Godly Model Creator Chapter 152

Gmc Chapter 152

Chapter 0152    Anomaly

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

After he finished packing, Su Hao continued his journey based on the route he had marked on the map. 

Because such a thrilling encounter had already occurred at the first checkpoint, Su Hao became much more cautious with regards to the rest of his journey. Fortunately, the remainder of his trip could be considered quite smooth. Everything went according to plan. He failed to meet any more terrifying berserk beasts until he had already left the suburban region. He had only stumbled upon the occasional berserk beasts, who were easily eliminated by him. 

After leaving the suburban region, he would find himself in a flat wasteland. 

This place had originally been a suburban region famous for its gourmet foods. After the origin ability era arrived, it turned into a desolate wasteland. Within this wasteland, countless berserk beasts roamed among the bushes, weeds, and trees. Because berserk beasts liked to roam in groups, this place was quite dangerous. 

The distance to the next checkpoint is

Su Hao was carefully checking the location on the map when he was interrupted by a loud call. 


A huge bird dived down from above, charging at Su Hao.


Su Hao was surprised, but managed to quickly retreat. 


The sky was filled with flames that appeared out of thin air. Su Haos figure came to a halt as he looked at the raging flames which had sealed off his escape route. 

After sealing his escape route, the flamingo wasnt in any hurry to make its move. It looked at Su Hao in a mocking manner as it fluttered its wings, producing the occasional wave of flames. 

Su Hao frowned. His expression was currently rather terrible. How could he have encountered such a thing? 

The flamingo was a bird beast which had undergone mutation. Its strength wasnt very good, but it possessed a pretty potent fire element origin ability. It was also rather agile and quick. Under the influence of origin ability, its temperament was rather horrid, similar to pre-origin ability era monkeys. Teasing others was its hobby of choice. 

Ji ji~

Yet another flame appeared, sealing the route in front of Su Hao. The flamingo flew around in the sky, laughing happily.

Damn you! Trying to bully me, thinking that I have no way to close the distance?

Su Hao was irate. If Zhou Wang encountered a situation like this, a simple bolt of lightning would be enough to hack this shit to death! 

Laugh at me? F*ck your laughter!

Su Hao removed a small crossbow from his backpack and aimed at the flamingo. 


A shadow flashed. The arrow grazed the flamingos wing, destroying a few feathers, but causing no damage. 

Ji ji~

The flamingo laughed at Su Hao. However, it had been smirking to itself for but a moment before it felt that its wings had become rather heavy. It crashed downward. 


The flamingo hit the ground rather hard. 

Try teasing me again.

Su Hao curled his mouth in disdain. He picked up a branch and tied the flamingo to a nearby tree before turning away. Since it loved playing with people, he would let it play by itself. He wondered how it would feel when it saw other berserk beats approaching but was unable to move. 

After this encounter had finally ended, Su hao continued to look at the map. 

There were several routes to pass through this wasteland. The course he decided to take was one which would only pass through a single berserk beast territory. If he hadnt guessed incorrectly, the place he needed to pass through was currently in front of him, Rich chicken farm! 

Legend said that this was originally a chicken farm built by the government to help support rural development. The farm was granted the name Rich. As time passed, the village rapidly developed, turning into a small town. However, after the outbreak of the origin ability era, all the chickens had undergone mutation and turned into berserk beasts! 

This place became a spot which everyone looked at in amazement. Unfortunately for Su Hao, he had to pass through this farm in order to survive the wasteland and reach Fengshan Village. 

Compared to the other route, this chicken farm is definitely the best route to travel through.

Su Hao muttered to himself, With my capabilities, as long as I am careful, there shouldnt be any problems. The only thing I need to pay attention to is the types of berserk beasts.

The most dangerous aspect of Rich chicken farm wasnt the strength of the berserk beasts, but their type!

The chickens here had originally consisted of variants like block-boned chicken,s short-legged chickens, oil chickens, camelia chickens, and more. It was unknown how many species there had been. Once mutation had occurred, the type of berserk beasts present had been everchanging. According to the information recorded by the Origin Ability Association, there were at least ten different species in Rich chicken farm! Moreover, due to hybridization and cross mating, more typed would appear!

After all these years, who knows how many new types would have appeared. 

The strength of these berserk beasts wasnt too high, only around 12 points in origin ability. Additionally, because they had to compete amongst each other, their development wasnt great. However, there was a rumor that someone with 15 points in origin ability had fallen here. 

Rich chicken farm definitely didnt lack all sorts of strange berserk beasts. 

The moment Su Hao pushed open the door, a cold light flashed, causing him to quickly dodge. 


The cold light hit the wall, creating a large hole. Upon taking a closer look, Su Hao discovered that it was a brick!

After looking at the situation of Rich chicken farm, Su Hao was stunned. 

He saw a half a meter tall rooster proudly holding a brick. As it faced a row of short-legged berserk beasts, it pointed at them, trying to teach those who were disobedient. Despite those seemingly weak wings, once the brick was thrown, it produced a significant amount of force! 


Needless to say, Su Hao was shocked.

In the current era, the world really was full of strange things! 

Gu gu!

After noticing Su Hao, the rooster was frightened and threw two bricks at him. 



Two cold lights passed by him. This time, Su Hao was able to clearly see them. He couldnt help himself from dodging. Once again, two loud bangs could be heard and then...under the leadership of the rooster, a bright light appeared, covering the chickens. 


What was going on here?

Su Hao looked on in a daze. Under normal circumstances, wouldnt berserk beasts instinctively charge upon noticing a human? What happened to those berserk beasts?

This didnt make any sense!

He couldnt see a single berserk beast as he glanced around the surrounding area!

Something wasnt right! 

Su Hao became even more wary. He carefully walked forward. Todays events had already warped his view of the world. He was now aware that actual combat would be entirely different from whatever he planned. 

All of his knowledge had been obtained from textbooks. 

At Machinery wine factory, he had planned to carefully sneak in and use his toxin, relieving him of any troubles. In reality, however, those berserk beats were not in sync. The leader was lazy and occasionally went out to mate. In reality, there were far too many unexpected events to account for everything. 

As for his current situation, as long as he remained alert, he would be able to murder his way out! 

The data showed that the strongest berserk beasts here were around 13 points in origin ability. Thus, he only needed to prepare for those with unique origin abilities. But now

Looking at the empty scene in front of him, Su Hao frowned. Was this some sort of special ability?

Out of nowhere, at the corner of the right side of the tile room, a yellow head stretched out its neck. Su Hao was incredibly wary of this sudden change in events. That small head belong to a yellow chicken. It had been one of those standing at the door earlier.

What did it want to do?

Su Hao slowly moved forward, pretending not to notice it. Despite this, its entire body briefly appeared before him before being pushed down a large pair of wings. 


The little yellow head was exposed once again before being pushed down from his line of sight. 

Su Hao was speechless!

He had a strange feeling, as if...he was the devil of a village. Wasnt this similar to a scene hed seen in an ancient movie, where a devil had arrived at a village? 

Exactly what was going on here?

Su Hao imagined countless yellow chickens peeking at him while hiding. While that would have been a rather funny scene, Su Hao was currently breaking out in a cold sweat. This was because this situation was completely outside of his expectations. 

During a battle, situations where he felt that he was powerless were the most terrifying! 

This also went for any unknown factors!

This little Rich chicken farm, exactly what had happened here?

Su Hao slowly squatted down and pressed his hand to the ground. Light could be seen flashing within his eyes.

Model analysis, start!

Life detection!