Godly Model Creator Chapter 146

Gmc Chapter 146

Chapter 0146    Evaluate

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Sun familys living room.

Sun Batian sat there quietly. After keeping silent for quite some time, he faintly said, Yingzi, come out.


A shadow flashed.

A man in black appeared in front of Sun Batian. He had one knee on ground as he held a sheathed sword that gave off a rather unusual aura. His demeanor gave the feeling that a terrifying power would be unleashed with the unsheathing of the sword. 

Tell me again what happened at that time.


The man in black relayed the entirety of the events that had transpired in the martial arts building. Of course, there wasnt much to convey other than the fact that Sun Yaotian had challenged Su Hao and lost. Sun Yaotian had appeared to regain his confidence, but everything had changed after Su Hao uttered that sentence. 

With a single line, all of Sun Yaotians advantages disappeared and even the treatment of his psychological shadow had nearly collapsed! 

One careless mvoe and the entire game was lost. 

Sun Yaotian was completely defeated once again.

A good move, a good scheme! Sun Batian praised, He was able to use all the clues to deal blows in both fighting and psychological aspects. This Su Haoworthy of being the top student amongst the freshmen.

Yingzi who was still kneeling on the ground was confused about Sun Batians intentions.

Was this sarcasm?

Or perhaps it really was praise?

He was a bodyguard trained by Sun family that had reached the level of a professional variant esper. Now, he only had one taskprotect Sun Yaotian! Normally, he would hide in the darkness and monitor Sun Yaotian. Unless there was a life and death crisis, he wouldnt appear. 

He wouldnt have shown himself today if Sun batian hadnt requested it. 

By calling him right now Perhaps there was a new task? For exampleto assassinate Su Hao?

Thinking of this, Yingzis eyes shined, Master, should I make Su Hao

No need!

Sun Batian interrupted him, You dont have to intervene in the matter between Yaotian and Su Hao. Remember, your task is to protect Yaotian!


Yingzi respectfully replied.

Sun Batian then calmly said in a majestic tone, Su Hao is the ultimate test I prepared for Yaotian! It is part of the process of molding him into a strong esper. This route, he must walk alone till the end. If you kill Su Hao, Im afraid Yaotians achievements would stop here.

As the successor to the Sun family, if Yaotian cant even face a student like Su Hao, how could he face the enemies of the Sun family? How could he face those wolves with the ambition of toppling the Sun familys power?

Yingzi came to a realization. So this was what was going on. Masters plans werent something he could have guessed. In order to train Sun Yaotian, master had made many sacrifices. 

I believe young master will understand your intentions.

I dont need him to understand. Sun Batian sneered, As long as he can inherit the Sun family, who cares f he understands? Too badif Yaotian was half as smart as Su Hao,  I wouldnt even mind passing the Sun family to him.

Yingzi was shocked at this.


Such a high evaluation!

Master actually had such a high evaluation of Su Hao!

Noticing the puzzled look of Yingzi, Sun Batian casually said, Su Hao, he himself knew that he was a stepping stone. It is precisely because of this point that he isnt worried about me killing him. Even in a huge crisis, Su Hao would be able to find a good position accurately. Even a stepping stone can light up brightly! Such people, although he might not become the strongest esper, he will be successful!

Yingzi was shocked to the point of being unable to speak. 

For so many years, he had never heard master give such a high evaluation of a teenager that was still a student! He would inevitably have great achievements? This...a grade E talent student that was doomed to to have no future? 

Alright, you can go now. You just have to protect Sun Yaotian well.

Sun Batian calmly said.

Yingzi nodded and once again disappeared into the air.

Kill Su Hao

Sun Batian sighed. Looking at the virtual screen on the coffee table, he mumbled, Already missed the best chance.

On the coffee table, a layer of virtual screen shown.

Above the screen, all sorts of information was displayed. Obviously, he had been enjoying the content above before Sun Yaotian came. The top line had a title - Pharmacist Association, berserk master Zhang Zhongtians disciple has shown himself. This Su Hao is definitely someone to take note of!

If it was before, any ordinary student dying wasnt anything noteworthy. But now...there was a horrifying drug master standing behind Su Hao! Although the Sun family wasn't afraid of him, nobody would want to offend a drug master unless it was absolutely necessary. 

Because it was impossible to know how a drug master would seek his revenge!

Would you risk offending a powerful esper for the sake of someone who merely had the potential to become powerful? Or perhaps, kill someone who was a powerful esper himself? Only a retard would entertain such thoughts. 

So, the Sun family could no longer take it easy when facing Su Hao.

Outside the martial arts building.

Su Hao casually walked out. Since beginner origin ability refinement was now in his possession, it was time for him to train. 

As for the words he said to Sun Yaotian...he wasnt worried at all.

After his victory against Sun Yaotian, he could feel a faint murderous intent locking onto him.

Someone was protecting Sun Yaotian!

Su Hao was pretty sure that the moment he decided to deal a killing blow, that man hiding in darkness would give a fatal blow to him.

That was why Su Hao had decided upon this route. 

He believed that when Sun Yaotian told Sun Batian about the white killer, Sun Batian would definitely consult the bodyguard first. 

Everything had gone as he had predicted. 

Right now, Su Hao was more concerned with his own strength.

Although he had won, it was much harder than before. Sun Yaotians strength had improved tremendously since they previously fought.

That emergence of a spike, endless iron needles

Sun Yaotians strength was in a period of rapid growth. 

As for Su Haos strength, it increased at a slow pace. This was especially true for grade A origin abilities. As the special characteristics of the origin ability began to show, the absolute advantage of fighting technique and physical fitness would be continuously reduced.

The current me, can I win while facing Zhou Wang?

Su Hao asked himself this, but was unable to come up with an answer. 

In fact, he had never fought with Zhou Wang before. Zhou Wang, Bai Lingfeng, Li Xinplus the current Sun Yaotian

They were all rapidly progressing in strength! 

The role of talent is becoming more and more obvious. Su Hao pinched his own fist, My mutated model analysis, my model world, my future entirely depends on you guys


A burst of light could be seen in Su Haos eyes. No matter how strong the other side was, his heart would never waver!

Because he always believed that heaven rewarded the diligent!

After coming back home, Su Hao wrapped up his injury. As he drank a bottle of body restoration drug, he began to try breaking through beginner origin ability refinement.

Rush! Rush! Rush!

Once he mastered this skill, his origin ability would directly rush from 13.5 to 14.5 points. Of course, the most important aspect would be the improvement to his overall strength!



Su Hao was fully immersed in his breakthrough for a total of three days.

Besides eating and sleeping, all of his time was spent on training. His origin ability energy usage didnt stop at all as he tried to breakthrough while recovering at the same time. The progress of card reading slowly increased.

Even body forging technique and beginner military fighting technique training were not put aside. 

Every morning, he had to train body forging technique at least once. As for beginner military fighting technique, he had already had an incomparable mastery.

Based on Su Haos estimation, the best time for him to start training intermediate military fighting technique would be upon his return to school. As for beginner origin ability refinement, it would be read completely in just five more days!


Waking up from his training, he slowly stood up. In this quiet room of his, he could clearly heard the sound coming from his wrist.



Two vibrations and the communication device no longer moved!

Su Hao activated the virtual screen and his eyes suddenly lit up. Task!