Godly Model Creator Chapter 150

Gmc Chapter 150

Chapter 0150    Battlefield

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If a drunk rat beast king were among them, it would be much easier to explain things. 

Su Hao felt that possessing too much knowledge was not always a good thing. For someone as detailed oriented as him, once he had any doubts, he would analyze the problem until he discovered a satisfactory solution! Of course, there was the advantage of being able to avoid most unexpected factors.

For the most part, this could be considered...the problems of a bookworm. 

Su Hao glanced at the blue dream butterfly. This brat had been cultivating by herself for such a long time. It seemed that their were some changes occurring to her. She had visibly grown in size. The lines on her body had also become more appealing, incomparable to that of any ordinary blue dream butterfly. If those girls in Jianghe City saw her, they would shriek in excitement. 

Huh, this is really strange. Su Hao whispered. 

What happened?

The blue dream butterfly was puzzled.

In general, most butterflies appear beautiful from afar, but disgusting close up. You blue dream butterflies are really strange. From top to bottom, youre all as flawless as jade. Such perfection. Su Hao praised. 

It isnt as beautiful as youre describing. The blue dream butterfly looked down as she replied in embarrassment. 

Can I touch you for a bit?

Su Hao unconsciously blurted out this question. 


The blue dream butterfly was shocked for a bit, but quickly reacted. With a red face, she shouted, You...you...rogue!


Su Hao was kicked. The small body of the blue dream butterfly had managed to produce quite a significant amount of force. 

Su Hao bitterly smiled. 

Damn, how could he have forgotten

Although a pet could be casually touched, this blue dream butterfly was technically a human. Additionally, she was a girl. If he touched her current body, it was probably the same as touching her real figure in her eyes. 


The blue dream butterflys stature flashed as it laid on his body. A light flashed and she disappeared. 

Hehe, Im sorry.

Su hao apologized to her. 


Youre really mad? Su Hao asked. Little brat, youve followed me for such a long time. Do you really not know what type kind of person I am? En? Dont be angry, I know what I did wrong. It was just that you really are too beautiful. Well...compared to when I saw your real figure, there wasnt much difference

Aiyaya, I hate you! Stop mentioning it!

A shy voice resounded within Su haos mind, Im not blaming you. Dont say any more! 

Su Haos mouth was raised in a smile. En It seems that she wasnt mad, just shy But really, how old was she? She was so shy Judging from her appearance, she should have been fourteen to fifteen years old. Well, it was quite interesting to occasionally tease girls. 

The little brat was so shy that she didnt dare to reveal herself. Su Hao hid himself near the main door to Machinery wine factory, quietly recovering his origin ability energy. 

An hour passed in the blink of an eye. 

Times up!

Su Haos eyes flashed, Its time to harvest.

He entered Machinery wine factory once again. There appeared to be quite a number of drunk rat beasts wandering around the factory. It seemed that after Su Hao had killed so many drunk rat beasts, more of them had come out to patrol the entrance. 

This group of drunk rat beasts was fodder for Su Hao. 


Holding the red jackal fang in his hand, Su Hao looked like a god of war. Everytime he dashed forward, he would slice open the belly of a drunk rat beast. They were easily penetrated. 

After 5 minutes, the entire wine factory was full of a desolate aura. 

All the drunk rat beasts had been cleaned up!

The rich smell of iron floated through the air. Su Hao headed towards the warehouse in the back and was greeted with a mess. 

All the drunk rat ebasts were lying on top of each other, foaming at the mouth. 

A bottle of toxins had managed to kill all the rats!

Even Su Hao frowned as he looked upon the countless carcasses littering the scene. He took a quick survey and couldnt identify a drunk rat beast king or anything else out of the ordinary. All his doubts had been dispelled with the death of those rats. 

To deal with these seemingly dangerous berserk rat beats, Su Hao had used the simplest method! Rat drug!

In the era before origin abilities, the best method of dealing with rats was using rat drug. However, after mutation, those rat drugs were completely useless. Despite their immunity, they were unable to hide their bodies and were forced to migrate out of the city. 

For these berserk beasts, ordinary drugs would obviously be useless. If specially made drugs were used instead though, that was an entirely different matter. 

Master Zhang had quite the assortment of toxic drugs at his place. Su Hao had taken a few bottles before coming here. This was the reason behind Master Zhangs green face

Its finally over

Su Hao indifferently walked towards the back door. 

A few seconds later, he had successfully left Machinery wine factory. 

As he walked outside, the fresh air allowed Su Hao to sigh in relief. Todays progress had been pretty smooth. He basically hadnt encountered any obstacles. 

After activating the map on the virtual screen, Su Hao carefully checked his chosen route once again, traveling towards his next destination.

Machinery wine factory was the the core of the suburban region. As long as he managed to pass through this area, things would become much easier. By travelling along the edge of berserk beast territory, he would be able to smoothly pass through the suburban region. 


Su Haos figure was like wind, moving swiftly.

This section was the intersection of two different berserk beast species territories. There usually wouldnt be many berserks beasts in this area. Since the drunk rat beasts had all been eliminated, things would be fine as long as he managed to pass through this section. 

Su Hao pondered to himself as he quickly moved forward. 

However, before he had even travelled 1000 meters, Su Haos face turned stiff. With the ruins off into the distance, there were several berserk beasts. They had a huge body, but Su Hao was unable to determine the species due to the cover provided by the ruins. However...that wasnt the main issue. 

The main issue was that these bastards were blocking his path out of all places!

In order to survive this section, taking this route was necessary!

Damn it!

Su Hao cursed to himself. This place shouldnt have had any berserk beasts. After all, this was still the territory of the drunk rat beasts. However, matters like this werent absolute. Occasionally, there would be retards acting out of the norm. This was an unexpected factor. After all, he could only plan ahead. As for whether he could implement the plan wasnt something he could guarantee. 

He eventually decided to continue. Why not?

If he didnt travel through here, he didnt dare imagine how long a detour would take! He also didnt know what type of berserk beast would pop up next. There were only a few berserk beasts in front of him. As long as he quietly walked past them, he should be able to avoid catching their attention! 

If he was discovered by them, he could only pray for his own safety. 

This was the residential area of the suburban region. Using the houses as cover, moving from one side to the other unnoticed wasnt the most difficult of tasks. The real difficulty was in preventing yourself from making noise. There was debris scattered across the surface of the ground. However, while this amy have been difficult for others, it was extremely easy for Su Hao. 

Model analysis, start!

Terrain modeling!


He began to map his path towards the ruins within his mind. 

After 3 seconds, the building model crashed. 

Su Hao opened his eyes. He was now aware of the places hed be able to evade the viewing angles of the berserk beasts as well as the places on the ground he had to avoid. Everything was crystal clear. 

As long as he passed this region, a downhill portion would be all that remained. Once he reached the downhill, he would have successfully passed through the territory of the drunk rat beasts, as well as those random berserk beasts. 

Lets go!

Like a cat, Su Hao slowly creeped forward behind the wall. With a moments effort, he reached the center of the district. With terrain modeling, he was able to reach this location quietly, as if he had been guided by God. As long as he avoided these beasts in front of him, he would be safe. 


Su Hao took a deep breath and cautiously continued. After taking two steps, not even his breathing could be heard. 

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.

Su Hao slowly crept closer. Based on his current location, he wasnt far from the downhill. He was currently four to five meters from the berserk beasts, allowing him to hear their breathing. 

A strange sound was heard mixed in with the breathing.

Su Haos facial expression became strange. 


These beasts It couldnt be...