Godly Model Creator Chapter 156

Gmc Chapter 156

Chapter 0156    Evolving

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

The evolution of origin ability was common in society.

Regardless of whether one was a human or a berserk beast, they would both follow the same process. However, in order to distinguish between these two, humans adopted a more acceptable method and called their process the integration of origin ability! On the other hand, humans referred to the process in the berserk beasts kingdom as variation.

Thats right.

As every human entered high school, they would undergo the integration of origin abilitythis was the first evolution of origin ability! For every berserk beast, when they were affected by the influence of origin ability, they would evolve into berserk beasts from ordinary animals. This was their first evolution of origin ability!

Evolution was the theme song for human advancement.

And this had always been true from the beginning until today.

Through millions of years, human beings had slowly transformed and evolved. Up until now, when they had developed todays civilized society. Meanwhile, this process increased the speed of the evolution of origin ability by multiple times!

As they tried to master the power of origin ability and everyone learned to easily release their origin ability energy, humans became capable of controlling this rhythm of evolution!

Through daily practice, it could be understood as the variation of quantity. However, due to the effects of the origin ability, the origin ability within the body would completely breakthrough and undergo a qualitative change when the body was affected up until a certain level. As the process and the results combined together, a perfect evolution was created!

However, for berserk beasts, this feature was reflected even clearer.


As the origin ability energy horrifyingly escaped, a bright blue light shot up towards the sky.

When the bright glare shone towards Su Hao, he subconsciously closed his eyes. At the same time, the surrounding berserk beasts scurried around to find a place to hide.

The blue light slowly faded.

As Su Hao opened his eyes, he became deeply shocked at the scene in front of him.

As the blue rays emitted by the blue dream butterfly faded, a new crystal blue light wrapped around her body. And at this moment, her size had greatly increased. Originally, she was just a mini little brat. Now, she had actually grown about 20 centimeters. Her pair of beautiful blue wings subconsciously flapped and the surrounding crystal blue light danced.


More astonishingly, the blue dream butterflys body had gone through a complete change.

Although she was originally beautiful and a butterfly capable of killing every little girls heart, she gave others the vibe of a pet and was cute. Although her crystal clear body was beautiful, ultimately, a butterfly was still a butterfly. For people like Su Hao, its damage output was too weak.

However, her blue jade like body had completely disappeared this time and what appeared before Su Hao was a pair of perfect **.

Her silky black hair, pure white skin and curly eyebrows, were all as mesmerizing as before. Although her eyes were closed, her trembling eyelashes filled her with a thrilling beauty and atop of those pair of huge and abundant breasts, laid a pair of art like dragon eyes.

Su Hao was burning with lusts the moment he first saw her.

However, this time he just silently stared. Her body was indescribably beautiful, her figure was as spotless as jade and it was as if any embellishment would ruin such beauty.


That gust of power disappeared and the blue dream butterfly crashed towards the ground. Su Hao reacted and quickly stretched his arms to catch her.


It was as if the blue butterfly had found a warm embrace. Her body semi consciously flipped and her wings spread out. As it laid on the palms of Su Hao, it comfortably went to sleep.

Su Hao: ...

Big sister, you dont have any clothes on!

I really did not take advantage of you!

If the previous time was a fleeting moment, he had nothing to say about it. But this time, although the blue dream butterflys overall body was a few times smaller, Su Hao had still clearly seen her whole body.

Darn it!

Su Hao chuckled bitterly as he helplessly shook his head and placed the blue butterfly into his backpack. He then pulled a piece of cloth and covered her, allowing her to comfortably lie in his backpack.

When he saw the blue dream butterfly sleeping sweetly, Su Haos lips cracked into a small smile.

After finding an empty space, Su Hao began training his body forging technique.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight


Su Haos whole body moved on the spot and his joints produced a crisp sound. No matter how challenging it was, he had to train in his body forging technique every day.

Heaven rewards diligence!

If he seriously trained every day, it probably wouldnt take six months long.

After an hour, a surge of energy exploded and wandered around Su Haos body. Su Hao went numb for a moment, as if his body had been electrocuted.

Body forging technique training, completed.


Su Hao stretched. As he moved his lower body, he began his training again.

Beginner military fighting technique!



As Su Hao punched the air, a strong gust of wind blew and rang loudly.

Following days of training, Su Hao had become more familiar with the beginner military fighting techniques. He believed after he went back, he could begin to train his intermediate military fighting techniques. In fact, due to his solid foundation, it was certain that the intermediate military fighting technique would not be so time consuming.

After half an hour, Su Hao stood up and folded his arms.

Behind the room surrounded by countless tiles, a yellow chick curiously stuck out. Su Hao had already disregarded these non-malicious spectators.

After finishing his training, Su Hao returned to his sleeping place. In his backpack, the blue dream butterfly had woken up.


A blue ray of light flashed by and the blue butterfly flew in front of Su Hao. Her red cheeks were akin to newly matured red apples and her body was wrapped by a small but long piece of cloth. Its layers formed a dress that completely covered her torso.

Thank thank you.

The blue dream butterfly squeaked.

Its fine. Su Hao smiled as he shook his head. Suddenly, he became certain of something. At this moment, he had noticed that the blue dream butterfly was actually speaking to him. Instead of speaking in his mind, she had actually used her mouth to speak!

You you can speak?

Su Hao said with excitement and happiness.


The blue dream butterfly shyly nodded, After becoming like this, I can naturally speak.

Su Hao became speechless.

Of course.

Her earlier body, as good as it looked, was still the body of a butterfly. It lacked tear glands and she couldnt cry even if she wanted to. Additionally, since her body didnt have any vocal chords, it was natural that she couldnt speak. At this moment, as the human body was partially restored, she was naturally able to speak.

Why did you transform into this? Su Hao asked with some confusion, Have you been restored to a human body?


The blue butterfly bit her mouth and lightly shook her head, This is still the blue dream butterflys body. However, after the evolution, it became like this.


Su Haos eyes lit up, As you evolved, did you think of anything?


The blue butterfly softly replied, I I At the beginning I didnt know it was an evolution, so I was very scared. Then I began to reflect on my past memories, which were human memories.

Su Hao violently nodded his head. It should be so. As you thought of your past, it subconsciously changed a bit. Therefore, as you evolved, a part of this energy was used to transform your body. I remember that I learned from my textbook, as berserk beasts evolved, their body will also change, and the changes would definitely be beneficial!

For you, it should be the same process. However your change this time has caused you to return to a familiar appearance, Su Hao said.

The blue dream butterfly then understood. Looking at herself today, she seemed to be very satisfied.

Why did you suddenly evolve?

Su Hao asked curiously.

I dont know. The blue dream butterfly was confused. As she bowed her little head, she said, Lately, my strength has increased a lot but it has not reached the stage of evolution. Otherwise, I would have at least made some preparations. However, after coming here, I had this strange feeling. That feeling disappeared after evolving.


Su Hao beat his head.

You little brat, youre still clueless as ever!

However, the strange feeling mentioned by the blue dream butterfly...

Su Haos eyes flashed with a strange look. This Rich chicken farm was not as simple as it seemed! The deaths of those rampaging berserk beasts the countless chicks that possessed wisdom the mystical evolution of the blue dream butterfly all of these factors seemed to indicate that this place was extraordinary. Although it had not been found yet, Su Hao knew that this place surely hid a mysterious secret.

Or perhaps, this was the trigger for the influence of origin ability.

Su Hao looked down while being immersed in his thoughts.

The blue dream butterfly interrupted him by shyly asking, Su Hao, does it mean that as I was evolving earlier, did you