Godly Model Creator Chapter 148

Gmc Chapter 148

Chapter 0148    Machinery wine factory

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Machinery wine factory was in fact, a wine factory.

The name Machinery had come about during the period where wine making machines had been introduced, due to a lack of imagination on behalf of the factory manager. When the era of origin ability arrived, a few rats that occupied the land mutated. Under the influence of origin ability, they became terrifying drunk rat beasts.

Drunk rat beasts had strength equivalent to 12 points in origin ability. It was a creature that crawled along the ground, with a huge body spanning half a meter in length. Its most prominent characteristic would be its mouth of razor sharp teeth. It clearly displayed its love of biting things. Because it had mutated in Machinery wine factory, it was rather fond of wine.

Su Hao looked at Machinery wine factory, which was still quite some distance from him, as these bits of information passed through his brain.

The navigation system had actually recommended several routes that didnt pass through this region, but Su Hao had other thoughts. He believed that Machinery wine factory was actually the most suitable route. 

Because drunk rat beasts were close combat beasts, Su Hao possessed enough capability to cope with them. The other routes were not as forgiving. For example, 500 meters to the left of Machinery wine factory was an area filled with all sorts of mutated bats. Facing their constant ultrasonic attack, Su Hao imagined that not even a speck of dust wouldnt be left behind if he were to recklessly travel there.

After quickly looking around to confirm that there were no other berserk beasts wandering around, Su hao entered Machinery wine factory. 


The sound exhibited by the iron door shocked Su Hao.

Luckily, the entirety of Machinery wine factory remained quiet on the interior. Su Hao raised his head to take a look around. The unfamiliar machines in front were most likely the wine making equipment. There wasnt a single drunk rat beast to be seen. 


Not a single berserk beast could be found. This type of situation only served to make Su Hao more vigilant. 

Su hao leaned against the wall closest to him to verify it as such, before slowly walking forward. By doing so, even if enemies were to appear, he wouldnt be surrounded by them. 


A drop of water fell. An echo resounded through the empty wine factory. 

Su Hao felt an ominous feeling. Why...was not even a single drunk rat beast appearing?

According to the knowledge he had learned in theoretical basis, if a berserk beast was unable to be found in its territory, that could only mean one thing. They had already all been killed by other berserk beasts! And of course, these berserk beasts had to be much more powerful. 

Su Hao wasnt willing to face such a powerful unknown enemy. 

There were too many variables, too many things that could go wrong. 


Su Hao remained extremely quiet, not bothering about the dripping noise. Whether or not there were berserk beasts, he just hoped that he could remain unnoticed as he traveled through this route. However, after walking close to 100 meters, he felt a sudden breeze from behind him. 


Su Hao stepped to the side and a shadow slammed into the wall. A large hole was formed in the process! 

Su Hao took a glance, revealing a trace of joy. 

Drunk rat beast!

It seems that this guy had survived elimination. 


Su Hao licked his lips and rushed forward.


The drunk rat beast furiously charged at Su Hao. With its four strong limbs and sparkling teeth accompanying those beady red eyes, it had caused the ordinary rats in the area to tremble. It leaped forward, heading towards Su Hao. 


Su Hao sneered. Since I already know that youre just a drunk rat beast, what is there to be afraid of?


Su Hao aimed a kick at the belly of the drunk rat beast with all of his strength. The drunk rat beast rolled on the ground, landing quite some distance from him

Su Hao was even more formidable than berserk beasts when comparing their strength.

This drunk rat beast only held an advantage through its sharp teeth. As long as he didnt give it an opportunity to bite him, this terrifying drunk rat beast was like a fish in front of a cat. 


The drunk rat beast picked itself up and rushed forward once again. Su Hao wrapped a white cloth around his right hand and punched forward. As the drunk rat beast reached Su Hao, its head came into contact with his fist.

This drunk rat beast, with its agile body and sharp teeth, was a headache for ordinary hunters.

However, compared to Su Hao who had better physical fitness, the only fitting description would be - too weak!

He had complete control over the situation!


Su Hao directed another punch at the drunk rat beast, causing it to stick to the wall. His fighting point instantly burst out, empowering his fist with origin ability energy. This punch landed directly on the drunk rat beasts belly. 


A flow of energy travelled through Su Haos fist into the drunk rat beast. Its body instantly halted all movements.  


Su Hao pulled his hands back towards his body and tightly wrapped the white cloth around his fist to his arm. 

This was something he had carefully packed. He had even packed multiple. There had been two points he had taken into consideration. Firstly, you would never know if they would have an additionally ability. If there were any infections or something similar, it would be rather troublesome for him. For Su Hao, who was a close combat fighter, it was even more dangerous. 

The other reason was...hygiene! 

Come on, that was still a rat no matter how you looked at it!


Yet again another drunk rat beast charged at him. Su Hao was shocked, but managed to quickly evade. Before he had the time to catch his breath, he saw yet another shadow emerge. Another drunk rat beast fell from above, rushing towards him. 

Damn it!

Su Hao cursed himself and quickly retreated.


With one in front and one behind him, Su Hao was sandwiched between these two drunk rat beasts. 


Su Hao sneered for a second as he pulled out the fang from his waist. Surprisingly, these berserk red jackal fangs had become an essential weapon of his. A few moments ago, when he had disposed of those red jackals, he had removed the fang that had appeared sharpest.


The drunk rat beasts didnt wait for him to ready himself and dashed forward. Su Hao felt rather tense upon being charged from both the front and back.

This distance

Su Haos mind quickly analyzed. Based on the distance and their charging speed, two two of the would reach him at the same time! Working in tandem, these berserk beasts appeared to have some wisdom. 

I will force you two to face me alone then.

Su Hao sneered and looked over, before rapidly rushing towards that direction. .


The drunk rat beast saw Su Hao coming over. Its small red eyes shined as it swiped its sharp claws at Su Hao.

Ci la

A splat of blood formed in the air. 

At the very last second, Su Hao had ducked as the drunk rat beast passed him. The fang in his hand had easily drawn a gaping wound on its belly. It fell to the ground and twitched several times before halting all signs of life. As for the second drunk rat beast that had courageously continued moving forward, Su Hao easily disposed of it. 

With his current strength, fighting an enemy with strength equivalent to 12 points in origin ability was far too trivial .


Su Hao saw a platform in front and leaped on top of it. 

Machinery wine factory was incredibly huge. Luckily, there weren't any complicated pathways that connected various areas together. The factory was a completely open space, with a straight path from the front door to the back door! There werent any doubts in his mind that if he kept rushing forward, he would reach the back door in no time! 

500 meters left!

Su Hao was on full alert. After reaching this point, there werent any walls around him. 

Both sides were full of machines. The only accessible path was the route forward. As he looked around, there wasnt a single drunk rat beast to be seen. However, Su Hao knew that they had hid themselves in the machinery to the left and right of him.


Su Hao took a step forward. He still couldnt detect any movement.


Yet another step forward without any movement. 


After taking a third step, a high pitched sound could be heard. A few drunk rats scrambled out from around him, quickly surrounding him.


Four of them!

Su Haos pupil contracted. One versus four?


Without giving Su Hao a chance to react, these four drunk rat beasts charged at Su Hao. Their speed was fast. Su Hao tightened his grip on the fang in his hand. He knew that this would be an all out war! 


Su Haos figure flickered and rapidly sprinted. It was the same action as before.

Since it was a one versus four situation, he managed to distance himself from three of them with his sprint. As he jumped forward, he fiercely drew a line across the belly of the drunk rat beast in front of him. 

Pu ci~