Godly Model Creator Chapter 151

Gmc Chapter 151

Chapter 0151    Pulling bow, shooting bird

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Although he was an innocent virgin, that didnt prevent him from knowing the intricacies of procreation. 

As a bookworm, Su Hao openly watched both vague and violent materials in the name of scientific research. 

Pornography was obviously included within these materials. 

As he listened to the berserk beats, Su Hao could only lament at his bad luck. 

Even berserk beasts knew how to mate! 

Why couldnt they mate in their own territory? Why did they need to do so in the territory of the drunk rat beasts? 

Damn it!

Su Hao cursed. He decided to take his chances and quickly moved forward. However, after two steps, one of the berserk beasts suddenly let out a roar. A burst of origin ability energy exploded outward, collapsing the ruins in the area. Su Haos figure, which was currently tiptoeing, was completely exposed. 



Just a few minutes and you already couldnt hold it in anymore!

Was it that difficult to hold it in for a few more minutes? 

Although youre a berserk beast, as a male, you should have some dignity! After coming so quickly, where is your dignity? Forget about coming fast. Why did you have to seek trouble and cause such a scene? Although these houses were already in ruins, that didnt mean you could do anything you wanted. 

Zhi, zhi~

After noticing Su Hao, the berserk beasts roared. The strange roar finally stirred Su Hao into action. Upon taking a closer look, he was stunned!

The berserk beasts in front of him were none other than drunk rat beasts!

It was just that compared to ordinary drunk rat beasts, there were some obvious differences. In the group of six, there were four extremely powerful looking drunk rat beasts. As for the one in the middle, it was several times larger than ordinary drunk rat beasts. Its body was currently pressing on top of a common drunk rat beast. 

With his previous speculations, Su Hao was able to discern what was happening very quickly. 

This drunk rat beast king had brought along four of its brothers to play with

The reason that there were still wines remaining in Machinery wine factory was due to the limitations set by the drunk rat beast king. 

Without the drunk rat beast king to oversee them, the rats had gone wild and binged on wine, resulting in being poisoned by Su Haos toxic drug. 

No wonder Su Hao had an ominous feeling earlier. The truth had been here all along! 

As he quickly ran through these thoughts, his feet were already moving. He instantly evaded towards the side, as he was now being chased by four drunk rat beasts. 


Su Hao came into contact with one of them and landed a full force punch on its body. However, this resulted in nothing but a dull sound. A small amount of force was even repelled back to him. 

These drunk rat beasts were completely different from the previous ones. Even their main weakness, their soft belly, was several times thicker!With his current strength, any attacks aimed towards their bellies would result in basically no damage due to the numerous layers. If these drunk rat beasts were already this powerful, just how strong would the drunk rat beast king be? 

This isnt looking good

Su Hao bitterly smiled.



After rapidly throwing out several punches, Su Hao awkwardly smiled as he retrieved his numb fists. F*ck this shit

No damage whatsoever!

These guys definitely werent in the range of 12 points in origin ability!

At least 13 points!

If he were to single them out, he believe that it wouldnt take him long to dispose of them. However, he was currently surrounded by them. 


The enemy's speed was only slightly worse than Su Haos. Under the siege of several rats, Su Hao had difficulty resisting. When the drunk rat beasts drew closer to him, he would throw a punch, but end up having to retreat several steps. After punching outward several times, his fists had already become numb. As for those drunk rat beasts, they only shook their heads around before rushing forward once again. 

If it was only this much, things would have still been fine. However, the fatigued drunk rat beast king had started to get up! 

Based on Su Haos estimations, this guys origin ability was probably greater than 15! 

If he was to join the fray, Su Hao was destined to die!

I cant drag this on any longer!

Su Haos mind was alert. The energy within his hand was about to explode outward. It was finally time for the collected fighting points to show their strength. 



A huge amount of origin ability energy burst out from Su Haos fist. The massive force scored a direct hit on the drunk rat beasts, scattering them backwards. 





Those drunk rat beasts struck a wall off into the distance. After standing up in an unstable matter, they charged at Su Hao once again! Their bodies didnt show any signs of damage! Their strong physique was displaying its formidability! 

But it didnt matter. The time they required to close the distance was more than enough for Su Hao! 

Out of nowhere, he took out a small crossbow from his backpack. Su Hao aimed it towards the drunk rat beast king . The giant berserk beast was currently slowly withdrawing its genitalia

With a pull of the bow, shooting birds. 


A sharp arrow shot out from the crossbow and accurately struck its target. The drunk rat beast king went stiff, before screaming for its life. The energy within its body was forcefully released to remove the arrow. 

Despite successfully removing the arrow, the pain in its lower regions made it furious. 

Zhi, zhi~

With a furious roar, the drunk rat beast king charged at Su Hao.


A drunk rat beast was thrown off by the rampaging drunk rat beast king. Su Haos figure flashed as he vanished from the spot he had been previously standing at. The drunk rat beast king's eyes were a vivid red as it charged towards the drunk rat beasts. Its razor sharp teeth bit down hard on them. Its terrifyingly sharp teeth shocked Su Hao.

Too strong!

He had been attacking for such a long time, yet his attacks had been unable to get past the thick defense of the drunk rat beasts. Under the attack of the drunk rat beast, however, they were nothing but fragile toys! This was such a tragedy! 

Su Haos pupil contracted as he dashed backward.

Every time the drunk rat beast king charged at Su Hao, he would make sure that there was a drunk rat beast obstructing its path. The rampaging drunk rat beast king easily destroyed everything in its way.

In less than a minute, the four drunk rat beasts had already perished. 

Zhi, zhi~

Brimming in anger, the drunk rat beast king charged at Su Hao once again. Su Hao sneered as he ran away. As the drunk rat beast king chased him from behind, its speed got slower and slowed as time passed. 

5 minutes later.

The drunk rat beast king fell to the ground, causing a resounding bang. 


Su Hao wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. Su Hao took precautions and grabbed his crossbow, shooting it several times before moving closer. 



Two arrows had been shot at its body. After confirming that there wasnt any movement, Su Hao finally was able to calm down.

Nailed it!

The dosage had been enough for a large elephant to faint instantly. This piece of shit had managed to hold on for 6 minutes before falling. Its resistance was too formidable! 

Su Hao coldly walked forward and stabbed the drunk rat beast king with the fang in his hand. 

Pu ci!

He pierced the drunk rat beast king's head, instantly killing it! 

This body is indeed different.

Su Hao looked at its body in amazement. It was more than twice the size of an ordinary drunk rat beast. For the most part, the leader of a berserk beast species would have a larger body because they possessed more origin ability points. 

Little brat, what I said was true, right?

Su Hao laughed.


Noticing there wasnt any response, he suddenly shook his shoulder a few times, Little brat, are you alright?


What happened to you?

Su Hao became worried as he shook his shoulder. The blue dream butterflys figure flashed and knocked his hand away. It flashed with energy and it was hidden from view once again. 

Youre annoying. People are busy cultivating, stop disturbing me!

The sweet voice resounded in Su Haos mind. Su Hao was startled for a moment. He felt strange. Since when was this brat unable to be interrupted while cultivating? However, he soon came to understand. A trace of a grin revealed on his face. This little brat must have been embarrassed after hearing something which she shouldnt have.

Alright then, continue your cultivation.

Since she was thin skinned, Su Hao dared not press her anymore. After looking at the huge body of drunk rat beast king, he extracted the sharp teeth in its mouth!

An ordinary drunk rat beasts teeth were already very tough and these teeth were even more powerful! After witnessing the scene where it had bitten into those pitiful drunk rat beasts, Su Hao had very high expectations of these two teeth. With these two teeth, his journey would become much smoother! 

If the red jackals fang was considered a curved knife, then these teeth of the drunk rat beast king would be two sharp daggers!

Their sharpness was incomparable!