Godly Model Creator Chapter 155

Gmc Chapter 155

Chapter 0155    Evolution

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

As for the development of origin ability era till this day, during high school, everyone would integrate their own origin ability talent. The chances of succeeding was close to 99.99%. Almost everyone would successfully integrate and had their own origin ability. However...who could still remember those people during the initial stage of origin ability era?

Su Hao was lucky enough to hear about it from his mum, Li Xiaoru.

At that time, the world was in chaos. Everyone struggled to integrate an origin ability of their own in order to survive. Too bad, the success rate during the moment was only a poor 10 percent!

The failure rate was that high, 90 percent!

Moreover, within this 90 percent, 60 percent of them would meet their death!

In other words, at that time, the death rate while integrating origin ability was as high as 54 percent!

Li Xiaoru participated in this origin ability integration due to the forced circumstances. Luckily although she failed to integrate, she still managed to keep her life intact.

However, the next day when she participated in origin ability test, she had met with too many deaths. Only a few of her friends and schoolmates managed to survive! Even if they succeed in integrating, they still had to join the army and fight on the frontline to confront those berserk beasts.

Thus, to compare

Those without an origin ability seemed to be the ones surviving. Their job would be to manage the logistics.

Su Hao sighed as he listened to his mum. If she really did integrate an origin ability, perhaps she would have long died on the battlefield. Because of her soft character, she wasnt really suitable to be a warrior.

That era was the period of chaos during the initial stage of the origin ability era.

That period.it was abnormal and shrouded in darkness.

Fortunately, with the successful establishment of the Origin Ability Association, integration of an origin ability began to develop rapidly. Almost everyone could succeed in integrating an origin ability. Since then, human development went back right on track.

If human beings went through such stages, what about berserk beasts?

Su Hao imagined this in his mind. That mysterious change, could it be some kind of origin ability talent? Or perhaps some artifacts or even someones experiments?

Too many possibilities!

Su Hao made a hypothesis that this mysterious factor was still in the initial stage. It could successfully open the key to wisdom among those berserk beasts. However, due to not being mature yet, the body of berserk beasts that couldnt accept those outbreak or had a strong sense of instinct were all eliminated on the spot.

Once this mysterious factor succeeded, it would then change the entire origin ability energy! As for those berserk beasts who managed to pass the calamity, what was the difference compared to a human?

For example, this proud rooster in front of him, his action was exactly like a human wearing a skin of a rooster in disguise. Nobody would believe him to be a berserk beast.

Not only humans progressed. Even berserk beasts were progressing too.

Su Hao casually said so within his heart.

According to a legend, since the first confrontation between human and berserk beast,  the confrontation itself was still ongoing. However, nobody knew how the confrontation went. Excluding those in front lines, the rest human and berserk beasts were just having their own life and didnt interfere with each other while in the middle of struggling for victory.

His mind moved like electricity. According to information he obtained and also those told by the blue dream butterfly, Su Hao actually managed to analyze so many things out of them! If others are to know about this, they would definitely be shocked! The ability of a bookworm is indeed terrifying!

Here, what exactly was happening? Would it affect blue dream butterfly too?

Ill investigate what exactly it is!

Su Hao sneered and once again looked at the ground under his feet.

Model analysis, start!

Terrain modeling!



Endless amounts of blue light flashed. A huge model was being established within Su Haos mind. The whole, rich chicken farm was so clear and engraved in Su Haos mind.

These tens of thousands of square meters chicken farm and countless of tile rooms standing, the spot where each of those chicken ate at were clearly visible. Su Hao had looked at every corner yet nothing out of ordinary was found.

A few seconds later, Su Hao took the initiative to cut off his origin ability.

A crash sound resounded as the model collapsed.

There wasnt anything so artifacts could be excluded.

After Su Haos fruitless attempt, he could only deduce it to be some kind of inexplicable mysterious origin ability outbreak. It was just that as a bookworm, he still left this matter within his heart for him to solve it at a later date.

Gu gu!

A few chicks from the distance were curious and wanted to come over here. Yet, they were beaten with bricks by the rooster.

Witnessing this scene, Su Hao laughed.

What was the use to think about this so much! He was still just a candidate to enrol in Zhanzheng College.

Stretching his body, he put the biscuits beside the blue dream butterfly. Su Hao then sat cross-legged and once again immersed in his cultivation.

The energy within his body slowly recovering and started to breakthrough the beginner origin ability refinement card!

The whole night, his stature didnt move at all.

The next morning.

As the sky gradually turned bright, a lot of little chicks had already woke up with high energy. Su Hao was still sitting cross-legged as he was cultivating. However, in just a few moment, a strange atmosphere began to spread to the surrounding.

Some activities detected!

Su Hao who was in the middle of cultivation suddenly opened his eyes. A fine light flashed within his eyes.

Cultivating in this wilderness, Su Hao definitely wouldnt allow himself to sleep comfortably. It was almost an instant that he woke up because he could felt that strange atmosphere spreading.


Looking at the direction of the origin of the atmosphere, Su Haos mind was shocked.

Because the one who released this strange aura turned out to be the blue dream butterfly!

A few meters away from his spot, the blue dream butterfly was floating in mid-air. Her two crystal blue wings were opened wide. Just like that, she quietly laid down in the air while her eyes were closing as if she had fainted. In the air, countless amounts of blue lights were flashing, streams of transparent blue energy were flashing in mid-air, causing a beautiful fantasy-like scene.

Waves of energy appeared from the blue dream butterflys body, spreading to the surrounding.

Not only Su Hao, even those berserk beasts from far away ran over here to look at this scene from a distance.


Waves of energy gathered within the air and shot inside the blue dream butterflys body. From outside, he could clearly see her facial expression was revealing a slight pain.

What is happening?

Su Hao looked at the blue dream butterfly with an anxious expression.

After getting along for quite some time, both of them had become close friends. This time, watching the blue dream butterfly suffer in pain without knowing the details really worried Su Hao.

Damn it! What is happening here?

Su Hao was nervous. However, at this time, he still didnt dare to make a move to interrupt it. This was because he was totally clueless about the situation here. Based on his own estimation, if he was to interrupt it now, the possibility of any accident happening to the blue dream butterfly would be more than 60 percent!

How did she become like this?

Su Hao kept digging every knowledge in his mind but came out with nothing.


This scene was very familiar!

I must have seen this somewhere, Su Hao carefully recalled. He had seen too much information before. In such a short time, he couldnt recall anything. He could only keep screening the information in his mind but it all ended up with nothing.


Impossible! Unless Im searching it in the wrong direction! Wrong..yea, I remembered! Su Haos eyes lit up. He had always thought the blue dream butterfly as a friend. That was why when he searched for anything from a human perspective, naturally nothing came out. If he was to start from berserk beasts.

To be more accurate, he should have searched from the blue dream butterfly


Almost instantly, Su Hao recalled back the familiar scene in front of him right now. The worry in his heart instantly disappeared as he quietly said this, Evolution!


What is evolution?

Before the era of origin ability, evolution referred to a variation of genetic traits in the aspect of biology. The so-called genetic traits referred to the performance of genes. These genes would be copied and passed down to the offspring during breeding. As mutation occurred, the genetic trait could be changed which then led to genetic variation between individuals.

However, since the origin ability era, evolution didnt mean just the variation of genetic traits!

As long as your origin ability energy reached a certain figure, mysterious changes could still be happening. Under the influence of origin ability to advance gene recombination, coupled with allele recombination rate, it once again recalculated the pairing of genes which then brought a qualitative change.

This phenomenon was evolution!

To be more accurate, it should be called origin ability evolution!