Godly Model Creator Chapter 153

Gmc Chapter 153

Chapter 0153    Mysterious chicken farm

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A terrifying wave of origin ability energy spread throughout the surrounding area. The models were instantly established, but collapsed a fraction of a second afterwards. 

Not much energy had been consumed because signs of life had been detected just a couple meters from Su Hao. 

5 meters from him, in the direction of 8 oclock, there was a berserk beast behind the tile room. 

Damn it!

That close?

Su Hao endured his shock and pretended like nothing had happened. He was afraid that any large movements would cause a commotion involving all of the berserk beasts here. 

The drawbacks of life detection were put on display once again. 

Could life detection only be used in this way? 

Su Hao pondered.

Life detection was simply a method of utilizing his model analysis. He could freely modify or improve it. 

Life detection worked by establishing a model of the surroundings. Once the origin ability encountered a lifeform, the model would instantly collapse. Su Hao would halt his model analysis in this fraction of a second.

Su Hao continued his train of thought What if he didnt interrupt the process?

It would be fairly difficult to establish a living model. Wit his current strength, once the living model was established, he would have insufficient energy left in his body! 

Since he couldnt establish a model, what about skipping over it?

Su Haos mind moved. If he was to skip There was no harm in trying. 

The moment he came across a living being, he would take the initiative to skip model establishment, simply leaving a point of energy. Leaving a point of energy in his mind shouldnt be too difficult, right? 

Using this method, he could not only save energy, but he would be able to accurately discern the number of lifeforms around him. 

This was worth trying!

Su Hao activated his ability once again!

Model analysis, start!

Life detection!


Under Su Haos meticulous guidance, the perimeter of his life detection reached a distance of 100 meters from him before stopping. Even when he had encountered living organisms, he hadnt stopped the process. He had cleverly skipped over them, leaving a blank area. Those blanks were similar to a dark spot surrounded by light from the sun. 

A 100 meter perimeter!

He had already achieved his goal, despite not placing the points of energy he had originally intended to. When the 100 meter model had been completed, Su Hao had discovered that there was no need to use energy to mark lifeforms. Any spots where he encountered living beings would leave a blank spot, marking their location!

Sure enough, this was possible!

This was true life detection!

This was the finalized version of life detection!

This phase of improving through real combat was highly beneficial. Su Hao was extremely excited because with this perfect life detection, the road ahead would be much smoother. 

However, he dropped down from cloud nine after checking the results of his life detection right now. 

The model he had just established had thousands of blank spots! 

This meant that within 100 meters, thousands of berserk beasts were surrounding him. What caused Su Hao the most fear was that within 5 to 10 meters, there were hundreds of them surrounding him and yet he couldnt spot a single one of them! 

Such a scary ability!

Such frightening berserk beasts!

Su Hao slowly stood up and carefully walked forward. While looking at the map on his wrist, he slowly walked. 

Those berserk beasts What were they trying to do?

He was totally clueless!

However, since the berserk beasts weren't making a move, he knew that it was in his best interests not to agitate them. Otherwise, facing these countless unknown abilities, he didnt dare to imagine what his death would look like at that time!

One step Two steps

Su Hao carefully walked forward. From time to time, he would activate life detection. In order to save energy, he would limit the range to 10 meters. As expected, there were hundreds of berserk beasts surrounding him, no matter where he went. 

Exactly how many berserk beasts lived at Rich chicken farm?

This was impossible to calculate!

Su Hao could definitely attempt to form an estimate, but if he were to build an entire model of this farm, his energy would be completely depleted. If he were to encounter any foes at that time, he would be killed on the spot!

Performing such a move wa simply courting his own death! 

His right hand was placed in his backpack, ready to pull out his weapon at any time. He was extremely cautious of every step he took, every meter he proceeded forward. 

After walking for more than 100 meters, he was suddenly unable to see any more berserk beasts. 

Huh? Whats going on?

Su Hao was speechless. His current situation was far too strange to describe with words! Exactly what were these brats planning? Were they waiting for him to lower his guard before attacking?

Su Haos expression remain unchanged as he moved forward. However, his heart was filled with doubts. 

This Rich chicken farm was extremely far from the city!

After leaving Jianghe City, he had travelled past the suburban region before finally reaching this place. Additionally, the route had been handpicked by Su Hao, meaning very few people would pass through here. He couldn't find any written experiences of people passing through this area on the Internet. He could only experience it for himself. 

The sky was becoming darker. Although the day was nearing its end, Su Hao didnt dare speed up his pace. 

200 meters 300 meters 400 meters

The route which couldve easily been walked through took him more than half an hour to do so. However, what was even more amazing was that Su Hao had managed to exit Rich chicken farm just like that! 

Im out

Su Hao came out from the main door and exited the chicken farm. 

For the first time, his face showed a lost expression. 

What the f*ck was going on here?

His obsessive personality traits began to manifest themselves once again. Su Hao knew that since he had successfully passed this area, he should have just proceeded with his journey. However, there were certain events that would never reappear once missed. The scene in front of him was completely unreasonable!

If it were anyone else, they would have broken out into a sprint and immediately left after exiting the farm. 

However, Su Hao wasnt your typical person. 

First, he had detailed information concerning Rich chicken farm. Was was even aware of the information regarding the berserk beasts. Secondly, using his life detection, he was able to see the hidden berserk beasts surrounding him. Thirdly, he had formed a conclusion that all of these berserk beasts had a consciousness of their own! 

The reason berserk beasts were named as such was because they were fierce and brutal. They were much worst than naturally occurring animals. They had no consciousness and acted based on their instincts! 

Thus, hunting berserk beasts was the same as abusing NPCs within games. There was no guilt whatsoever!

But...if they had a consciousness, things would be different. 

Berserk beasts, once they possessed a consciousness, would be equivalent to a normal being. For example, the blue dream butterfly wasnt like ordinary berserk beasts.

When he had met the blue dream butterfly in the underground laboratory, he had been completely clueless towards this fact. The feeling of catching an intelligent berserk beast was no different from that of selling a human. To Su Hao, any berserk beast that possessed wisdom should be treated like a human being. 

If people dont disturb me, Ill repay the favor!

His high theoretical basis had caused Su Hao to be familiar with countless books. His understanding of human nature was very detailed and thorough. It was precisely because of this that he clearly understood its power and mystery. The arrival of the origin ability era had caused the mysterious to become even more apparent. Thus, more mysteries had appeared in the world. 

Could berserk beasts have wisdom?

He had already hear a little about this matter. It was said that those with wisdom were at the top of the berserk beast pyramid, possessing great strength. Such an existence wasnt something an ordinary human could compete with. 

To date, he had never stumbled anything about lower tier berserk beasts possessing wisdom. 

If it was a singular existence, he could understand. It was fairly normal if they had an origin ability talent for increasing their wisdom. But for thousands...there must have been an incredible event that occurred. 

Su Haos eyes flashed with a bright light. 

People yearned for the seas and stars because of the endless opportunities for exploration. Su Hao had set a goal for this world. 

With such a large mystery in front of him, how could he possibly let this opportunity pass him by? 

If by chance, there was something better than the reward for his current task

Su Hao turned around as he thought of this.