Godly Model Creator Chapter 147

Gmc Chapter 147

Chapter 0147    Old wine

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A task had finally arrived!

Su Hao had set certain criteria within the task listing system in order to receive tasks that were only relevant to his interests.

Screening out all the tasks with too few reward points!

Tasks with a low star rating were excluded!

Tasks which required 15 points of origin ability or more were completely ignored!

After excluding the trivial matters which had various conditions, the task list instantly refreshed itself. 

After all the extensive screening he had done, there were almost no tasks left! 

A task would occasionally appear, but they were far too difficult or dangerous. Su Hao had considered taking on some of these tasks, but had ultimately not accepted any. Another task had finally appeared. 

Su Hao opened it to have a look. The task information appeared.


Looking for long lost centuries old wine.

Task star: Two stars

Task requirement: None

Task receiver: None

Description: Im originally a villager from Fengshan Village of Jianghe City. During the outbreak of the origin ability era, I hurriedly fled, leaving the home unclean. Under the cellar in the backyard of my old home, there was this bottle of centuries old wine.

Task reward: 1000 task points.


1000 task points!

Su Hao had to admit, he was amazed by this.

Such a generous reward!

1000 task points was a huge amount! Previously, he had worked both day and night just to get a few hundred task points. If not for the video and his progress in the berserk beast domain, he didnt dare imagine how long it would have taken him to get body forging technique. 

This task reward of 1000 points was nearly twice as high as the blue dream butterfly and protecting little loli missions combined. 

The difficulty of this task

After calming down from the shock, Su Hao carefully read it again and started analyzing the description. 

For the most part, there wasnt anything special. It basically consisted of going back to a location and retrieving a bottle of wine. However, Su Hao paid attention to these words, Fengshan Village of Jianghe City. 

Fengshan Village

Such a familiar name.

Su Hao recalled something from the back of his mind and was startled. He remembered!

Fengshan Village was a small village in the remote areas of Jianghe City. There wasnt anything special about it. After the outbreak of the origin ability era, that place became entirely occupied by berserk beasts. The villagers had long ago fled into inner part of Jianghe City.

It seemed that this task wasnt that difficult.

Buttraveling from Jianghe City to Fengshan Village would require 4 hours with a suspension car!

4 hours wasnt too long, but to do so while driving a suspension car? 

There was no need to guess. Within several minutes of exiting the city, it would be completely wrecked by flying berserk beasts. 

If it was on the ground, the result would be the same. In a matter of minutes, berserk beasts would shred the car. A suspension car in the domain of berserk beats was like a lit torch. It was similar to a beautiful girl rushing into a pack of wolves.

The only method available to him was with his own feet. 

But...if he were to walk, this route would take more than 3 days!

Traveling through berserk beast territory for 3 days? 

Su Hao finally understood why this task was worth a full 1000 points!

If Im quick, it shouldnt take 3 days, I think. The reward to time spent ratio is quite high. Su Hao pondered for a moment. He carefully read it again and noticed something he had previously missed. 

Task receiver: None

Task receiver? I dont recall seeing this before.

Su Hao frowned. He was shocked as he checked the details of the system. Damn it!

The so-called task receiver, was a restriction requirement for accepting the task. Under normal circumstances, it would be a personal task. However, the task receiver was marked out this time! In other words, there was no limit to the number of people that could accept this task! In short, it meant that it didnt matter who you were or how powerful you were. As long as you could return the wine, you would receive the 1000 task points! 

For the school to post a 1000 task point reward, the reward offered must be enormous!

A cold light flashed within Su Haos eyes. If he was to accept this task, it meant that he would not only face berserk beasts, but others too! 

Su Hao pondered for a bit before gritting his teeth and accepting!

Why wouldnt I accept?

He had already given up several times. Was he going to give up every time?

Since he had mastered military fighting technique and his beginner origin ability refinement was still in progress, it was in his best interests to accept a task at this moment. 


Su Hao touched the accept button and instantly accepted this task. In an instant, a map of Fengshan village popped out. 

After tapping the automatic navigation option, a red road was marked out above the map. 

After comparing the route with a map of known berserk beat territories, you could clearly tell that many parts of the route required you to pass directly through the midst of berserk beast territories. It was very dangerous.

It seems that I have to make some preparations.

The same day, Su Hao went on a shopping spree in Jianghe Citys stores. 

When Su Hao returned home at night, everything had already been prepared.

The large package of compressed biscuits and travel essentials was enough to last him for quite some time. 

The small crossbow was the same weapon he had used when confronting red jackals. However, Su Hao had added something special to the arrows this time around. 

He also packed some outdoor equipment, bandages, clothes, and various bottles. 

There were several bottles of water to accompany the various drugs he had packed. Before leaving, he had deliberately gone to his masters store to take all sorts of drugs, both useful and useless. In short, he had taken a bottle of everything Master Zhangs face had turned green once again...

After packing up properly, Su Hao headed towards the citys outskirts early next morning. 

Most of the tasks he had taken were outside of the city. Su hao had already accustomed himself to this. After greeting Zhou tiancai and his colleagues at the city gates, he began his journey. 

The virtual screen projected from his wrist flickered as his navigator continued to guide him. 

Based on his analysis of the route last night, he had ended up creating a new route. The route suggested by the navigation route had been far too dangerous, traveling directly through the center of berserk beast territory. Su Hao had expected to perish before even reaching the halfway point.  

Thus, after doing his own research, he had come up with a completely different route from the suggested one. 

The distance was much longer than the previous route. The required detours would add at least another day to his travel time. However, this route only skirted the edges of berserk beast territory. Most of the time, passing through these areas wouldnt attract too much attention from berserk beasts. There were only a few spots where he couldnt avoid doing so. 

And the first one was the machinery wine factory!

This machinery wine factory was located at the suburban region of the north side of a vacant area, covering a huge amount of area. It was one of the recommended routes to take on the map as it was fairly straightforward. 

In order to avoid attracting the attention of the surrounding berserk beasts, Su Hao had to run through the entire factory!


Su Hao passed a familiar place. A group of red jackals noticed him and instantly rushed towards him, as if he had stepped on their tails.

Su Hao sneered and marched forward!




With a single punch each, Su Hao had killed all of those raging red jackals in the blink of an eye! 

This was too easy. With his much stronger physical fitness, a single punch was all he needed to kill red jackals.

Such a nostalgic feeling.

Su Hao smiled. As he was about to leave, he noticed a student carefully crawling in. He was surprised by the scene in front of him. 

An enemy?

A cold light briefly flashed within Su Haos eyes. However, he relaxed after noticing that this student was someone from his owns school. And...he was a second year student! 

Doing a task?

Su Haos mind moved. That student looked at him in alert and the red jackals under his feet. Su Hao suddenly laughed. 

Wasnt this similar to the previous him?


Su Hao kicked a few red jackals over, scaring the wits out of the student. 

Su Hao casually said, I will give you these materials. Quickly return after you finish your task. Very soon, this place will get rather hectic. It is better not to accept any tasks outside the city.

Thanks big brother.

The student gratefully said.

Big brother

Su Hao was speechless. Shaking his head, he  turned away. At that time, a student from Zhanzheng College had helped him and given him a good opportunity. This time, he had helped this little guy.

The cycle of karma was quite interesting.

After continuing his journey for a few hours, he had killed quite a number of berserk beasts. Su Hao had a look at the map. His heart was alert, In frontit should be that machinery wine bar.