron needles. 

Suspended in front of Sun Yaotian, they were obviously aimed at Su Hao. 


Su Haos pupils contracted.



Countless iron needles shot out towards Su Hao. Driven by origin ability energy, the needles flew in a straight line at a high speed. 

Rows of needles covered the surrounding.

There was nowhere to hide!


A cold light flashed within Su Haos eyes. Out of nowhere, he stomped on the ground.

The ground shook. Su Hao used the momentum to propel himself into the air and brushed through the ceiling, evading the countless needles. 



A few iron needles had managed to pierce through Su Haos clothing. His clothes appeared rather ragged, but he managed to avoid any new injuries. 


Su Hao directed a bicycle kick at Sun Yaotian, knocking him backwards. 


Sun Yaotians figure flew backwards, striking the wall behind with significant force. With a loud crash, he fell to the ground.

The surrounding area was completely silent. 

The gray clothed youths reaction was the fastest. With a few steps, he quickly dashed to Sun Yaotian to help him up. The short guy and fat boy also followed along in panic.

A bottle of drugs was consumed. Only then did Sun Yaotian manage to stand up. 

Sun Yaotian had lost in a miserable fashion. 

Even so, his mouth still revealed a trace of a smile as he said to Su Hao in a flat tone, You won.

The short guy looked at him with a horrified expression. He could still laugh in this moment, perhaps he had become a retard

A strange look could be seen from Su Haos eyes. However, he finally understood.

Sun Yaatian had been looking forward to this duel for a long time. 

After Master Feng had removed the shadow on his heart, he had come here to verify things, without caring about the outcome. Everything had proceeded as expected. 


Su Hao shook his head and smiled before preparing to turn around and leave.

Since he had obtained what he wanted, there was no longer any need to stay here.

Su Hao!

Sun Yaotian suddenly stopped him.


Su Hao looked back, If you still want to be beaten. I dont mind accompanying you.

Youre looking down me, Sun Yaotian, too much.

Sun Yaotian sneered, Hatred is hatred. Kindness is kindness. No matter what, you did save me once in the task store. To return the favor, I will give you something.

Su Haos eyebrows twitched, but he didnt reply. 

Chen Yirans birthday is at the end of this month. You should be aware of this, right? Sun Yaotian revealed a strange expression.

Su Hao kept silent.

It seems that you do know about this.

Sun Yaotian sneered, True, how could you possibly forget. This is in return for you saving me. From now on, were equal. The next time we meet, it will be war!

Sun Yaotian handed over a red card. Su Hao opened it and had a look. It turned out to be an invitation to Chen Yirans birthday!

Su Hao was shocked.

He had hesitated in participating in Chen Yirans birthday because it was a coming of age ceremony. It was a significant day for Chen Yiran! He never expected to receive an invitation from none other than Sun Yaotian! 

This was extremely ironic!

That time when Sun Yaotian had been in a crisis, the only one who stood up and helped was Su Hao.

And now, when Su Hao needed an invitation, the one who had helped him turned out to be Sun Yaotian? 

Sun Yaotian was this kind?


Absolutely not!

Su Haos mind moved like electricity and instantly understood. This Sun Yaotianhe must be trying to use the pressure from the upper class to attack him.

Chen Yirans coming of age ceremony, if Su Hao appearedwhat would the result be?

The countless wealthy people invited by the Chen family would gossip endlessly. Was that a good thing for Chen Yiran? For the Chen family, was that something good? 

When it was time gifts, could Su Hao give a surprising gift?

If it was too ordinary, perhaps even Chen Yiran would be ridiculed See, that is the boyfriend Chen Yiran fancied, haiya, so poor Yeah, Chen Yirans boyfriend is only so.

Su Hao didnt care about this, but that didnt mean that he didnt have to consider Chen Yirans feelings. 

This invitation he had eagerly been waiting for had become a headache!