Godly Model Creator Chapter 154

Gmc Chapter 154

Chapter 0154    The importance of mastering foreign languages

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: SourGummies

Su Hao went back.

Part of the reason why was to observe the situation inside. Another reason was that...the sky had turned dark! After being occupied the entire day, the night had already set in. Without needing to refer to his map, Su Hao could already guess that he would encounter berserk beasts no matter what direction he traveled in. After all, berserk beasts tended to wander around more at night. 

Thus, he needed to find a place to rest for the night before continuing his journey tomorrow. 

Was there a better place than Rich chicken farm?

As he entered through the backdoor, Su Hao spotted a group of berserk beasts running around, seemingly play fighting with each other. There were what appeared to be white chicken chasing some little yellow chickens. However, once Su Hao had been noticed, the entire farm became silent. 

Gu gu!

A low note rang through the air. The rooster had issued a command. The chicken farm instantly became deserted!

The scene in front of Su Hao resembled a deserted town, decorated by a few scattered chicken feathers. 


Since he had already figured out what was going on for the most part, Su Hao was unsure of whether he should cry or laugh. 


Do I look like a bad person?

Su Hao casually looked around for a spot. He pulled out a white cloth and placed it on the floor before sitting on it. 

As he leaned against the brick wall behind him, Su Haos mouth raised in a smile as he shrugged his shoulders, Little brat, come out and play.


The blue dream butterfly appeared rather drowsy as she looked at Su Hao with a strange expression, Play what? Huh, what is this place?

Chicken farm! Su Hao laughed.

Chicken farm?

The blue dream butterfly instantly awakened. Her eyes were wide open. She had been present when Su Hao had made his plans. As to what type of place this chicken farm was, she was extremely clear about that.

Did Su Hao really want to rest inside this chicken farm?

Had he killed them all?

As she floated in midair, the blue dream butterfly took a quick glance and was shocked.  She landed on his arm and quickly warned Su Hao, No! Get out of here this instant! There are too many berserk beasts!

Looking at her anxious appearance, Su Hao laughed, What is there to be anxious about?

There are too many berserk beasts here

The blue dream butterfly was so anxious that she had used her voice to communicate with Su Hao in his mind. Su Hao pinched her wings and allowed her to calm down, Little brat, dont worry. Those berserk beasts are not our enemies.


The blue dream butterfly was obviously confused.

Su Hao pondered for a moment before speaking, Im not too sure myself. However, based on my guess, those berserk beasts appear to have the wisdom of a small child. Although it is definitely not comparable to that of an adult, they still know how to avoid danger. They arent like those berserk beasts that act based off their instincts. We cant simply refer to them as berserk beasts.

The blue dream butterfly was quite surprised. For the first time, she had encountered a human that treated berserk beasts in this manner!

She had met a lot of humans while wandering around. No matter how she expressed her goodwill, they would often have a hidden agenda. She still remembered a time when she had seen a pretty little girl. Despite simply wanting to accompany and play with the girl, the girl made her move in the end!

She escaped with severe injuries, requiring an extremely long time to heal. From that moment onward, she had been extremely wary around humans. At least, until she had met Su Hao...

If she were to think back, hadnt Su Hao treated her with the same attitude back then?

After noticing that she possessed wisdom, he had let her go. He hadnt possessed any intentions of capturing her, even taking the initiative to communicate with her!

She currently appeared to be lost in thought. 

Little brat, what happened?

Su Hao looked at her in curiosity. 


The blue dream butterfly awakened from her daze and shook her head in embarrassment, I...I will go communicate with them. 


After finishing her sentence, she flew off.


Su Hao was stunned. Although they were both berserk beasts, could a blue dream butterfly really communicate with these mess berserk beasts? Wouldnt there be a gap between different species? 

At this time, the sky had already turned completely pitch black.

Su Hao took out a compressed biscuit and slowly ate it as he looked in front of him. 

He saw a blue light flashing off into the distance. 

Despite not knowing what the blue dream butterfly had said, he was able to see the rooster walk out in a staggering manner. It exchanged gestures with the blue dream butterfly, even entering into a brief dispute. The final result was...that the rooster admitted its defeat as the blue dream butterfly proudly flew back. 

Whats the situation? Su Hao asked. 


The blue dream butterfly proudly said, We can stay here for the night. We will mind our own business and theyll play with themselves. It is alright as long as we dont interfere with each other.


You two really communicated with each other? Su Hao was shocked.

Of course.

The blue dream butterfly flapped her wings, I can communicate with you. Why cant I communicate with him?

Su Hao kept silent.

As he thought about how she could communicate with him using her origin ability, he came to the conclusion that she could use it with other berserk beasts.

Sure enough, mastering a foreign language was necessary

Want to eat?

Su Hao tossed a small piece of compressed biscuit to the blue dream butterfly. As he looked on, more and more berserk beasts began to reveal themselves, These brats, what are they doing?


The blue dream butterfly opened her tiny mouth and took a bite. She frowned, Softtastelessno good. Arent compressed biscuits supposed to be hard and crunchy?

Who told you that?

Su Hao didnt know whether to laugh or cry, Compressed biscuits are very soft.


The blue dream butterfly took another bite and said, These brats are indeed the little chickens of Rich chicken farm. After mutation, they turned into a variety of berserk beasts. However, a few years ago, this place suddenly underwent some changes. Many berserk beasts were influenced by it and slowly gained awareness, becoming intelligent.

After saying this, the blue dream butterfly pointed at the rooster, He is the leader here and very intelligent. All these chicks word under his leadership. There usually arent too many humans that pass through here. Therefore, they dont have to worry too much. If they were to meet any humans, they would simply hide themselves. For the past two years, they have gone without incidents.

So that is their story.

Su Hao felt strange, Do they know the reason?


The blue dream butterfly shook her head, Theyre not too sure themselves.


Su Hao replied as he looked at the current scene around him. 

By this point, all sorts of chicken had emerged. Some curious chickens took a look at Su Hao before being chased away by the rooster. The chickens immediately became silent and obediently walked away. 


It was obvious that they had undergone mutation and become berserk beasts. However, they had maintained their sanity and had even gone a step further by obtaining wisdom! 

Su Hao muttered to himself. He analyzed all the things mentioned by the blue dream butterfly along with the information in his mind. 

According to the recorded information, this place was originally a spot where berserk beasts rampaged through. This meant that the berserk beats had initially been acting based on their instincts. Then, due to a mysterious factor several years ago, these chickens all underwent mutation and obtained wisdom. 

Had it happened like this?


Su Hao frowned. Although these berserk beasts had a certain degree of wisdom, similar to a human child, all of them were little chicks!

Although they were all different species, Su Hao easily noticed that they were all still young.

Rich chicken farm had countless chickens and yet, there was only a single adult rooster. The rest were young chicks!

What happened to the adults?

Su Hao was in deep thought. It seemed that the mysterious factor hadnt simply awakened their innate wisdom. Perhaps those rampaging berserk beasts had all been eliminated! That was the reason why thousands of little chicks had been left in Rich chicken farm. 

This situation...seems pretty familiar...

Su Haos heart was like a raging tempest. This style, this rhythm...it was too similar to what he was currently thinking of. 

Which was...the initial fusion of the origin ability era!